If you haven't heard of GlamGlow, you are missing out. Let's just put it out there from the beginning. It's taken the world by storm as the mask preferred by Hollywood stars and starlets. Yes, men and women alike are fans! We shall come to that in a bit. But first, let's talk about the event itself. 

GlamGlow is best-known for its little black pot of goodness: YouthMud. It's a tingly, clarifying, exfoliating mask. Yes, it does indeed do it all! On this day, however, we were there for the launch of ThirstyMud in Malaysia. That's their hydrating mask which is actually the third of GlamGlow's releases. At this point, in the States, they have a total of 4 masques, by colour of pot they're black, white, blue and green; and they serve the individual differently. 

For present purposes, we'll be focusing on YouthMud and ThirstyMud; although we all know I already want the other two as well. While this is going to be a bit of an informational piece, there's actually a video review down below (my very first, so pardon the amateur performance). 

So, the event was held on a Saturday morning in Sephora, Sunway Pyramid, and I got an invite courtesy of The Butterfly Project. Even the decor reflected the "glam" element of it all. Yes, stars on the walkway, and everything!

[...with stars in her eyes...]

Of course, the display didn't disappoint either! It was suitably eye-catching with the cool blue-toned theme running through it all to mirror the packaging of the product itself. 

[Floor to Ceiling Advertisement]

[Is your skin thirsty?]

Needless to say, the packaging on all GlamGlow products is desirably chic, yet simple in its message. It's so striking, yet it doesn't detract from the nature of the product, and it's been extremely well thought through. They've actually managed to make hydration sexy!

[Well, hello to you too GlamGlow!]

An event without cake is just a meeting, which is absolutely not as much fun as it should be!

[GlamGlow Cupcakes]

These little parcels of goodness were the most adorable things I've ever seen. The details on the design were incredibly true to life, and the topper was even rather weighty, much like its actual counterpart. I didn't eat the bottle of GlamGlow of course, but the cake underneath it all was a very fluffy, simple cake. Delicious! 

Naturally, the old glamour of Hollywood had to make an appearance as well; and it came in the form of a little bit of vanity in the middle of Sephora. 

[Vanity you can indulge in!]

[All of GlamGlow's goodness available to us thus far]

[YouthMud and ThirstyMud]

There wasn't quite a red carpet, but that didn't stop us from the lure of the camera!

[Tammy, Illy and Ayna]

[Shivani & Me]

[Tammy & Me]

[The Lot of Us!]

We got a bit of an introduction to GlamGlow, and the backstory is absolutely fascinating!

[Humble Beginnings to the Present: A true rockstar story!]

It all started with YouthMud which was meant to combat the fatigue stars would feel. So, it may surprise you that the product was created by a couple of individuals in PR! They worked with a lab to create a product which would work for their client, and word of mouth led to what we know of GlamGlow today! 

[Instructions within the Packaging]

Of course, discussing the mask is one thing. Seeing is truly believing! The demo was kicked off with YouthMud, and the masks were only applied to half the model's face so that the difference could be more effectively noted. 

[Explaining the application process: Hands or Foundation Brush?]

[For a more even application, a foundation brush is best]

[Just a light application]

[Go down your jawline and your neck...all over your body if you'd like to!]

Within each pot of YouthMud, you have real green tea leaves which are extremely potent antioxidants. The mud works in multiple ways. It's not just clarifying, but it exfoliates as well as you clean it off your face. It's known as YouthMud Tinglexfoliate Treatment, so yes, it does tingle a little. Whether it tingles or hurts is purely dependent on the individual, and the length of time for which it lasts varies accordingly as well. Personally, I could sense just a subtle tingly sensation, but then my skin is make of thicker stuff than a rhinoceros. It also only lasts for a few seconds so it doesn't really factor on my radar unless I pay close attention to it. 

[Allowing us to experience it for ourselves: See the leaves?]

The mask actually begins to dry very quickly, and it goes to the colour of a traditional clay mask as it does. The recommended time frame for which you should leave the mask on is a space of time within 10 minutes, so once it dries, you can wash it off. 

[Starting to Dry...]

It does take a little longer to dry in areas where you are more congested because it's pulling out the dirt and grime from your pores, as well as lifting your face, which is why you may feel a little of a tightening sensation as well.

[Drying around the edges]

[10 Minutes Later...time to get the mask off]

You can remove it in multiple ways. You could use a wash cloth, wet wipes, water and your hands, etc. Whatever works for your situation. 

[All clean...notice that the side of her face which was masked looks more lifted immediately?]

