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Earlier this month, MUFE held an intimate little workshop for us to experience and get acquainted with their Aqua series. As makeup addicts, we are all well aware that Summer is upon us by the change in cosmetic collections as opposed to changes in the weather, and right on cue, we have Make Up For Ever's Aqua Collection popping up with the brightest colours to hit our shores yet. 

While we don't go through full-on seasonal changes, the current collection is definitely what one needs when the weather goes from unbearably hot to stifling, and all you want to do is sit in a large body of water all day. So, what happens when you want to keep cool without compromising the need to look put together? Waterproof makeup! 

[Picture Courtesy of the lovely Samia. Can you spot her in the mirror?]

We were welcomed beyond enthusiastically to MUFE's pro boutique in Starhill by the ever cheery beauty assistants, followed by a bit of a get-to-know-you with some of the lot behind the scenes. As I mentioned, it was a truly intimate affair, which felt more like getting together with fellow makeup addicts for a grown-up play date. There are few things better, in my opinion!

[Stanley Wong - Brand Manager of MUFE shamelessly admitting to his love of selfies!]

Everything kicked off with a brief introduction to the brand and its dedication to not just the consumer market, but all tiers of the industry. 

Of note, he mentioned that their Smoky Extravagant mascara, which was released last year, was now released with this collection in a waterproof formula due to popular demand. So, there you have it! They do take feedback into account to ensure customer satisfaction. 

We were each given allotted workspace on the large table so that we could actively try out the makeup they were introducing us to. What better way to engage the audience? And we were truly enthralled because everything from the colours, to the array, to the sheer quality and history of the brand was fascinating. 

[Workspaces at the Ready!]

[Shivani & Edazz - Our dates from across the table!]

[The Playpen]

[Bright & Bold for Young & Old]

[Our host for the demonstration: Jason Ooi]

Before we got into the actual products, we were shown the eye-catching ad for the collection.

It may not seem spectacular when you first look at it, but bear in mind that the model is entirely naked except for the "swimsuit" they painted onto her skin using MUFE's Aqua Collection. Are you sold? That pretty much sold me too! The power of innovative advertising! 

In order to provide us with a live demonstration of just how truly waterproof the products are, the ever-lovely Joyce volunteered (or was volunteered) to have her face full of makeup doused in water!

I think we were all a little breath-taken by her lip shade when we saw her! While the shades shown below aren't what she had on, they're part of the Aqua line, and all the shades from the liners to the Rouges are incredibly pigmented!
[Aqua Lip 21C (Source: MUFE)]

[Aqua Rouge #3 (Source: MUFE)]


In order to effectively demonstrate the quality and superiority of MUFE's claim to being waterproof, the left half of Joyce's face was pre-done in a rival brand's range of similar shades and products. Because they aren't vindictive, we weren't informed of what brand they had used.

[Brand 'X']

With all the materials laid out before us, we were encouraged to remove whatever makeup we had on and start from scratch with the Aqua range so that we could actually experience it for ourselves.

[MUFE's Range of Foundations]

In line with the theme of waterproof makeup, Face & Body was the foundation du jour.

[Face & Body Foundation (Source)]

Mind you, don't be alarmed if this separates in the bottle because it's water-based. You have to shake it up prior to use, and the finish is so incredibly light and natural. It has light to light-medium (buildable) coverage, and it sinks into the skin extremely quickly. 

If you want truly waterproof makeup, you're not advised to set this with anything, especially if you're hopping into a pool. 

[Foundation Time]

As I mentioned, the coverage of MUFE's foundation runs extremely natural, and most of us need a little extra coverage here and there. To that effect, their Full Cover Camouflage Cream comes in handy. It's waterproof and the coverage on this is actually rather mental. I've had a tube of this for a while and it's what I turn to when my face decides that it hates me. It has enough pigmentation to cover tattoos as well for those of us who want to pretend to be more demure than we actually are.

