The end of the year is always the most tempting where makeup is concerned because Winder shades are always divine beyond words! 

Nars completely knocked it out of the park this year with their Laced With Edge collection for so many reasons. Can we just be a little superficial and start with the packaging?

They upped the amp this year with their web-glazed packaging that encapsulates how entralled by the collection you're bound to be. 

[Nars' Holiday Collection 2014]

And then you open them up, and your heart skips a beat and you need to own it all. Even without the lack of self-control that I am governed by, everything is necessary. Yes, you need it. If you're not convinced, just look at it all! 

[Look how pretty!]

Let's talk eyes first. 

[Nars' Eyeshadow in Opal Coast (RM90)]

While Opal Coast looks rather ordinary in the pan, swatching it yields a whole other world of shimmery beauty! 

It's an iridescent white which works remarkably well as a highlight for the inner corner and/or browbone, or even as an all over lid shade. It's absolutely gorgeous and blends beautifully. 

If you peruse my lipstick collecting, you will note an overwhelming array of reds, but Deadly Catch isn't one you can just bypass on account of having too many reds. Having "too much" of something is a myth anyway. Don't listen to them!

[Nars' Hardwired Lipstick in Deadly Catch (RM90)]

Beyond how gorgeous the shade itself is, a deep crimson, the formula of it is unbelievably creamy. Their Hardwired Lipsticks are a new formula which popped up with this collection, and you just need to swatch one to know you need them all. I also had my eye on Femme Fleur which is another gorgeous red with an undertone of gold shimmer, but it was out of stock by the time I caved and decided I needed to get it too. Yes, my face is very sad.

Nevertheless, Deadly Catch was a shade I knew I had to have, and the moment I got it in hand, I knew it would be with me for my wedding!

There were 3 glosses released with the collection, but the prettiest shade was one which was rather unique.

[Nars' Lipgloss in Corsica (RM85)]

Corsica is a very pretty mauve-y shade which leans more pink that works in a very complimentary fashion to any look. Even on its own it works incredibly well, and I don't think I've used a single other gloss as much I've been reaching for this. 

[Left to Right: Deadly Catch, Corsica, Deadly Catch with Corsica over it]

Seriously, do you not need all three of those shades in your life? If the answer is no, you are lying to yourself, and it's not healthy. 

Now, for the one item I coveted beyond all else in the collection: Almeria. 

[Nars' Blush in Almeria (RM120)]

This shade may look like an ordinary pinkish-plum shade, but it is magic in a pan. I kid you not. It's just so, so pretty. It helps that it pairs perfectly with practically anything; and I'm sure you've noticed how well it would paid with Corsica!

It's so creamy, and so beautiful that it makes me giddy with happiness! Because of the nature of the colour, it helps to provide a hint of contour if placed just right making it absolutely gorgeous in every way possible. I cannot stop using this, and I want to marry it! 

They also released 3 nail lacquers for the season, all of which are in the holiday spirit. It's been a long time since my teens when blue nail polish was somewhat a norm for me, but Barents Sea elevated such behaviour to a more elegant, chic endeavour. 

[Nars' Nail Polish in Barents Sea (RM65)]

This isn't as in your face as you would expect because it's got a dull sheen to it that makes it very wearable on a daily basis. 

Without a top coat, it gives just the right amount of shine to attract attention and cause fits of jealousy, without looking out of place in a work environment. Such a unique and pretty shade of blue! 

Because I have no self-control I got hold of a holiday set that isn't available in Malaysia. It's both unfortunate and depressing, so when I was in Sydney for my wedding last month, I popped by Mecca Maxima to see what they had on offer, and I think I scared the sales assistant a little with how tightly I was clutching the Digital World Coffret. She had to pry it from my hands to put it in the bag for me! 

[Nars' Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret]

What's so special about this? Nars makes some of the best lip products ever, especially where their lip pencils are concerned. The fact that 3 of the shades in this coffret are limited edition basically meant that I had no choice but to get it. 

That's almost worth getting the kit just for it. It's made a thick, sturdy acrylic, and imprinted with the Laced With Edge design to enrobe it in the collection. And then you pop it open, and angels start singing, because there's no other way to describe how this makes me feel!

