thisworks is a brand which I'm really sad I didn't discover sooner! Everything I've tried from them to date has left me in love and a firm supporter of the brand. This is one of the first products which ignited these affections, and my sleep-deprived brain has only thanked me since!

As with all thisworks products, you have 6 month time frame to use this stuff up, and it's as good a reason as any to actually use this religiously. It took me a while to form the habit, but it has paid off.

I won't lie and say it has eliminated my insomnia, because it hasn't. What's it's done is help me get deeper, more settled sleep when I finally do get to bed. 

It has the soothing, calming scent of lavender, without being overpowering. Some of these sleep sprays are ridiculously overpowering and try to basically asphyxiate you into falling asleep. This does nothing of the sort. You spritz it all over your pillow, lie back and close your eyes, and it slowly, subtly soothes the cobwebs from your mind and drifts you into a deep slumber. 

Beyond actually getting you to fall asleep a lot easier, less tossing and turning, it actually gives me deeper and more restful sleep than I've had in a while.

I also appreciate the fact that this is below 100ml and is small enough to be portable. That means that flights become calming little spas in the sky, and the quality of the packaging ensures that I've yet to experience any spills from this. 

The spray also works extremely effectively. It spritzes a fine mist of lavender loveliness over your surface of choice, and the gorgeous scent wafts up to drag you down into slumber with it. Amazing!

If you have trouble sleeping, or staying asleep, or you just need a bit of destressing, look no further! You definitely want this in your repertoire! They also have a milder version that's for babies, so if you little half-human isn't sleeping through the night, it might be worth a shot!

I got my fix of good sleep from Luxola, and it comes bundled with a portable stress less roller (which is amazing and up for review soon!) for RM96. Luxola always has promotions going on, so definitely wait for their next sale on the stuff. There are currently daily promotions up on the site to celebrate the Great Singapore Sale, so I would keep my eyes peeled!


  1. I actually have no trouble's the waking that's a problem. But this sounds lovely and you're obviously smitten!

    1. If you get a whiff, you'll be smitten too. It's truly heavenly. I love that the brand has such a simple and apt name!