I'm a huge fan of masques, especially that kind that requires minimal effort, i.e. leave-on types. Technically, the instructions on this masque state that you're meant to leave it on for 10-15 minutes then wash it off, but I use it solely as a long-wear masque without any problems. 

Chanel excels in packaging, and this is no exception. It's sleek and chic, making you feel infinitely better the moment you know you own it. 

[Chanel's Hydramax+ Active Mask]

As the name suggests, it's a hydrating masque, which I find makes it ideal for travel. Planes essentially wreck my skin, so I've taken to ensuring that I'm well hydrated and moisturised on board to prevent the madness that will ensue if I don't. 

This masque contains something called Ceratonia PFA, which is which is an ingredient found throughout Chanel's Hydramax+ range. This compound, made up of goodies like Omega 3 and 6 actively challenges cells to maintain hydration. So, yes, it's not just cosmetic hydration. It's so effective because it goes deep down to the cellular level.

It comes in a 75 ml tube, which makes it ideal for travelling with. Since it's below the 100 ml mark, you can take this on a flight with you and reapply as needed. I do so every 8-10 hours on a long-haul flight. Just as effectively, I apply this overnight and I wake up with happy, smooth, hydrated skin!

The masque comes in a rather creamy formula that's tinged blue. It sinks in rather quickly though, and it goes clear so you don't need to worry about looking freaky deaky at any point. I haven't mentioned it, but I'm a sucker for the scent on this. It's gorgeously scented, as all Chanel products are, with roses and all things luxurious. It's a very comfortable wear, and you can feel the difference overnight. 

As an added benefit, if you suffer from dry skin, this actually works as a fantastic primer due to the fact that it deeply hydrates, thereby plumping and smoothing out your skin. I've tried it, and it made me a bit shinier than usual because I have oily skin, but it didn't disrupt the wear of my makeup other than that. 

At around RM180 (or is it RM168, I don't recall), it's a pretty penny, but definitely one of the better hydration masques out there! Plus, a little goes a long way so it will last you quite a while. 


  1. Hmm...Chanel. You know, I seriously love the minimalist packaging of all Chanel products but I am yet to meet a Chanel staff that is nice enough to impress me into buying something locally from this brand.
    I will give HK or anywhere else a try when I am next there and see if the same syndrome applies abroad for this brand. If all else fails, I shall order Chanel online and bypass all that in-store hogwash.

    1. You're absolutely right to do that! When I went in-store to purchase this, the daft BA told me I couldn't leave it on despite the fact that I read that I could on Chanel's packaging! So I ended up not buying it. The Enabler picked it up for me in Dubai. It's worth paying more not to have to deal with people who put you off a brand!