Over the last couple of weeks, I've been professing my undying love for thisworks as a brand. Their products are all incredibly effective and underrated, and this is no exception!

Now, this is only one of the products in their Clean Skin range, and I've yet to try the rest, but you just know they're on my to do list at this point. Unfortunately, the entire range isn't available here in Malaysia, with Luxola offering only select products from their line, so there will be upcoming orders from London. Beware those of you who stay there and know me!

Back to the product at hand!

[thisworks' Clean Skin 5-in-1 Water]

Their Clean Skin Water is meant to cleanse, brighten and refresh, all while removing makeup. Micellar water anyone? Yes, please!

It contains all the goodness you want in a product. It removes dead skin cells but in a very gentle manner through the use of fruit-packed botanical waters. We all know that vitamin C is a mild exfoliant, so I would imagine that that is precisely why dead skin cells are lifted from the skin. At the same time, rosewater will help to soothe any irritation this may cause. There are also olive and almond oils in here to aid the removal of makeup and impurities, while leaving skin nourished. 

So, in effect, what you have here in truly a 5-in-1. You could absolutely get away with just using this and nothing else on a lazy night, and your skin won't retaliate against you for it. While I do love my skincare, there are nights when I don't get to wind down until 2 or 3 in the morning, and at that point I am ready to collapse into bed and just die for hopes of getting some sleep. This has proven extremely effective in ensuring that I am not totally neglecting my skin. It's absolutely fantastic as an all round skincare product, even if no makeup is involved. 

It removes all your dirt and grime from the day, with the added boost of all the essentials mentioned above. Do I love it? I do!

It's such a beautifully sleek bottle as well. It's long and fuss-free, and it comes with a pump for efficiency. The pump dispenses quite a good quantity of product, but there are times when it's squirted everywhere if I'm not paying attention to have the cotton under it. But that's just down to my clumsiness, and not a failing on the part of the design. 

I know most of you would be more interested in how effective this is at actually removing makeup, and I can safely say that you won't be disappointed. Live demo? 

[Saturate a cotton pad - 2 pumps here]

[Waterproof & Staining Products - Check!]

[Leave on the made-up area to soak through for 30 seconds]

[Wipe away!]

Honestly, this wasn't even me swiping at the area. It literally just removed everything in one gentle swipe. And this is precisely why I appreciate this so much - It's very gentle. On the face at least. I personally wouldn't use this on the eye area because it tends to sting my eyes, likely because it contains fruit acids in it. It never irritated them for extended periods, but it's sheer agony for the 40 seconds or so that it stings my eyes for. It does a great job of removing the makeup, but I have to be careful of not getting it in my eyes.

On night when I'm not wearing any makeup, and I swipe these over closed eyes, I don't have that problem, so if you don't use heavy eye makeup it might not be a problem for you. Of note is the fact that I tend to place my cotton pads in such a manner that they go under my top lashes, and almost into my eye for 60 seconds so that mascara is more effectively broken down and I don't have to tug at my eyes as much. It works, but it hurts, and this is not an arena in which I would subscribe to the "no pain, no gain" school of thought.

Nevertheless, this is a product I would purchase over and over again because it is absolutely fantastic. I adore it and can't rave about it enough. I am well aware that the litmus test for micellar waters is now Bioderma, and I do prefer thisworks to Bioderma simply because it's an actual all-round skincare product. It does an equivalent job of removing makeup, albeit Bioderma is gentler on the eyes, with the added benefit of actually nourishing your skin by restoring its pH balance and moisture. Love? You know it!

I purchased this off Luxola, and they're having sales for the duration of the Great Singapore Sale. They had the entire thisworks line on 20% off a day or two ago, and there will undoubtedly be another opportunity to grab skincare on sale, so look out for it! At full-price, it retails for RM101 for a 200ml bottle, and I definitely wouldn't peg this as excessive. 

A point to note on this is that like all thisworks products, it's only valid for a 6 month duration, which is testament as to how natural a product it is. You need this too! 


  1. You are so dichotomous! I've always equated you to dry shampoos and now you have me thinking of you when it comes to micellar waters too :)

    1. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Micellar Madness is coming up soon!