Yes, Eyeko has hit our shores!

Eyeko has been on my radar for over a year now, but I've been a little hesitant to include them into my Sephora US hauls because I haven't had any personal experience with testing out the brand. Yes, I've heard the hype; and yes, Alexa Chung is as good a reason as any to buy the makeup product, but the inability to swatch it for myself, and the lies the internet is filled with left me a little on the cautious side.

So, when Sephora Malaysia announced a whole slew of liner workshops, and the final casting call was for Eyeko, it didn't even take 30 seconds for me to make my pick and send out the RSVP. I can't express the extent of my excitement. New makeup obsession? Yes, please!

A few days before the event was held, Lisa Eldridge uploaded a video of herself doing Alexa Chung's makeup with Eyeko products, and the subsequent wait felt endless!

Video taken from YouTube
[Lisa Eldrige with Alexa Chung, feat. Eyeko]

The workshop was held at Sephora KLCC, and it was a rather intimate experience with just 8 of us present. What I did not expect was that the founder and creative director of Eyeko, Nina Leykind, would be at the session I happened to choose on a whim! *cue internal squeals of delight*

[Paired in twos to share a mirror]

It's lovely that the invitation was extended to invitee and a plus one so that you wouldn't have to awkwardly share a mirror with a stranger. It's a lot easier to tell a friend not to hog the mirror than it is a total stranger. Not that my plus one, the lovely Samia, is guilty of such transgressions. I'm actually the mirror-hog!

Before kicking off the event, we were shown a video clip of Alexa Chung using the Eye Do range which she collaborated with Eyeko on. The purpose was to ease us into the simplicity and pared down world of winged out eyeliner. For years, this was the only look I worked with because it's quick, easy, and so incredibly put together a look. As such, my preference for liners runs along the lines of the liquid variety, and I have all but shunned the innovations of gel liners. There is nothing as perfect as a good liquid liner, and I was to discover that Eyeko truly lives up to its name.

[Alexa Chung sans Lisa Eldrige demonstrating her skills]

We were then treated to a bit of background on the company, and I was rather surprised to learn that Nina Leykind with her husband were behind the iconic brand Hard Candy, as well. It's one of those affordable brands that's stood the test of time, and you can still find  their products in Target in the US. Their highlighters and blushes still get a lot of love on YouTube.

And with those roots sunk in, Eyeko popped up as a brand dedicated to your peepers. The range runs from brows to liners to lashes and there are some very exciting complementary bits and bobs associated with it all. 

[Nina Leykind, Founder & Creative Director of Eyeko]

The workshop was primarily focused on the Eye Do line, and Alexa really did have a large hand in what the liner and mascara would do for her. It seems that her dissatisfaction with the state of her lashes ensured that both products were infused with lash strengthening properties! Nina mentioned that if you use the liner daily for a reasonable period (was it 28 days?) you would actually see the strengthening effects actively improving your lashes. I do love the skincare/makeup hybrids, so this was right up my alley.

Another point of note was just how pigmented this liner was. Even without testing it out for myself, she lightly swiped a line across her hand and it was as black as they come!

[Pigmentation is Key!]

There's also the waterproof element that serves us all very well in this horrifyingly humid weather. I'm not one to steer towards waterproof makeup, but my eyeliner is the exception because I tend to wing it out. A winged out liner with smudged edges is really rather detrimental to the entire effect, and it's more than likely to occur in this climate! 

Alongside Nina was lead makeup artist, Sheng Saw.

[Sheng Saw]

It was all extremely interactive, and Sheng had a model he would demonstrate the use of the products on. I was extremely surprised that Nina was doing her rounds and helping us all out as well. This is a true rarity as most brands are far less hands-on.

The range affiliated with Alexa Chung contains an eyeliner and a mascara, and to make the most of our look, and get us in tune with our inner felines, we had an absolutely gorgeous model on hand that Sheng demonstrated his artistry on. 

[Eye Do...I adore the kitschy captions!]

[Sheng with the gorgeous model for the afternoon]

He did an excellent job of taking us through the step-by-steps of achieving the perfect winged liner, and no matter how long you've been at it, we all know that it is NEVER even. I don't think I've ever left the house with symmetrical flicks. There's a little trick Eyeko incorporates into their stash, and you'll just have to keep reading to find out. 

