An Afternoon with Cremorlab

Back in June, Muse invited The Butterfly Project to partake in a foray into the world of Cremorlab, a leading Korean skincare brand.

[Muse, Sunway Pyramid]

First off, for those who don't know what Muse is, you are truly missing out! It's Watsons' answer to our higher end needs, which carries brands like h2O+, Kose, Indeed Labs (the brand that produces the ever coveted serum Hydraluron) and of course Cremorlab. 

You would be forgiven for not actually having heard of Cremorlab. The only reason I had any inkling of them was due to their inclusion in Bag of Love last year. I was suitably impressed with what I managed to get out of those little sample pots, but due to my ADHD lab rat tendencies, I never followed up on any purchases. This event came at a rather opportune time as well because it's only been in the last month and a half that I've suddenly developed an interest in facial essences, perhaps due to the saturation of every other type of skincare product in my collection. 

[Registration Table]

[Cremorlab Display]

[The Magical Essence]

[1 Essence covers 5 bases]

[Transformation in a just a week?]

[Trial Kit]

Muse was kind enough to cater to our vanity by providing us with makeovers and skin care analyses throughout the course of the event. Of course, the already beautiful Butterflies partook in these activities, and I must say that the makeup artists did a lovely job of keeping it simple and elegant. 

[Lovely Ben Dan all made over!]

[With her Cremorlab gift bag!]

[Choulyin gets her makeover!]

[And Esther too!]

What I never realised from my little Cremorlab discovery kit was how extensive a range they actually have. And you just know I got a little weak at the knees when I saw the display!

[Cremorlab's Display]

[Some of their best sellers]

[Sunscreen - SPF 50]

[Sunscreen - SPF 30]

I did try out the little sample of sunscreen earlier this year, because this is the year I've finally chosen to acknowledge the necessity of such things, and I'm suitably impressed. I'm trying out a whole lot of sample sizes in an attempt to find one I'd like to purchase the full size off. This is definitely on the sort list, though my tastes tend to run towards SPF 30 as opposed to 50. 

[There's even BB Cream!]

[These makeup removal wipes have me intrigued!]

[Who wouldn't want this?]

Since the Butterfly cast was rather limited this time round, the setup was very intimate and welcoming. 

There was also a very pretty array of food for us to indulge in.

[I love tiered trays of food!]

Since the event was held on the first day of the fasting month, Muse was incredibly gracious about pre-packing boxes of these goodies for the Muslim Butterflies who attended! How very thoughtful!

[Cheese Tarts]

[Cream Puffs]


[Water - A necessity at any skincare event!]

And then there were the premonitions of love!

[Heart-Shaped Lollipops]

[I <3 you too Chocolate!]

And the inevitable selfies!

[My dear Mieza!]

A bit of inadvertent segregation took place whereby the Butterflies dressed in grayscale ended up seated on one side of the room!

[The Monochromatic Corner (with pops of colour)]

And in the blue corner:

[Poor Ben Dan was ostracized!]

[Then joined by others!]

Once we had all settled in, the gorgeous Amanda took the floor to welcome us. 

[Amanda Gan - Brand Manager of Muse]

I need to be a bit creepy for a moment: Amanda has the most amazing skin I've ever seen. The pictures don't even do it justice. Even up close you could see that she was absolutely flawless, and if she recommends Cremorlab as a means of achieving such skin, I'm definitely buying into the hype!

She then welcomed Dr. Koh Chuan Keng, a dermatologist, to take the floor.

[Dr. Koh Chuan Keng - A Certified Dermatologist]

Now, there's a reason for the word "certified" being in bold. He informed us that there are only a handful actual dermatologists (6 to be exact) in Malaysia, and the rests are all misrepresenting themselves! I was utterly gobsmacked by this because with the number of people claiming to be highly qualified skin experts out there, you would think there were more. So, do your research before trusting people with your skin problems! Dr. Koh is one of these certified professionals, and it's no surprise that he kept his presentation short, sweet and to the point. He focused on the basics, which are essentially what you should be most concerned with. After all, prevention is better than cure, and there's no going back once your skin has been damaged. 

The main point of reiteration on his part was the importance of hydration in all forms. Both external and internal.

