Back in March, the Shoe Festival was on in PWTC, and in the midst of it all, XES held an event to launch their Zodiac collection. This post is desperately late, but that just means I've actually had time to try out and enjoy the shoes I picked out during the event. But more on that later.

I know I don't discuss shoes as much as I do makeup, but my first foray into the fashion world was with shoes. They are just so beautiful and heels make everything better. You can walk around in tattered, ill-fitting jeans and a slouchy T-shirt, but if you throw on a killer pair of heels, it looks effortlessly chic. It's basically the lazy girl's answer to Cinderella. 

So when I heard a shoe festival was on, the shoe hoarder in me perked up. And when XES invited me to a preview of their Zodiac collection, the level of excitement was off the charts!

[Registration Booth]

Mind you, Jimmy Choo was lingering about on this day, and you know I didn't get a chance to meet him because if I had I would have kidnapped him and turned him into my own personal shoe-making elf! 

But I digress.

The entire atmosphere of the festival was indescribable. There was so much going on, but you felt comfortable enough because you knew you were in the company of fellow shoe-a-holics. And XES couldn't pick a better corner of the hall to host the event in. They had it next to the most beautiful creations which were sculpted out of shoes!

[Private Event!]

These artistic pieces greeted us at the XES registration counter, and I couldn't help snapping pictures. It's proof that fashion, in itself, is more art than inanity, and as such, fun should be had with it.

There were also some patriotic pieces on display, and it took me a while to recognise that they were in fact sculpted out of a rainbow or shoes!

[The Twin Towers]

[The Hibiscus]

[The Rafflesia]

This is the sheer insanity on the coolest level ever!

Now, on to the actual launch. I don't think I could have been happier to be there! The stage was all set for us to preview models in the their Zodiac glory, and littered around the audience were pedestals on which the individual pairs would be unveiled. 

[The Stage]

As the models walked down the aisle donning select pairs, they would unveil the individual pairs in their various colour combinations. It was all very interactive and exciting!

[Modelling the Shoes]

[Unveiling the Gorgeous Kickers]

Needless to say, all the shoes looked temptingly gorgeous, and I like the fact that they were all glamorous, but some were somewhat toned down so that they would be suitable for everyday use.

Each pair was crafted to suit a specific Zodiac sign, and the textures and colours were meant to mirror them as such. I find it extremely well thought out that there were colour options for each of them to ensure that personal preferences were catered to.



[Scorpio - Me! Me!]







[LauraSamia & the Proboscis monkey! - My darlings!]

Once the unveiling had us suitably ooh-ing and aah-ing in excitement, we were told that we could pick any pair we wanted to take home with us. I'm not one who exclaims out loud, but I was overjoyed! 

Their booth for the exhibition was a veritable wonderland of colour and wonder! 

[XES' Booth]

[How gorgeous is this display?]

Considering the sheer volume of people, the whole process was incredibly organised. We were each given the due attention and time for sitting down and trying on each pair before ensuring that we made the right choice and got the size right. It was all very enjoyable with everyone querying each other as to whether the shoe they picked suited them.

[The Shoe Pen]

[Kelly's First Choice: The Libra in Black]

[Laura's Choice: The Libra in Red]

[ShopGirl's Choice: The Taurus in Beige]

[Kelly's Second Choice: The Gemini in Silver]

The event was short and sweet, and a ton of fun! We were also sent home with goodies beyond the lovely pair of shoes we got to pick!

[XES Goodies]

[Press Release & Other Goodies]

[Phone Charm]

[Isn't this adorable?]

It's something I imagine Kimora would use!

And what shoes did I pick? I was tempted to go with my assigned sign, but I couldn't help the lure of another pair which seemed perfect for day to day use. 

[The Tan Leo]

This pair is gorgeous! I would have put up a picture of me actually wearing them, but I have got very manky toes at the moment, so I shan't subject you to such things. Needless to say, they are even more gorgeous on than they are on their own. But more importantly, they are so, so comfortable! I've worn them for full days with no issues and I absolutely adore them! They go with everything from jeans to dresses to skirts! Love, love, love! I've asked and the lovely girls who were there with me are beyond ecstatic with their shoes for the very same reason! If you're looking for a stunning pair of shoes that tick the all-important comfort box, XES is where you should be looking. It's not a brand I frequented prior to the event, but I will willingly admit that this was misguided of me! I'm a truly happy camper with these shoes, and my next pair will likely be from them as well.


  1. Haha you featured my gloved foot lol I had no idea you sneaked a shot! Fancy a career change to paparazzi?

    1. Absolutely! I'm slowly unveiling your identity one limb at a time!