It's been a few months since my last haul, and my live updates of the insanity have been up on Instagram, but here's a bit of a combined haul that's been accumulated over the last few months.

First up, a bit of Covo. My only experience with Covo prior to this was an eyelash curler in my Cosmobox, but when I saw their booth in 1Utama with a big promotion sign, I had to stop by. I was extremely impressed by the swatches (and price) of their coloured liners so I had to pick them up.

[Covo's Fearless Waterproof Shadow Liner]

[Teal Turquoise and Beloved Blue]

They're extremely creamy and set wonderfully in their waterproof glory. You have about 30 seconds to blend out the colour if you want to actually use it as a shadow base, and it works well for that as well.

I particularly like the fact that these come with in-built sharpeners, as well!

[In-built Sharpener]

And did I mention that I got them for just RM13 each? Score!

I liked them so much that I went back for the liquid liner.

[Covo's Fearless Waterproof Liquid Liner]

I believe this was in the RM30 range and the pigmentation on it was really good when I swatched it.

The issue I have with this is that the liner isn't saturated enough so you have to go back over the line a few times. It's still a really decent liner though, so I don't exactly regret it.

Next up, we have a gift from the ever lovely Samia!

[Bath & Body Works Candle in London Calling]

I've been eyeing this for a while because I heard it smells like tea! I can't express how excited I was! It's also a three-wick candle so the scent fills large spaces!

It does, in fact, smell like tea with a splash of lemon. I love, love, love it!

And to encourage my love of baking, she bought me a set of Wilton cupcake liners!

[Wilton Liners]

Look how pretty!

I've also finally jumped onto the iHerb bandwagon, and this might have been a dangerous move on my part. 

I've been eyeing this set of Real Techniques brushes since they came out for Christmas last year, but they were sold out by the time I managed to wrangle a valid delivery process. iHerb is the only place that still has them, and that makes me very happy!

[Real Techniques' Sam's Picks]

These brushes are absolutely worth the hype! They're so affordable and of such fantastic quality. 

I love all the brushes in this kit, but my favourite is the Setting Brush for setting my undereye concealer. LOVE! I never even knew I needed such a brush, but apparently I did! I've been missing it all my makeup life. 

There was then the Laura Mercier induction that took place. It's been a while since I've bought any makeup from Laura Mercier, but I suspect this is the beginning of a new trend in my life.

[This does not bode well...]

First up, we have a product I've been eyeing for almost a year now but I simply refused to give in to the hype. 

[Laura Mercier's Secret Brightening Powder]

I was a little iffy about spending RM89 on a powder specifically for setting your undereye concealer, but when that is the area you tend to need most coverage in, you end up caving. Kens was having double points, so I figured it would be the right time to cave if I was going to. I'm happy to report that I have no regrets and I won't be going back to regular powders for setting the undereye area. The effect of this is so subtle, but so magical! It's become my favourite makeup product of the moment! A bit of caution is required though. A little goes a long way, and if you use too much of this stuff, you may end up with a pink-ish tinge under the eyes. 

Like I said, it's been a while since my last Laura Mercier purchase, and I gave in to another product purely on the basis of peer pressure. 

[Laura Mercier's Caviar Stick in Amethyst]

Do I regret it? Not even a little. This is the most beautiful, long-wearing cream-stick liner ever. I am on a mission to own all of them now because it's just that impressive!

[Amethyst in all its glory!]

Next up, we have a product which TNS sent to me. 

[A'kin's Lemongrass Shampoo & Leave-In Conditioner]

A review on this is coming up soon. Sneak preview: This stuff is absolutely amazing. The leave-in conditioner in particular surprised me with how weightless, yet effective, it is. Stay tuned for a full update!

And then we have a bit of Shizens. This was the result of the RM200 voucher courtesy of The Butterfly Project and Shizens.

Their range wasn't too extensive, which is a good thing where I am concerned. I settled on two products I'm happier with than I thought I would be. I added RM50 to my voucher to acquire both of these. 

[Shizens' Voucher Haul]

[Shizens' Aqua Cleanze]

This was definitely an impulse purchase, but I've been using it and I'm really happy I picked it up. This is my first foray into the world of Shizens, and I'm definitely pleased!

[Shizens' Magnifique Rouge in Cherry Brown]

Can we just appreciate the packaging on this for a moment?

How gorgeous is that?! The colour itself is no slouch either. 

It's more of a nude coral shade than cherry or brown, but misnomer aside, it's beautiful and not overly drying. 

