Last month, Kiehl's invited The Butterfly Project to experience their Oil-Free range of products just in time for summer to kick off! It's always summer on our shores, but my skin thanks any company that gets into the spirit of mattifying the madness that goes on on my face!

The event was held at Secret Garden in 1Utama, and it truly is a rather secret place (well, not anymore) because it seems like there aren't a ton of people who know about it. The arena was absolutely gorgeous, and it was a bright, sunny day...VERY, VERY SUNNY, and it was the perfect opportunity for us to recognise just how badly we all needed that touch of matte in our lives! 

[Welcome Party!]

[Dr. Bones with his fans]

[The Butterfly Crew - Caroline, Tammy & Ayna]

Both Kiehl's and The Butterfly Project were extremely welcoming, and as we meandered along the path going further into 1Utama's Secret Garden, there were adorable little markers pointing us in the right direction.

[This way if you love your skin...]

It was a lovely Sunday morning, and there was a quite the spread of food for us to breakfast/brunch on. 

[The Munchy Corner]

There was even dessert!

But the highlight of the spread came in the form of a bit of nostalgia - Ice pops!

[Do you remember these?]

We even had blue drinks to keep the theme of the range going. I do think that the colour made the drink psychologically more cooling, which helped to counter the sweltering heat.

[The Kiehl's Special]

And as we headed further into the garden, we were met with some very lively bits of decoration.

[The Range]

The range covers the three primary steps of skincare - cleansing, toning and moisturising. This range is the counterpart to the Ultra Facial set which is aimed towards those with drier skin.

There was quite the surprise awaiting us when we got to the staging area. We were given the opportunity to create our own little terrarium with cactii. It was such an ingenious idea and everyone got extremely excited. 

[What would tickle your fancy?]

[Ideas for your end product]



[Horticulturists in action - Shasha & Shivani]

Since cactii are able to survive with very little water, these only need to be watered once a week at most. The perfect plant for me as I'm not particularly nurturing!

[My creation - Had to have a little magic mushroom!]

Picture courtesy of ShopGirl

It was a very interactive and fun event because there wasn't much of a structure to it. We were briefly introduced to Kiehl's and their Oil-Free range, and then told that we were here to have fun!

It was also reiterated that Kiehl's has so much faith in their own line that they firmly stand by the idea that you should be able to try the product before you buy it. As such, you can walk into any Kiehl's store, or up to any of their counters, and they assure you an ideology of 5-minutes-for-5-samples. That means that if you get a 5 minute consultation on your skin type done, you get 5 samples which are tailored to your needs. Sounds awesome? It is! Their change is crazy extensive, and they have this little apothecary cupboard in which their samples are kept. I want one too, and you all know that the number of sample sachets I have warrants such a purchase!


Opposite the terrarium-production booth, there was a little setup where we could have consultations done on the state of our skin.

[A little outdoor laboratory]

[Are these percentages accurate? Keep reading...]

Some lovely ladies from Kiehl's were there to test our Shine Levels, and this is how mine panned out:

I was a little surprised that my T-Zone shine level was only at the fourth point on the scale (top), and the rest of my face was even lower on the scale (bottom). 


[Ayna & Caroline]

Picture courtesy of ShopGirl

[Stole Caroline's coat - Mad scientist in the making!]

[Getting ready for the group picture!]

[The lovely ladies from Kiehl's]

Can I be a little horrifying for a moment? I was using my Kiehl's deodorant which I spoke of here, and considering the weather on the day, I must say that it performed incredibly well! 

Kiehl's were incredibly generous with their gifts because they gave us the entire Oil-Free kit in full-size to try out! I also went down to their store to pick up samples of their Midnight Recovery Concentrate because I've been eyeing it for a while. 

[Kiehl's Goodies]

Last year, I actually reviewed this collection (see here) and I wasn't very impressed with it. My excitement about this event and range stems purely from the fact that I had heard they had reformulated and revamped the products to make them more effective. I'm happy to report that my views have taken a complete 180 degree turn because the newly reformulated products are definitely a vast improvement and products I would actually go out and purchase again.

[Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser]

[Left: Old Packaging; Right: New Packaging]

Other than the fact that my old tube is really gross and manky at this point, they seem to have made it a little more sleek by elongating and slimming the tube a little. I still have this tube because I really disliked how stripping the cleanser was and never got round to finishing it off. 

[Right: Old; Right: New]

The newly reformulated cleanser is infinitely better. I had issues with the old version because it tended to strip my skin quite a bit, while the new version doesn't. 

It still has the same foaming effect, but it's far more effective at preventing your skin from feeling squeaky clean and tight, while still providing a deliciously deep clean. I'm so happy with this right now and I've been using it twice a day for 3 weeks now without any issues arising. I tend to favour cleansers which are gentle on the eyes since I have a need to cleanse that area as well, and this doesn't sting my eyes or cause dryness in the skin around my eyes at all.

As for the toner, it's a nice gentle toner which doesn't irritate my eyes other. It does feel like it gives a steep clean to the skin, without being overly harsh. It toes the line between cleansing and hydrating extremely well.

[Kiehl's Ultra Facial Oil-Free Toner]

Now for the moisturiser. I had a major peeve with this when I last used it because I found it too thick to be made for oily skin.

[Ultra Facial Oil-Free Gel Cream]

While I was at the event, they told me that they still use the same ingredients in this, they've just switched up the quantities to make it more lightweight with faster absorption. All I can say is, kudos! Seriously!

[New Version]

[Old Version]

You can see from just the visual that the formula has been switched up. It's far more translucent and feels far more lightweight. It reminds me of aloe vera gel in scent and texture, and it absorbs extremely quickly into the skin.

[That's all you need for your face!]

As for mattifying, I've tried each of these products out with each other and with other permutations, and they definitely do a decent job of mattifying. I wouldn't say I remained shine-free for anywhere close to even 10 hours in this weather, but it definitely helped quite a bit. 

I have the tendency to use 265 products on my skin at once, so this had a bearing on how mattifying the products were. When I used these as a three step process without a serum, the mattifying qualities were crazy. I managed to get through a 12 hour days without any visible shine, and that's pretty insane for my skin. It's also great to notice that the lack of a serum and all the added extras didn't make my skin feel undernourished or tight, which was a concern I faced with their previous formulation of this stuff.

However, when I use it as I regularly do, with a serum under and a separate sunblock over it, I get around 5 to 6 hours of shine-free skin which is pretty damn good if I may say so myself. 

So, does my heart beat for Kiehl's?

Picture courtesy of ShopGirl
[Dr. Bones and me are now in a relationship]

Yes, yes it does! I strongly suggest that you give this lot a shot if you have oil control issues like yours' truly. I suspect that a lot of the changes come from their fixation on hydration where the new formulation is concerned, as opposed to mattifying. If your skin is adequately hydrated, you automatically produce less oil, and this range seems to have picked up on that very well. I'm a happy camper with my kit and I'll be trying out the Midnight Recovery Concentrate soon!

For more information on Kiehl's, visit their FB Page.

For more information on The Butterfly Project, their FB Page can be found here.


  1. I love that you compared the new formulations with the old mix and this allows me to celebrate how better the line is for us oily-skinned folk.
    Great recap and thank you for posing for me, darling! And, thanks for the photo credits ;)

    1. Thanks for the pics! Your talent is insanely awesome and I can't wait for more events together! This time, YOU will have to pose for me!