[Start by drawing a thin line]

[Flick it out a little]

[Thicken that line]

[Use a cotton bud and eye makeup remover to perfect it and make it sharper]

When you're doing Alexa's signature flick, you really don't need much more going on in the eye area. Eyeliner and mascara, and you're good to go! So with all that time you're saving on eyeshadow, do take the time to get it right and that means being willing to sacrifice a bit of your makeup on remover. The results will be worth it!

[Clean up and Sharpen!]

As you can see, something that takes you 5 minutes can have a rather dramatic effect. There is nothing in makeup more gorgeous than winged liner! I completely stand by this, and the fact that no other liner but liquid does it right! Yes, I'm a purist!

[Gorgeously Lined!]

Can you guess what Sheng is up to next?

[Surrendering to Eyeko's rule of the roost?]

Mascara, of course!

Their mascara is lengthening, strengthening, and holds a curl, so it's the perfect finish! And did I mention that it's waterproof too?

[Wolf of Wall Street, anyone?]

The difference a good mascara makes is completely underrated. It helps that this is actually good for your lashes is an absolute dream!

[Luscious Lashes in the Making]

[Lower Lashes]

A little known trick is to wipe off the excess on the brush and use it upright on your lower lashes (as pictured above). It helps you get a more precise application instead of getting it all over your undereye area (as I always end up doing).

[Do you see the difference?]

As Sheng worked on the second coat of mascara and doing up the other eye, we were invited to play with the products. 

[Our Neighbours]

[The Ladies Behind the Mirror]

[Artists at Work!]

As mentioned above, Nina was incredibly interactive and she popped by our little corner to chat with us. We got to talking about brows and she offered to do my brows with their tinted brow gel. As mentioned in previous posts, I've neglected my brows up until this point, and I've recently gotten into the spirit of things. I'm definitely intrigued by Eyeko's offering, and the promise of a new launch in September!


[Grooming in Progress]

With 1 coat of the brow gel, my brows looked very natural, but slightly more put together. I have a few bald spots in my brows, and she suggested the technique of pressing the wand against the area to fill it in. I would never have thought of that.

She let it sit for a bit and then went in with a second coat which made them more defined. It's a waterproof product, but you need to let it sit for a minute or two till it dries down. 


I'm rather surprised that the brow gel comes in only one colour, but it looked good. It's definitely one that's on my radar. For those of you who are brow fanatics, you will be as excited as I became upon hearing that in September they're launching a brand new product - A brow pencil that adjusts to your shade! That's a bloody brilliant idea and I am awaiting its arrival!

Now that my brows were sorted, it was definitely time for me to start playing with their offerings. I swatched the liner and it felt extremely smooth, but this doesn't always transfer to actual application, so I'm a little weary of this these days. 

With this liner, I had no issues whatsoever! I can't quite express how excited I get when I discover a good liquid liner. It's like my soul gains a whole new level of being complete!

[Fe-line! Hey, I should be able to get in on the kitsch too!]

It glides on and the colour is incredibly black! It's also very pointed so winging it out is an absolute breeze. For those of you who are concerned as to whether the liner itself is too wide to create a thin line, don't be. It's the right size to hug your lashes, and you get excellent control with it. 

[Line those Lids!]

[Sheng at work!]

Nina was busy at work as well listening to all our gripes about the various options on the market and how difficult some products are to use. 

[Expressing Difficulties with Liners]

[My Darling Samia]

[The Cotton Bud is Your Best Friend!]

[Selfie Time!]

There's also a bit of magic that you can rely on Eyeko for if you're having a lot of trouble getting your liner right. With their mascara, you get something called a "smudge shield" that's the best idea ever. The first thing that hit me when I saw it was that it was a guitar pick! It's shaped just like one and it serves a dual purpose. Since it comes with mascara, it's primary purpose is to prevent the product from getting onto your lid. So you place the shield (which I keep referring to as a pick!) on your eyelid or undereye area before applying mascara. It's an ingenious idea! The other purpose for it is as a guide for your winged liner. It's absolutely brilliant. It has curved and straight sides, so it will allow you to get any kind of line you desire. 

You just need to rest it in the correct position (your liner should be headed towards connection with the end of your eyebrow - but don't actually take it out that far!) and trace the edge with your liner! I know you could use a Post-It or tape for this, but this is just so much more efficient. I feel a bit iffy about attaching anything with glue on it to my face (including false lashes). 

[Just follow the line...]