As we all know, Bourjois has FINALLY landed on our shores, and due to their unfulfilled promise of their arrival in Watsons on July 7th, Sunway Pyramid is still their only location. When I popped in, they were having 20% storewide, and I was all too happy! I had stayed away for a good month and a half, and I felt like a reward was in order. I was also pleasantly surprised by how extremely reasonably priced everything was.

[Bourjois for us Bourgeois]

The product I zoned in on first was one I've been eyeing for ages. For those of you who aren't aware, Bourjois owns Chanel, and their products are essentially the same. The material difference comes in packaging. Granted there are a few differences in the ingredient concoctions, but nothing which would require you to spend the additional 100-200 over. 

[Bourjois' Loose Powder]

I love this! When I first swatched it in Singapore back in April, it reminded me very much of Chanel's Poudre Universelle Libre (loose powder). I'm happy to report that the powder itself gives you exactly the same finish for just RM49.90. The only issue I have with this product is that the packaging is awful. I would have much preferred a twist-top, however you need to pull this off which makes it extremely messy. If it were pricier, I would be extremely peeved by the fact that the sifter doesn't contain the product well enough and it leads to wastage. But the powder itself is absolutely awesome and I'm so, so happy with this purchase! Plus, I got it at 20% off, which makes it a steal!

The next purchase was Shivani's fault. 

[Bourjois' Contour Clubbing Waterproof Liner in Golden Dress (51)]

She told me to swatch it and I just couldn't walk away! I believe this was around the RM25 mark and it looks nice along the waterline as well. 

I've been waiting for the Rouge Edition Velvets to pop up here, but no such luck as yet, so I settled for their regular Rouge Edition range. 

[Bourjois' Rouge Edition in Pretty Prune (14)]

This was around RM40, which runs at more than half the price of Chanel lipsticks, with precisely the same quality.

[Golden Dress & Pretty Prune]

They're beautifully pigmented and extremely creamy. At 20% off, this too was quite the bargain!

I adore this shade! It's a full-on wine red, and  this is a picture of it on.

[Pretty in Prune?]

They're a little drying, but not terribly so, and they have pretty decent staying power. 

On the same day, I happened to pop into Guardian in Sunway Pyramid, and L'Oreal's latest offering was on sale for under RM30, so I had to pick it up.

[L'Oreal's Mat Magique in Golden Ivory]

This is meant to have supreme oil absorption qualities, and I've yet to try it, but it's a product I'm excited about. It states on the box that you can use it on its own, but I suspect that would leave you with coverage that's barely existent. Curiosity definitely piqued. I shall return with an update on this. I've found it difficult to tear myself away from my Bourjois Loose Powder, so please excuse me while I obsess for a little while more. 

Guardian also had Maybelline's Lip Polish(es) on offer! 1-for-1 is not a promotion I can pass up, and considering how much I love them (review can be found here), I had no choice but to pick 2 more up. 

[Maybelline's Lip Polish in Glam 5 and Pop 6]

Glam 5 is just a tad lighter than Glam 6, but at RM15, the difference was worth the purchase!

Another gem from Shizens came my way as a gift. 

[Shizens' Shui]

Considering my obsession with skincare, even I'm a little surprised I've yet to try out SKII's Treatment Essence, and I was told that Shizens' Shui runs along those lines. I'm in the process of testing it out and I'll be back with a full review in due time.

Another skincare gift, this time from my partner in gluttony, Laura.

[Aupres' Aqua Active Sleeping Mask]

I got a little sample of this in my Mivva box last year, and I absolutely loved it. I'm only too happy that I now have a full size of this goodness in my possession!


Now, a haul wouldn't be a haul without some Sephora!

First off, brushes! I've been obsessed of late, and I've been acquiring quality brushes. Sephora's Pro brush line is the most underrated on the planet, and I've picked up 2 new brushes.

[Sephora Pro Brushes]

I've said it before, and I'm going to reiterate it. Their packaging is superb! Their brush encasement is the most spectacular invention ever because it's small enough to travel with, yet it prevents your brushes from getting damaged, and avoids your makeup-stained brushes from affecting anything else that they may come into contact with. This makes them ideal for carrying around in your purse for touch-ups.

[Brush Encasement]

The first brush I bought was their Cream Shadow brush (28). 

[Sephora PRO's Cream Shadow Brush (28)]

Don't mind the fact that the brush is dirty. I couldn't help using it the moment I got hold of it. This was what I used to blend out Nars' Eye Paint in Baalbek. It's a beautiful, soft brush that does an amazing job. It's between RM50 and RM60, depending on how much of a deal you get on it, and worth every cent!

