Bollywood Professional: Your In-Home Bit of Drama

Of late, Muse by Watsons has been bringing in more and more exciting brands. This time, we got a bit of a hit with makeup for us junkies! And courtesy of The Butterfly Project, I got to experience it all firsthand. 

Presenting: Bollywood Professional Cosmetics!

As with all events at Muse, what we had was an exclusive, hands-on look at the products, with live demonstrations of their functionality. We even got to meet the brains behind the branding.

[Elana's Makeover in Progress]

The array of products covers all bases in an explosion of colour that will pique the interest of anyone who loves playing with makeup.

[Butterflies in Exploration Mode]

[Eye Products]


[Multicoloured Beauties]

[Lipsticks: A Definitive Must!]

[Liquid Lipsticks]

[Bold, Bright, Gorgeous Liquid Lipsticks]

[Liquid Foundation and Primer]

[Tinted Primers]

[There's Even Perfume!]

As mentioned above, the owner of Bollywood Professional, Rani Birring, came down for the launch of the brand to induct us into the swish of colour herself.

[Rani Birring of Bollywood Professional]

She gave us a bit of an introduction to the brand. It started off because there was a need for long-wearing makeup that actually helped to heal skin and keep it in better shape than the products that were on the market at the time. Unfortunately, the trend was to choose one over the other, i.e. you had to choose whether you wanted good skin or long-wearing makeup. So, as the brand perfected its art, the target market was the leading Indian film industry: Bollywood. 

With a need for bright, bold colours, and a more extensive range of tones, the range covered all bases and slowly built-up a following with the stars and starlets in Bollywood. All the products are made in New York, and are quality controlled to ensure you get starlet quality goodies right in your home. 

[Samia Getting a Lip Makeover]

If you know me, you know I have a bit of a penchant for bright, bold colours, and I was a bit like a kid in a candy store with all the swatching!

[Not Just Makeup, Tools Too!]

We even got a rare treat with our very own Mamasan making an appearance and looking all glam and gorgeous!

[Shivani & Tammy in Glamazon Mode!]

The presentation of the brand was kept short and sweet because they wanted us to experience the products for ourselves. Truly, the pigmentation on everything was rather purchase-inducing, and you need to swatch it all personally.

[Rani Birring of Bollywood Professional Making Her Rounds]

[Kelly: As Gorgeous As Always!]

Of course, there are some pre-makeover shots I can't help including!

[Rani Birring and Myself]

[Samia & Me!]

After all the rage about their Liquid Lipsticks, I couldn't help trying one for myself!

[Liquid Lippie Me!]

[Liquid Lipstick in Electric Taffy - Putting it to the test of how well it lasts by eating (I'm sticking with the story)]

The Liquid Lipsticks were lovely in terms of pigmentation, but as they are long-wearing, they are a tad drying. I would also wear a lip liner with them to enhance longevity, and prevent bleeding, since they do tend to wear off throughout the day, although they leave a gorgeous stain behind.

[Shivani & Me Sporting Liquid Lippies!]

We were sent home with a little bag of goodies, too!

[Bollywood Professional Scent]

It's a wonderful deep, sexy scent that definitely catches the senses. Give it a whiff when you're in store!

We were also given something I was REALLY excited about because I didn't get a chance to play with it too much in-store.

[SuperWear Creme Shadow]

This is essentially a cream eyeshadow that's long-wearing. 

[SuperWear Creme Shadow in Naturale]

As the name suggests, it's more on the natural side in all its shimmery pink glory. It's absolutely gorgeous, and pairs well with almost any shadow on top of it. It doesn't show up too much on its own, but it helps shadows stick and intensifies their colour. It didn't prevent creasing of shadows through regular wear throughout the day, but it worked well with a primer under it. 

All in all, it was a lovely showcase of a brand I hadn't heard of prior to the event. It's worth the exploration, and they have an amazing array of colours to choose from!