[Kelly & Shivani with their badges of honour!]

[Your Left: GlamGlow YouthMud; Your Right: No Mask]

The picture above speaks a thousand words. The difference is instant and rather amazing!

[Feeling the Difference]

Yes, you absolutely can feel the difference in your skin. It's ridiculously smooth after application of the mask. The first time I used it, I couldn't stop touching my face! I know it sounds a little creepy, but you would do the same if your skin felt that way! Even in the video I filmed, I was doing it unconsciously. I kept touching my face because it felt so soft and so smooth, and the effect lasts for around 1-2 days after application. Hence, the mask is recommended to be used twice a week.

Once you've exfoliated your skin or used a clarifying mask, it's always a good idea to hit it with a bit of hydration for two main reasons. Firstly, you've stripped your skin quite a bit; secondly, there's no better time for your skin to absorb the goodness! Enter: ThirstyMud!

The smell of this mask is something else altogether. It's full on coconuts! If you're not a fan of the scent of coconut, you may not like it, but the end result is enough to have you getting over that little hurdle. 


[It dries clear after a bit...]

[Hydration is key!]

[New Age Planeteers! If you haven't watched Captain Planet, your life is so sad!]

The coolest thing about ThirstyMud is that it works on so many levels. You need just five minutes if you're short on time and need a quick moisture boost! You can then wipe the mask off. Alternatively, you can wash it off should you choose to. The best part about it though, is that you can apply a thin layer and use it as a moisturiser if you have dry skin. It allows makeup to go on fabulously thereafter. But my personal favourite is to slather it on and go to sleep because my skin looks divine the following day! It leaves a bit of a sheen, but it dries clear so it's the perfect mask to wear in-flight so that your skin doesn't go mental from the horrifying, recycled air!

[Tap the product in once you've left it for a bit]

What was really cool was that no waste was involved here. Whatever was left on the back of her hand was used as a deep hand treatment! I love it! It's so, so multipurpose! These days, when I'm washing my 50 million pots, pans, dishes, glasses, etc. and using bleach to clean my kitchen, I need something to soothe the irritation and this has done absolute wonders for those days when the bleach is irritating my skin. 

[Hand Cream In-Built!]

[Your Left: Post-Mask; Your Right: Pre-Mask]

Is the difference not amazing? 

[Celeste was all starry-eyed!]

Once we were all googly-eyed with amazement, they reinforced the growing addiction by feeding us!

[Delicious, Sunway Pyramid]

[GlamGlow Fever has Landed!]

[Juice, I believe...]


[Soba Noodles and Beef Ribs]

[Salmon Pasta]

They were also incredibly generous and sent us home with both the masks to try out for ourselves. I must say that I am a little afraid of the fact that I'm loving these so much. They're run RM240 per pot, and each last between 13-17 uses, depending on how sparingly you apply it. I'm also a little concerned by how badly I want SuperMud (white pot) because it looks awesome! Time to start saving...

[GlamGlow Goodies]


[Extremely Chic Packaging]


[On your way to complete confidence :D]

[Doesn't the colour just cool you down?]

Of course, there's a bit of a demo on the masks. In order to demonstrate that this is meant for both boys and girls, I enlisted the assistance of a very good friend: Ajay. He tends to be my partner in crime for my weirdest habits, so he had to be the one to try it out with me. 

Do excuse the fact that the sound got muffled for a bit as the cameraman (yes, it was the Pinata), accidentally covered the microphone.

[GlamGlow in Action!]

Ajay was very subdued during the video, but after he saw his face in the mirror after the camera was turned off, he got extremely excited and decided to buy them for himself! If that's not a sign, I don't know what is!


  1. I always enjoy your launch recaps because they make me feel as if I was right there with you! Thanks for writing about the product, the demos, and the food! Nobody covers as much ground as you.

    I'm curious about the ThirstyMud as I have a problem with lack of hydration.
    I'm also impressed that you managed to rope in both a demo subject AND a cameraman for this post.
    I see Ajay has succumbed to your enabling ways too. God save him!

    1. Thank you so much! There's always so much energy that goes into planning these events so it feels essential that everyone else gets to experience it as well!

      ThirstyMud will do wonders for your hydration levels. You absolutely must give it a go. It's a real shame they aren't doing deluxe samples on it as the price range warrants such things. So far it seems that even YouthMud works reasonably well for sensitive skin, so can't complain about that as well.

      Ajay is now obsessed with the mask. He keeps asking when our next session is! :O