The next brush might be the most exciting thing to happen to me since I bought my first makeup brush: Their large blending brush (27).

[Sephora PRO's Large Blending Brush (27)]

I like that the number sort of corresponds to the brush I bought this as a dupe for - the MAC 217. The latter is my favourite brush in the world, and if I had to choose 1 brush to keep out of everything, I wouldn't even hesitate. Why? It's the most multipurpose brush in the world. Every company on Earth has claimed to have dupe for it, but I have almost every "dupe", and they are all a lie. The MAC 217 is special because it does everything! I'll be doing a dedicated post on it so I won't go too in depth on the matter. Needless to say, in the last 6 years of my makeup hoarding, I've yet to find a comparable dupe. But, the search ends here! Presenting to you: Sephora PRO's Large Blending Brush!

[Top: Sephora 27; Bottom: MAC 217]

As you can see, other than the colour, they are almost identical. The Sephora brush is slightly slimmer and a tad more elongated, but the difference doesn't really show up in use. I managed to complete and entire eye look using just the Sephora 27, which is something I only ever managed with the MAC 217 in the past. I can't tell you how happy I am! This too comes in between RM50 to RM60 which is around half the price of the MAC 217. A steal? Yes. It also means that I can justify buying more than one of these, which I fully intend to do!

When I was in Sephora KLCC last Saturday for the Eyeko event (post upcoming), I managed a spot of shopping and I was surprised that the ladies at the counter seemed to be giving out samples, unsolicited! This is an absolutely shocker to me, and I hope it's a sign that Sephora Malaysia is getting the message that they should be doing this. In any event, I've always found the KLCC branch to be more generous with samples than any other branch. 

[Sephora KLCC Haul]

[Unsolicited Samples]

I've been eyeing their limited edition Rio bronzer since I saw it, and I finally had to pick it up!

[Sephora's Sol de Rio Bronzing Powder]

This disc is bloody enormous. It's the size of my hand! Part of the reason why I wanted it was because it matched my ginormous Kabuki brush from the same collection that's part of my upcoming US haul!

[Sephora's Sol de Rio Bronzing Kabuki & Powder]

Needless to say, the brush is extremely soft, and the shade of the bronze is light enough for me to use as a setting powder for foundations that are too light for me!

[Look at the Embossing!]

[Light Bronzer]

Next up, we have another limited edition goodie!

[Tarte's Rainforest After Dark Palette]

I've been eyeing this online since I got the palette, and you should be coveting this too! The packaging on this is absolutely gorgeous, but what's inside took me by surprise.


I was with Samia and when we swatched this, neither of us could resist! 

There's a little card that comes with it that gives you 2 looks to try out with the palette.It's truly an all-in-one handy dandy palette because it comes with 6 shadows, 1 blush, a bronzer/contour shade and a highlighter. Perfection!

[Eye Look Suggestions]

The pigmentation on these are lovely, and the quality of the shadows don't disappoint at all!

Let's start with the shades for the face:

[Blush: Unleashed; Highlighter: Champagne; Bronzer: Park Avenue Princess]

I already have Park Avenue Princess from their Christmas cheek palette, and I really enjoy it so I'm all too happy to have another! I've been contemplating getting the single of this shade, but now I don't have to anymore.

The shadows are nothing short of gorgeous and I'm a little obsessed with this palette at the moment.

[Bare to Explore, Make a Mauve, Plum Away with Me]

[Up To No Gold, Tan-gled Up In You, Don't Turn A-Brown]

I love the shade names. They're so corny and 80's! And just look at the swatches! OMG! It's limited edition so I highly recommend you running out and getting it. It retails for RM119, which I think is extremely excellent value for money. 

It's definitely sale season, and it's got me by the purse strings unfortunately.

Our next stop is at tns Skinlab where I found some products of interest at 50% off.

Let me put this into context. I'll be moving in a few months, and I will finally have a bath tub (which I may never leave in this lifetime), so naturally I've started buying products for use in it. Anticipation is not my strong suit.

[botany's Bath Products]

[botany's Bath Foam Relax - Lavender]

[botany's Bath Salts Rose and Geranium]

These smell lovely and I can't wait till I get to use them!

The other enabler in my life (especially through the last month) has been Luxola! Their sales have been insane, and this is an accumulation of stuff from my last haul up to this point. The month isn't over sadly.

