The latest installment of Bag of Love arrived on my doorstep a couple of weeks back, and it's become the sole beauty subscription I cannot stray from! 

Needless the say, the Bag itself was absolutely adorable even though Mimi's caricature was absent in this edition. 

[Bag of Love - May/June 2014]
As always, it was packed to the brim with goodies which far outweigh the cost of acquisition.

[Yes, can you imagine that all this was in that tiny little pouch?]
Labelled "The Genteel Woman", you knew there was going to be a whole lot of pampering to be found inside it.

[Product Description Sheet]
First up, we have a RM20 voucher to an online store. 

[Plincco Voucher]
There was also a set of gel eye masks included, along with a voucher from Derma Master. 

[Derma Master's Gold Eye Mask]
If you don't think you need gold for your undereye area, you are wrong! I'm quite intrigued by this because I like to feel special, and nothing feels quite as special as draping your skin in full on gold!

[Novexpert's The Repulp Masque]
This seems like a rather lovely masque, and I'm quite the skin care junkie so things like this excite me to no end!

Next up, we have the one thing in this bag I wasn't overly excited by.

[Guerlain's La Petite Robe Noir Sample]
This isn't a fragrance I have any particular affinity for so it's joined the army of little perfume vials which will likely never get any use. If anyone loves these little samplers, please come raid my collection!

Of course, there was redemption to be found in Neogence!

[Neogence's Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Essence]

I didn't have an overwhelming urge to get on board the Neogence train until I read Shopgirl's review on their pore solution series. While this particular product doesn't fall within that series, the addition of hyaluronic acid has me rather curious about its effectiveness. I've recently been slathering products containing hyaluronic acid all over my face twice a day, and it seems to be doing me good so I'm very happy sticking with that camp!

The was also something for the skincare-makeup hybrid junkies out there (or in here for that matter).

[Givenchy's Clean It All]
The very first step to good skin: REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP! I've yet to give this a go but it looks rather promising. 

[Wella's Repair Shampoo & Mask]
This duo has been included in previous bags and I'm developing quite a collection of shampoo that works for travelling. It's pretty decent stuff, so no complaints on my part. I'll be standing on the corner of my street handing out travel sized shampoo when the zombie apocalypse is upon us, by the way. Just in case you need some!

And finally, what made the bag for me: A BRUSH!

[definite's Eye Blender Brush]
This brush stank to high hell when I pulled it out of the bag, but it's fine now that I've washed it. It's not the softest brush in my collection, but it's not the worst either, so it's a good addition to my stash for days when I'm too lazy to clean my brushes (often)!

As always, Bag of Love hasn't disappointed and I'm already looking forward to the July/August bag! Mimi released a little teaser and it's a white denim bag which you will want in your collection whether or not you got the traditional denim version back in November.

Bag of Love retails at RM39.90, which is a complete and utter steal, and if you'd like more information on them, do visit their website or FB page.


  1. Delighted to find the brush or any brush for that matter in this bag! I am quite the brush hoarder. I even buy double of my favourites.

    The eye mask is intriguing too - I've had hours of pleasure just squishing it around in the packaging. Did I just give away that I have no life? Oops, TMI lol

    1. I was just as delighted by the receipt of a new brush!

      Hahaha I spent a good while poking at it too. I'm saving it for a special occasion!

  2. I love too keeping brushes as my collection!!

    1. Collecting them is an addiction in itself!

  3. Hello dear. May I have the perfume vials to keep as my collection?

    1. Hi Sarah! Sure! Email your address to and I'll send them over next week!

    2. Thank you so much Arpita. I have already sent you an email. You are the best ^.^ :D

    3. Did you receive my email? because so far no reply from you...

    4. Sorry for the delay! Will respond shortly!