For more information on Bollywood Professional, please visit their website and/or Muse by Watsons.

For more information on The Butterfly Project, do visit their FB Page.
[CLOSED] Melvita's Christmas Collection 2014: L'Or Goodness!

The 12 days of Christmas are filled with temptation at every turn! Ever since Melvita opened up around the corner from my place, my level of resistance has been dipping. If you read this blog regularly, you know that I have quite the love affair with Melvita, and for good reason. Their products are amazingly wonderful and effective, without all the nasties!

Since it's the end of the year, resistance is apparently futile, making it a problem for my wallet. But a happy problem, nevertheless!

I present you with one of the most extensive holiday sets ever: Melvita's goodies!

I've highlighted a few that are absolutely irresistible, though there are an infinite number in-store and online!

[Gentle Conditioner + Gentle Care Shampoo 500 + 200 ml (RM 204)]

If you feel like you don't need 700 ml of shampoo, there's a smaller set, Crowning Glory, that excludes the 200 ml bottle and retails for RM 160. It even comes with an absolutely adorable Melvita tote bag! Even with the sheer volume of conditioner I have in my collection, I'm still disgustingly tempted to pick up this conditioner. It just looks and smells so good! 

More importantly, Melvita has an entire men's range! They're creatures that are almost impossible to shop for, so this is a gift from the heavens. 
[Manly Essentials (RM 118)]
[Men's Facial and Shower Gel]

I love how these smell. They're masculine without the muskiness that comes with so many products targeted to men. They're clean, yet mysterious smelling. Somewhat sandalwood-y, and absolutely delectable! 

I've been on a bit of a rose kick this year, and when I found out a few months ago that Melvita were releasing a new beauty mist, I couldn't stop asking every Melvita store when they would have it. You just know I got my hands on it the moment it was launched in November, don't you? The next kit combines it with their lovely Damask Rose Floral Water. Quite the treat!

[Damask Rose Floral Water & Organic Rose Beauty Mist]

I recently reviewed their Pulpe de Rose, and it's a definitive must-have, so the next collection would be for those of you with sensitive skin, or skin that needs a bit of pampering (i.e. everyone!).
[Pulpe de Rose, Rose Hydrating Facial Gel & Mini Moisture Rose Nectar]

I landed myself another kit that's absolutely love for those of us who like a bit of pampering!

[Golden L'Or Bio (RM 255)]

This kit focuses on their L'Or range which is extremely luxurious and nourishing.

[L'Or Bio Extraordinary Shower]

If you've read my review on L'Occitane's Almond Shower Oil, this is a similar product, but it has a stronger, more perfume-y scent. I currently have one of these in my shower and it's so lovely and luxurious to use. A review on it is in the works!

Next up, we have another goodie!

[L'Or Bio Extraordinary Oil]

This is a wonderful multipurpose oil for the face, body and/or hair. It smells amazing and is incredibly nourishing! 

Finally, it contains a newly launched product: A touch of makeup :D

[L'Or Bio Golden Lips]

This isn't just gorgeously pigmented; it's also incredibly nourishing for the lips! 

There are an absolute ton of kits in store right now. You'll have to visit them and see for yourself! I've been on a bit of a Melvita rampage, so you can expect January to be a month that's infused with Melvita Mania! Prepare yourself!

And, as a bit of a treat, I have a gift for one of you lovely ladies (or gentlemen, should you succeed!). I'm giving away a full sized L'Or Bio Extraordinary Shower! 

[L'Or Bio Extraordinary Shower]

The rules are simple:

1) Follow me on Instagram.
2) Comment below and tell me what in this post has caught your eye and why.
3) Have your responses in by 11:59pm on New Years' Eve (December 31st, 2014).
4) Leave your name, e-mail address and Instagram name with your comment.
5) Keep an eye out on New Years' Day for the winner!

Good luck, and here's to a nourished new year ahead!


Congratulations IKA! I hope you enjoy it!