[Sigma & Zoeva Needs Fulfilled]

[Rachel K CC Cream]

I've heard really good things about this CC Cream and I look forward to trying it. 

[Zoeva's Concealer Buffer (142)]

I have Sephora PRO's variant of this brush and I prefer Zoeva's. It's softer and a little more dense so it does a better job. 

And I finally caved on the Sigma front. As mentioned above, I've been in search of a dupe for the MAC 217 and these were purchased prior to acquiring Sephora's 27.

[Sigma's E25 and E35]

Both of these are blending brushes and the E25 is touted as a MAC 217 dupe. It truly isn't. They're both very good brushes in their own right, but are not comparable to the 217 because they're purely for blending, as opposed to being multipurpose. I do use both of these though, so I'm very happy I have them in my possession. I will say this, they are overly hyped for what they are. They're good brushes, but most of the reviews are tampered with by affiliation with the company and they are definitely NOT the best brushes on the market, though they are a good option.

35% off yielded the following:

[Luxola at 35% off!]

[Nip + Fab's Circulation Fix Body Scrub]

I've been hearing very good things about Nip + Fab and I guess it's about time to incorporate them into my life. 

I do love a good body scrub, and I like that there isn't a whole lot of unknown stuff in the ingredients list. It's also good to know that I have 2 years before this expires. I should definitely get to it in time.

If you read my blog, you'll know I have a bit of a fangirl syndrome where thisworks is concerned. So when the company announced the launch of their latest offering, I was waiting with baited breath for it to hit the Luxola site! It didn't take long either!

[thisworks's in transit spray-on moisturiser]

You read that right: Moisturiser! This isn't your typical facial spray, it's actually a full-on skincare product. Warning, it does feel a little sticky so I use it at night, and I love it. If you have oily skin, I wouldn't use this over another moisturiser because it's very moisturising in itself. It was over RM100, and it's quite a small bottle so I'm a little traumatised on that front, but as always, the brand hasn't disappointed and I love it! Those of you with dry skin might want to give this a shot because it will probably do you more favours than me.

Next up is another donation by Samia to my hoarding fund. It's an eyeshadow palette I've been eyeing for ages! I'm so sad Rimmel is no longer available here. I've recently rediscovered my love for their Lasting Perfection foundation as well. Depression!

[Rimmel's Glam'Eyes HD Palette in Brixton Brown]

The most outstanding colour in this palette is by far the burgundy shade in the middle, but I was rather pleasantly surprised by just how pretty the other shades are as well.

Just look at them! OMG! This palette was sold out all over London in June when I went hunting for it last year (I literally went to every Boots in Central London over 3 weeks), and wasn't available in Australia in April this year, so it's been a search that's been ongoing for well over a year now. I can safely say that the wait was worth it, and I can't thank Samia enough for tracking it down in Dubai for me.

The next product is also Shivani's fault.

I recently did a review of Kiss Me's Heavy Rotation Liner in Black, and Shivani reviewed the Shiny Pink White variant of it. When I saw it on her, my soul died a little because I wanted it!

[Kiss Me's Heavy Rotation Eyeliner in Shiny Pink White]

This is such a gorgeous baby pink with flecks of gold shimmer in it. As with the Shiny Black liner, the pigmentation needs to built up, but it gives a gorgeous finish. 

[Shiny Pink White Anyone?]

I know this seems an absurd liner to wear at this age, but it is amazing in the inner corner or for liner art. So, so pretty! 

Not too long ago, Topshop's makeup collection was on sale in Mid Valley and I picked up something I had been eyeing for a while. I didn't get it prior to the sale because I couldn't justify the price tag of almost RM80 for a product line I had no experience with. Yes, I've never tried Topshop's makeup prior to this purchase.

[Topshop's Cream Eyeshadow Palette in Game On]

It's such a gorgeous palette and at RM35, I was overjoyed when I saw the pigmentation on it!

The shades are extremely creamy though so I suspect that if you don't use a primer, the creasing will be insane. I always prime my lids so I haven't had a problem with these.

I think my love for Melvita has become abundantly clear by now, and the first time I used this, I immediately knew this was going to become a staple in my collection.

[Melvita's Pulpe de Rose]

This hit the shelves in June, and it's a very innovative product. You will see that it separates because it contains both oil and their signature floral water which you're meant to shake up and use together.

I'm just going to leave it at saying that this is absolutely amazing because I've got a full review of it coming up within the week. If you're curious about it, Melvita is very generous with samples. It's worth a shot! 

Now, more brushes! 