[Factors that Cause Skin Damage]

He stressed the importance of using gentle cleansers (soap free), and avoiding any form of fruit acid in your skin care if you suffer from sensitive skin. He also pointed out the necessity of using scrubs in order to exfoliate dead skin cells, particularly if you suffer from oily skin. If you have dry skin, however, a targeted scrub for that purpose is best, alternatively an exfoliating glove and/or just a towel would do fine. 

Of course you can't have exfoliation without following it up with appropriate hydration. Enter: Masks! Dr. Koh specified the need to look for masks which are non-comedogenic, i.e. which won't clog your pores because this will do more harm than good. His focus was on hydrating masks, and even if your preference runs towards deep cleansing/clay masks, it's always good to follow it up with a hit of hydration.

Next up, we had a little chat on moisturisers. He did suggest a different day and night moisturiser, with the latter being richer and able to penetrate deeper for long-term hydration. This is also meant to be a necessity when applying makeup, of which the mineral variety is preferred by dermatologists. 

More importantly, however, internal hydration is key. Honestly, if you're drinking enough water, it will probably solve most of your health and skin problems. I read an article today that stated that the amount of water you drink should be your weight in pound (lbs) divided by 2. That's just under 2 litres, which is the recommended amount for the average human adult anyway. 

Other than water, food plays a major role as well. For good skin you need to consume good food such as Omega 3 fatty acids which can be found in flax seed, salmon, walnuts, etc. Technically you could make a really good dish out of all these three together, but that might be overkill. Berries are also a good source of antioxidants and Vitamin C, which will help you keep your skin happy.

And we all know that what we shouldn't be consuming is always the most wonderful stuff: Alcohol and Caffeine! For me, it's not alcohol, but without caffeine, I'm less than useless, so I'm trying to limit my intake to 1-2 cups of coffee and/or tea a day. I used to drink 7 to 8 cups a day, so this is quite the improvement. In any event, in moderation, caffeine has antioxidant properties too, so green tea is a good source for both!

Other elements which are frequently overlooked are physical and mental well-being. For the physical aspect, Dr. Koh recommends a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise at least 3 times a week. We are all well aware of this necessity, but more often than not, we are guilty of neglecting it. At least I've been in recent months! He also pointed out the need to be happy, and this cannot be stressed enough. When you're sad, depressed or stressed, it definitely takes a toll on your skin! Don't let the lack of serotonin win! 

Dr. Koh was so very jovial that it was rather infectious, and although most of us have quite the working knowledge on these matters, it was a pleasure to listen to and have your knowledge confirmed by an expert. 

Amanda then took the floor once again to supplement Dr. Koh's talk with how Cremorlab can boost our hydration. 

[Amanda on Cremorlab]

The key ingredient which Cremorlab's products contain is known as T.E.N.

So, just what does T.E.N. stand for? 

"Thermal water therapy, Eco energy and Natural Nourishment"

Essentially, it's a type of thermal water which was is produced by the movement of the Earth's crust. This thermal water comes from over 1000 metres below the surface of Korea's Gangwon Province, a region famous for being rich in minerals.

What, then, is in their trademark T.E.N. that's so beneficial for our skin? We all know that Korean skincare is absolutely amazing in general, but these waters have 300 times more mineral potency than any region around the world; the Golden Ratio of calcium and magnesium also weighs in at 200-300 times higher than any other region in Korea; T.E.N. contains germanium and vanadium which are known for purifying blood and lowering cholesterol and blood sugar; and there's a higher concentration of potassium than most of Korea's thermal waters. We're talking a ratio of 1:205! I'm not sure how germanium and vanadium would work in application to external skin, so I'm just ignoring that bit of it, but calcium, magnesium and potassium are all essential for good, well-balanced skin.

Cremorlab has an entire range of products which cater to good skin, and they are certainly exciting, but they drew our attention to 3 in particular: T.E.N. Cremor Mineral Treatment Essence, T.E.N. Cremor Long Lasting Perfect BB, and T.E.N. Cremor O2 Bubble Energizing Mask. All of these are incredibly cool, and because we're talking about skincare, let's focus on the Treatment Essence and the O2 Bubble Energizing Mask.

[Cremorlab's Range]

SOURCE: Muse by Watsons

[Cremorlab's Mineral Treatment Essence (RM129)]

For those of you who are new to the world of essences like I am, it's an added step which is primarily used to boost moisture and hydration. Traditionally, this is used post-cleanse, or post-toner if you use one, pre-serum. 