[Full Cover Concealer (Source)]

This concealer is of a rather thick consistency, so it isn't the best for the undereye area. Unfortunately, that's where I tend to need the most coverage, and as Jason Ooi agreed with me on, you should definitely prep the area with a good dose of eye cream. It won't eliminate creasing entirely (everything creases on my undereye area), but it will mitigate it somewhat.

[Samia's Skills are Legendary!]

While their Aqua collection doesn't have a dedicated blush, it's not because there was an oversight, it's because their Aqua Cream is not only insanely pigmented, it's also multipurpose and can be used for anything from eyes to cheeks, and even lips! This seems to be a growing trend across the board, but no other company has released such a variety of shades, with such insane pigmentation.

[Making Joyce Blush]

Then, it was time for the eyes, and the shade on display was their Aqua Cream in Acidics Green, which was a shade match for Brand X.

[Aqua Cream in Acidics Green (#23)]

[Spot the Difference in Pigmentation]

Honestly, the pigmentation! Look at the difference in shades between her right and left eyelids. 

So, how many colours?

[The Rainbow Pyramid]

I was a little too enthusiastic with the colours on display, and I decided to roll with whatever shades I could sneak away from the rest. So, I kicked things off with a bit of gold. 

[Aqua Cream in Gold (#11)]

While the shades are absolutely gorgeous, and incredibly pigmented, keep in mind that they're meant to be extremely long-wearing and waterproof, which means that you need to work VERY quickly, or you won't be able to blend them well. 

It was certainly an exercise in not taking your time, and it was also pointed out to me that you're recommended to turn the pot over when you have it open but are in the midst of blending to prevent the entire pot from drying out too quickly. It will definitely take some getting used to, but the end result once you get the hang of it, is well worth it!

No eye look is complete without liner. If you disagree, you are wrong. There's no two ways about it! Aqua Liners incoming! In a veritable rainbow of shades as well!

[Aqua Liner #17 (Source: MUFE)]
[Aqua Liner #18 (Source: MUFE)]

[Lashline Fine Line]

The liners are incredibly easy to use, and because the tip is to thin and on the less flimsy side of things, it makes it incredibly easy to get a very precise application. Winged liner? Yes! Multiple coloured winged liner? I'm already on it!

The only thing that emphasizes the eye area more than liner is mascara, and as I mentioned above, their Smoky Extravagant mascara now comes in a waterproof formula and has been named Aqua Lash Extravagant. 
[Aqua Smoky Extravagant (Source: MUFE)]

For the record, my favourite mascara ever, EVER is MUFE's Smoky Lash, but as far as waterproof mascaras go, this is intense. I rarely ever use waterproof mascara, but the effect of this is rather lovely, and I'll be saving my tube of the stuff for my wedding later this year. I don't intend to cry, but it might be waterproof-mascara-worthy when I'm violently abusing people for getting within 10 feet of my cake. IT'S MINE! YOU CAN'T HAVE ANY!


Back to regularly scheduled programming, but still on the issue of cake. Lipstick! The Aqua Lip & Aqua Rouge range are absolutely remarkable. The stick through eating and drinking. Of course, you need to let it set first. 

[No Lipstick Marks on the Cup]

The thing about the Aqua Rouge shade that I tried was that it was extremely drying (as long-wearing products tend to be). It's also unbelievably sticky when you first put it on. I tried talking and my lips kept getting stuck together. It was quite the feeling. However, once the stickiness subsided, it set and didn't budge till I used an extremely intense remover to get it off!

Now, the moment of truth, and the most exciting bit of the demonstration: The introduction of water!

[MUFE's Side First]

Now let's be clear about one thing. He didn't just spritz her with water a little. He went all out and drenched the right of her face. It was so surreal watching it happen. Joyce was truly a good sport about it!

[Drops of Water sans Makeup falling onto the towel]

Waterproof doesn't mean budgeproof though, so once you come into contact with water, don't rub your face. You're meant to just lightly dab your skin with a towel. When he did that, the towel appeared completely clear! It was crazy! 