If you're a brush fiend like me, you'll know that nothing comes close to Japanese brushes. Hakuhodo and Chikuhodo are leading pioneers in the art of brush creation, and I finally got a taste of Hakuhodo. It wasn't intended, but ShopGirl made me, and I thank her for it!

[My first taste of Hakuhodo]

These are both natural bristled brushes, and they're SO, SO SOFT! 

The first thing that will strike you (as it did me) when you first see Japanese brushes are just how short the handles are. They resemble travel sized brushes and they took a little getting used to, but they have now become my preference because they offer a whole lot more control. 

As for Hakuhodo though, I'm not overly fond of the design of their handles because they feel a bit cheap-y, and I hate the holographic print. It's so tacky. Since it's small enough to fit into my hand, I'm glad I don't have to look at the handle when I'm doing my makeup. The brush head, however, is divine!

[Hakuhodo's J511]

This is a face brush, and for comparison, this is what it looks like next to a MAC face brush of similar shape. (Yes, my brush needs to be washed!)

[Top: MAC; Bottom: Hakuhodo]

The short handles allow you to get much closer to the mirror to ensure things are well blended. I love them!

[Hakuhodo's J146]

The J146 is an eye blender, and it's not very densely packed so it's great for diffusing colour. 

[Top: Zoeva; Bottom: Hakuhodo]

As you can see, the brush heads are of full size, it's just the handles that differ.

I also like that it comes with brush care instructions. We all need to remember to look after our lot!

[Brush Instructions]

And the final lot comes from kensapothecary!

As mentioned above, they had double points which resulted in my Laura Mercier haul, and the result of that is to receive a voucher corresponding to your spending. By the way, REN is currently on 30% off at kens so you should stock up!

[Point Perks]

Sachajuan is a range which is carried exclusively at kens, and if you're a fan of scalp shampoos, theirs is quite fantastic.

[Sachajuan's Scalp Shampoo]

It's on the pricier side, retailing at RM85, so I always make use of these vouchers to purchase it. 

And since REN was on sale, I figured it would be as good a time as any to complete my Micellar Water collection! This was a recent launch by REN and I've been waiting for an opportune time to pick it up. 

[REN's Micellar Water]

Finally, if you follow me on Instagram, you will know I am absolutely livid with kens at the moment because their byTerry event was absolutely horrendous. Nevertheless, that doesn't detract from the fact that the range is definitely worth looking into on the high end spectrum. 

I know you haven't heard me talk about brows on my blog because I've gotten away with leaving them be. However, I need to start sorting their madness out in preparation for my wedding in November so there's going to be an influx of brow-love on my blog here on out. I already have 2 other products on my to-buy list, but this is the first to hit my makeup table.

[byTerry's Eyebrow Pencil Definer in Ash Brown (02)]

This is a whopping RM119, but since the workshop came at the cost of RM100 which was redeemable against products, this was the cheapest option (the Indian in me is leaking out, isn't it?), and I quite liked how it looked. 

I also like that it comes with its own sharpener and a very nice spooley on one end.

I like how this functions and I'm happy with the product.


No regrets on this end and you will start seeing more groomed brows from now on!

And that, ladies, is the end of the madness for now. I've got a US haul upcoming, so stay tuned for that; and do let me know if you'd like anything here reviewed. 

I'm also planning a brush series for August or September, what do you guys think?


  1. This is insane @.@ I love your hauls!!!

    1. My wallet doesn't love them :(

  2. you are a very bad influence to my pocket!!! hahaha XD i cant believe that i actually took out my sticky note and a pen, and i wrote down 4 items from this post that i wanna buy the next time i hit KL, which I hope to attack Sephora KLCC with a pocket laden with cash (or an account filled with money to use on my debit card) XD

    1. Lol did you? I love it! What are you planning to get? Tell tell!

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    Miss Ika's Blog

    1. It's accumulated over 4 months, so it's not as bad as it seems! What are you keen on getting?!

  4. I thought the scrolling would never end! And apparently, there is more? I'm a bit shy to do a haul post lest my extreme behaviour inspires a cap on my budget from the finance department aka as You-Know-Who. My dirty little secrets must never see the light of day. But I'm more than happy to live vicariously through you when it comes to unfettered hauling and posting about it. High fives, sister!

    1. ^5!
      I absolutely think you need to put up a haul or two. Your stash is extremely exciting and you should indulge your readers (especially me)!

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    1. I'm really happy with most of the stuff I hauled here. My life feels that little bit more complete!

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