Their Treatment Essence was produced through thorough research and development with The Catholic University of Korea, and it boasts the use of nanoparticles to aid in quicker and more effective absorption into the skin. 

The directions state that you're meant to soak a cotton pad with the essence and then smooth it onto your face for 1 minute, then flip the cotton pad over and pat the product into your face and neck for another minute. I've been trying it out for just over a month now and I can safely say that my skin feels more hydrated than it ever did without it. I'm definitely an essence-convert, and I'm only too happy with this particular variety of the stuff!

Next up, we have the Bubble Mask, which I'm plotting the purchase of. 

SOURCE: Muse by Watsons

[Cremorlab's O2 Bubble Energizing Mask (RM99)]

It's a bit of a misnomer because this is actually a cleanser which aids in makeup removal as well. It contains acai berry extract which is rich in antioxidants, and because it has this element to it, it helps to clean out pores and detox skin. It's so cool! It comes out reasonably clear, but as your spread it on your skin, it starts to foam up. You're meant to leave it on for 5 minutes until it bubbles up completely, then rinse it off. The 5 minute wait lets it dissolve all your makeup. It's a shame that it's mildly exfoliating and can't be used around the eye and mouth area. It would be the perfect cleanser if this were not the case. I need this in my life, don't you?! 

And with all of us suitably intrigued by Cremorlab's range, we were set loose in-store to play with it all!

[Amanda thanking Dr. Koh for his time]

Dr. Koh even stuck around so that we could ask him about any skin concerns we had. For the record, he told Shivani that a toner was an absolute no-no for dry skin, so if you suffer from dryness, do take note of this. Switch over to an essence!

[Dr. Koh answering personal questions]

As we ran around playing with all the lovely products, pictures were inevitable. 

[Anfaal, Shasha, Shivani & me]

[Choulyin, Fish, me & Esther]

[Product Discovery]

[Treatment Essence, Fresh Water Gel, Sunscreen SPF 50, Bubble Mask]

Esther was the hand model for a demonstration of the Bubble Mask. I tried it too, and it left my hand deliciously soft, sans any trace of makeup. Not that I apply makeup on my hand, but I added some swatches to test its efficacy. 

[Bubble Mask - Goes on clear]

[Foams up gradually...]

The more impurities there are to remove, the longer it takes for the product to foam up, which is pretty awesome! 

[Treatment Essence - Barely thicker than water]

As mentioned above, there was also a skin analysis counter. 

[Fish having her skin analysed]

[Mieza's All Dolled Up!]

[Mieza's Skin Analysis]

It was a truly fascinating event which elicited a bit of a love affair, as prompted by the goodies. 

[Love and Hydration: One and the same!]

[Love Affair Commences!]

They were also lovely enough to send us home with some goodies to try out. By goodies, I mean a-huge-bottle-of-treatment-essence! 

[Cremorlab Gifts]

[So Beautifully Packaged]

[My New Goodies]

[Treatment Essence + Cotton Pads]

I think it's incredibly well-thought out that they package their Essence with cotton pads so that you don't have to get your own. And these are soft and cushiony too, so a definite welcome addition to my stash!

[HUGE Bottle!]

I adore their packaging! It's so chic, yet slightly abstract. 

[Cotton Pads]

It's really cool that their cotton pads contain a little bottle of the essence with it, which makes it awesome for travelling with. You can just refill it as you need to. 

[Mini Treatment Essence]

We were also given a little trial kit of their other products, which was extremely welcome!

[Love Minis!]

[Cremorlab Travel Kit]

[Fresh Water Gel]

[Treatment Essence - You can never have enough of something you're incredibly happy with!]

[CC Cream - I've recently become more of a CC than BB aficionado, so I'm glad this was included!]

[Sunscreen - SPF 35]

The final addition was something unexpected and very cool! A book with the history and other information about Cremorlab!

I love that it's filled with blank spaces so it's quite good for making little notes in. it's a very pretty book which I wouldn't hesitate to use as a notebook!

I'm really glad I've been given the opportunity to discover Cremorlab because it's such a lovely brand. It's a great way to experience an extremely terrific Essence without shelling out half a grand (*ahemSKIIahem*), and if you're in the market for one, definitely try this out. It has a skincare addict's seal of extreme approval!

If you'd like more information on Muse and/or Cremorlab, do check out their FB page

And, stay tuned to The Butterfly Project for more exciting beauty-related posts!