On to Brand X then? 


[Makeup on the Towel? Not a good sign!]

The makeup on the left side of her face had more of less disintegrated, while the MUFE look was effortlessly intact. Exciting times? Yes! I don't even have a penchant for waterproof makeup and I'm still completely stoked about this collection!

In order to aid longevity of your look, MUFE has a setting spray which will set your makeup, as well as provide some skincare benefits while it does so.

[Mist & Fix]

This isn't meant to be a face mist in terms of hydration the way the Evian or Avene sprays are, so don't use it as a skincare product. It's a full-on makeup fixing spray that sets itself apart by helping your skin to heal if you have any active issues. 

Because I'm a bit of a diva (and I was working right after the event), I had two different looks to my name. As I mentioned, I ran amok with the colours on my first go around and both my eyes had different colour combinations going on. 

[Face & Body Foundation; Full Cover Concealer (undereye); same Aqua Rouge as Joyce (can't recall the shade)]

[One of the things is not like the others...]

Here's the kicker, I did the water-spray test too, and there was absolutely no effect on the makeup!

[Still Intact!]

The foundation is clearly on the dewy side of things, and for the fact that it evens out skintone beautifully, it's very lightweight and happiness-inducing. Because it's water-based, it won't clog the pores of the oily camp, which is quite a feat for a long-wearing product. 

[Samia's Stash]

[Makeup Mania with Samia]

And since I was going to work, I wiped everything off and simplified it all. 

[Face & Body Foundation, Aqua Cream in Purple (#19), Aqua Rouge #3 without gloss]

I omitted the concealer on my second go around so that you could see the level of coverage. My undereye area is the one place that needs medium coverage at a minimum, and so a concealer is necessary with this foundation. 

[Shivani is all matchy!]

[Shivani, Me & Samia]

In the picture above, Shivani and me are wearing the same lip shade, she has just put on the gloss that comes on the other end of the dual-ended product, while I neglected to do so. Samia reported that once you've applied the gloss, the stickiness subsides a little so that it isn't as difficult to talk. Yes, I know I have problems and shouldn't feel the need to talk when I'm alone in my room applying lipstick, but let's not be judgmental! 

[The lovely Beauty Assistant who was by my side throughout the event!]

And because MUFE is quite the enabler as a company, and they enjoy spoiling people rotten, we were sent home with some goodies to add to our collection.

[What's in the Black Box?]

[Zomg! I know!]

[Mist & Fix (RM115)]

[Aqua Smoky Extravagant Mascara (RM100)]

Of note is the little blue ring on the mascara. All MUFE's waterproof mascaras have the blue ring on it for easy reference!

[Aqua Rouge #3 (RM100)]

[Aqua Lip 22C, 23C, 24C & 25C (RM80)]

[Aqua Line #17 & #18 (RM95)]

[Swatched: Not removable by regular wet wipe!]

The Aqua Creams retail at RM100 each and I'm going to have to add some to my collection. They are so, so pretty!

As a little added bonus, we were given the cutest thumb drive ever for the press release!

[Too Adorable!]

For more information on MUFE, please visit them on Facebook.


  1. Hai Arpita!!!!
    Waterproof makeup? We need it!!! as we face summer everyday :P

    1. Heloooooooooooooooo Ika!

      I know right? Hahaha time to buy, buy, buy!

  2. I love this range and after learning about the idea that all aspects of makeup can be waterproof am really considering never wearing the normal stuff again.
    I mean, it's always so sweaty and wet here that half the women in this town have their faces melting off them at any god-given moment of the day.
    Yay to this lovely, vibrant and melt-proof range! The MUFE Aqua liners are to die for!

    1. Agreed! Not only is the makeup incredibly long-wearing, the shades are absolutely gorgeous! Who says you can't wear pops of colour during the day? They are wrong!