[Nars' Adult Swim Collection (Source)]

I recently got a little gift from my Fairy Godmother, and I was too stoked for words! Nars recently popped up with their latest summer collection, and it's an exploding rainbow of colour! 

Can we talk about packaging for a minute? It's all embossed black paper, and magnets!

[Magnetic Closure]

[Wrapped up all chic]

And finally, the goodies! 

[Nars Love!]

I can't quite explain how much I love what I got. Before we delve into it, let me divulge my love for green eyeshadow to all and sundry. I have an obscene amount of the stuff in my collection, and I always welcome more! 

But first, the little round pot! Now I'm not much of a gel liner person; my tastes run towards moreso towards the liquid variety, but this Eye Paint truly caught my fancy! 

[Eye Paint in Baalbek (RM95)]

It may look like a regular pot of gel liner, but it's far more than that! Eye Paint = Infinitely better! It doubles up as both a gel liner and a cream shadow. It's also full of little gold shimmer which makes everything so much better. It's also perfect as a base because it's insanely waterproof. You need to work fast to blend it out because once it has set, it's not going anywhere!

[Pretty bits of Shimmer]

Now for the shadows! Green is definitely the colour to jour, which is right up my alley.

[Single Eyeshadow in Malacca (RM90)]

Don't you love that it's named after a city on our own shores? They're also got another eyeshadow called Kuala Lumpur, so it's wonderful that Nars is starting to feel an affinity with this an of the world. 

[Emerald loveliness]

Colour-wise, this is really nicely pigmented. It's an emerald green with purple shimmer in it. It's described as "iridescent peacock", and that's exactly what it is!

There are also 2 eyeshadow duos in this collection, and they're both on the pastel-y side of things - Definitely summer appropriate, even if we don't get the seasonal prompts to switch our colour palette up. 

[Eyeshadow Duo in Lost Coast (RM120)]

The shades in this are a pastel olive green and a pastel lavender, both of which aren't particularly pigmented, so they're wearable for the day. These shades can be intensified with a coloured base as well, and Baalbek works perfectly for this purpose (see below).

[Swatching myself silly!]

So, how do these wear?

[Let's get it on!]

[Daytime Glam]

I've got the olive shade from the Lost Coast duo on all over my lid, the lavender shade on the inner corner and Malacca in my crease. I've also got Baalbek lining my upper lashline in a wing. 

[Ready to Roll]

Baalbek is extremely pigmented and when it's used as a liner, the shimmer isn't particularly visible. This means that it works wonderfully as a liner for daytime use. 

Of course, the shadows in this collection can be amped with in one simple move: Painting your eye!

[Time for a night out!]

I wasn't expecting it to be the case, but Baalbek actually looks awesome on its own. Because of the flecks of gold in it, it has some dimension to it that turns up when it's sheered out. 

[Just Baalbek]

[Baalbek sheered out]

But, if it works, why not pile on the madness?

[Olive shade from Lost Coast over Baalbek]

[Malacca in the crease]

[Lavender used as a transition shade and lashline lined with Baalbek]

[Nothing screams "night out" like red lippie]

[Shadows over Baalbek]

This collection is a good mix of wearable and standout shades, and I'm eyeing the Iraklion Soft Touch Shadow Pencil which is a soft rose shade and their nail polish in Libertango Nail Polish. You might just see them in a haul soon!


  1. love all the makeup looks here!!! <3

    1. Thank you! It's the adult version of colouring :D

  2. lovely! the Eye Paint in Baalbek looks so nice!

    1. Yeah! It's my favourite product from the lot!