And, of course, once you're done, your trusty cotton bud comes back into action. CLEAN OFF THE MAKEUP! Don't gunk it up or it will become crusted with makeup, preventing you from getting a perfect line. Worse still is if the waterproof black comes off on your face once your entire makeup look is done. I've learned the hard way that this happens with eyelash curlers as well, so just keep in mind that Cleanliness is Godliness!

[Clean off the makeup!]

[Perfectly Lined Eyes!]

[Samia at Work!]

[We ladies take our mascara very seriously!]

[Eyes - Done!]

[They already had beautiful eyes; the makeup just draws puts them into focus!]

[Listening Intently to Sheng]

[A rough demo on how to apply mascara]

The event made me feel a bit better about my numerous failed attempts at getting my liner right. It's good to know that even the experts take their time to perfect it, and that there's a tool out there that I don't have to glue to my face for precision!

[Samia & Nina]

They were incredibly generous and let us traipse off with a goodie bag as well!

[Unintentionally Matchy]

[Our side of the makeup table!]

[Samia & Sheng]

[Nina, Samia & Sheng]

[Nina, Me & Sheng]

The Eyeko display in Sephora KL is along the aisle. Look out for Alexa's picture, or it might be easy to miss. It's just a little counter with their products ripe for the picking!

[Eyeko Display at Sephora KLCC]

I was under the impression everything would be over RM100, so when I saw how reasonably priced the stuff was, I was beyond shocked! 

[Eye Do Liner at RM59?!]

Honestly, the liner is a steal! As is the mascara. You can actually keep the mascara and use it for 6 months, which is absolute value for money since the majority of mascaras last around 3 months (unless you're talking YSL which dries out within a month). 

So, what was in the goodie bag? 

[How adorable is the packaging?]

[Eyeko's Eye Do Liner]

This was an exceptional event and I had a lot of fun meeting Nina, Sheng and the other girls. I'm beyond ecstatic that Eyeko is finally available here and I've been using their liner over the last week and I absolutely adore it. Definitely one that lives up to its reputation, and so, SO reasonably priced! 

If you're looking for a good liner, do swatch it in Sephora, and let me know if you love it as much as I do!

For more information on Eyeko, check out their FB page


  1. thanks for sharing your experience with Eyeko products at the workshop ^_^ I RSVP-ed but I think I was too late as I never get a reply XD well look at the price, I'm surprised! i too thought that everything would be over RM100 but seems like it is not. I never own any brow gel, I only have 2 brow pencils in my entire makeup collection. I think I'm gonna go for this one. Love how it looks on you, so perfect!

    1. What a shame that you didn't get to go! We could have been all gang gang there haha. You should definitely get this. It's easy to use and it's buildable. I love the colour too and it's on my list of products to acquire! I only have 1 brow pencil and that was from last week too lol We should go brow shopping!

  2. I didn't realized the price is RM59 for liquid eyeliner, partly because I was half-shouted by Sephora staff for snapping a photo which spoilt my mood. Another part is because I had my eyes set on the Brow Gel and bought it within 5 seconds.

    1. ShopGirl told me about that! How shocking! Who do these people think they are man? They don't seem to understand basic advertising principles. Did you shout back at her? You should have! The brow gel is REALLY good and it's one of the brow products I'm eyeing. How are you enjoying it?

    2. Nah I didn't. I was shocked that I went speechless. The brow gel is more of a tint than a gel so it will work better on people with more brow hair. I'm still 50-50 on it. Got to experiment it more.

    3. Such ridiculous BAs Sephora has a lot of the time. They've apparently started pretending to help so that they can put their name on a sheet of paper and slip it into your basket to get credit. I have no idea what that's about!
      Yeah these brow gels tend to work better for people who have thicker brows, or as a last step after you've filled them in. I like these products because I don't need too much done to my brows. They're already man-ish. They just need a bit of taming.

  3. wowww Arpita You loook so pretty in this post. I don"t know why but I think all those pics of you here are lovely

  4. Oh, so sad that I missed this!
    At RM59 I could definitely see myself heading toward the Eyeko display. I'm also going to wait for that self-adjusting brow product!
    I had no idea that the founder of Hard Candy was behind this brand! She's come such a long way.
    Lovely recap post to make those of us who didn't make it extra jealous.

    1. Yes! I DO wish you had been there! Their stuff is worth making a trip for so go for it! Instagram has revealed that they have eye treatment masks as well, so it might be a slippery slope for me!