The pencils are smaller than the full-sized variety, but not by an excessive quantity. The Velvet Matte shades (Cruella and Ibrerico) are 0.06 oz, while the Satin shades (Descanso, Yu and Torres del Paine) are 0.05 oz. The regular pencils roll in at just 0.08 oz! Yes, an absolute steal!

[Top to Bottom: Cruella (Permanent), Yu (Permanent), Iberico (Limited Edition), Descanso (Limited Edition), Torres del Paine (Limited Edition)]

[Left to Right: Torres del Paine, Descanso, Iberico, Yu, Cruella]

I'm truly, truly in love with these and I couldn't be happier! 

Now, for a sneak at some wedding pictures where the products were put to the test!

[Blush: Almeria, Lipstick: Deadly Catch]

And, getting completely Laced With Edge...

[Eyes and Browbone: Opal Coast, Cheeks: Almeria, Lips: Deadly Catch & Corsica]

Now, for a little something special. Since I own Cruella in its full size (what did I tell you about my collection of reds?), I'm giving away the baby from the coffret!

[Top: Cruella from Coffret (Giveaway); Bottom: Cruella in full-size (Mine!)]

If you'd like to enter, it's very simple. Let me know why you love Nars, and be sure you can collect the item in person from me. I'm not posting it out just in case it melts in this horrifyingly unpredictable weather!

So, the rules are as follows:

  1. Tell me why you love Nars in a comment below.
  2. Follow me on Instagram @arpitabread 
  3. Leave your name, e-mail address and Instagram username in the comment so I can contact you.
  4. The contest is open to individuals in Malaysia who you are able to personally collect the product from me.
  5. Your responses must be in by 11:59 pm on Christmas Eve (24th December, 2014)
  6. Winners will be announced on Christmas Day and we can set a date to meet for you to collect the Cruella!
Good luck!


Here's a winner! Better late than never, right?

Congratulations Jannah!!!


  1. You just can't say no to NARS and you just add another reason to the why! So gorgeeeeeee.

    NARS is THE brand to go for makeup minimalist like me. I first got myself the tinted moisturizer and there's just no stopping ever since. The luxe packaging, easy-to-work formula, sassy variety of shades and cheeky product names make it easier to turn a blind eye for the price tag. Aaaaand that's why I'm a newly converted NARSissist!

    So here I am crossing my finger (and pouting my lips) for Cruella. That red sure is the devil I want to wear. May my star wishes me well!

    Name : Jannah Md Isa
    Email :
    Instagram : @jannahmdisa

    1. I can't blame you for being converted to the brand! They have some absolutely amazing stuff!


  2. I always love Nars products especially their lip colours are so pretty! I love how they can create a simply yet edgy look of mine with their Holiday Collection! This Cruella color is something I would die for if I am given a chance to try! I can't wait to lay my hands on this pretty lip pencil! :D

    Thank you Arpita! :D

    Name: Janice Yeap
    Instagram: @janicemonteith

    1. They are really pure temptation! So many things I still want from them!

  3. I have heard so much a bout NARS but have not really owned anything NARS. I have tried from friend's stash only. How I wish i could own my very own NARS lip wonder.

    Name: Yong Choy Peng
    Instagram: @choypengism

    1. Nars is a must have in every girls collection! They are so full of tempting products!

  4. Thanks for sharing the awesome present <3 Merry Christmas in advance!

    I love NARS because they have a pretty good makeup line. Yes, every brand of makeup has their really good products and their "not-so-good" products, but NARS has too many good make up I must say. I really love their catchy names, luxurious packaging and their products are highly pigmented. Although it is kinda pricy but it is worth every penny(sen!) to indulge in them.

    I think they did a great job in Cruella as it really reflect the fiery evil hot Cruella in 101 Dalmations. It is such a dark red matte colour that is very wearable for all skin types. The colour is absolutely stunning and I bet it catch everyone's attention! To every NARSissist out there, this is the brand for you :)


    Name: Carolyn Tay
    Instagram: @carolyntay

    1. Couldn't have said it better myself! The brand has something for everyone, and the packaging is so oh so sleek!