When The Butterfly Project announced that their 1st Anniversary would entail war, I got on board immediately! I can't quite express how ecstatic I was that laser tag was involved!

And so, we all gathered at Laser Warzone in e@Curve on a Saturday morning to celebrate the community that keeps on giving!

Of course, Mamasan was there early to greet us all and ensure that goodies for the next blogging chapter were handed out. Ever the workaholic!

[Mamasan and her goodies!]

The party room was fittingly decked out in an explosion of colour...

[Balloons & Everything!]

And the cake!

[Even the cake was themed!]

As with all good war stories, we all started out as friends; and breakfast was the first thing on the cards! 

[Quite the Spread]

[Chicken to go with Nasi Lemak]


[Mee Goreng]

[Egg/Tuna Sandwiches]


We were told that it was a challenge, but there's nothing like displaying the spoils of war to bring out the competitive spirit in everyone.

[Trophy & Medals]

It's funny how Butterfly events always end up with cliques being formed, and this was no different. Nevertheless, I met a few new faces who I had never encountered before, and it was a truly interesting experience of being taken out of my comfort zone. Why do I say this? Because we were split into teams randomly! Over breakfast, we had all split off into our little groups, and we were then numbered from 1-4 in turn and given over to the team number. Ice breaking 101!

[Split Us up!]

We were then given a demonstration on how to use the vests and guns. 


The mechanics of the points were also explained to us, and then, we were all set!

[Ammo Room!]

[Let the games begin!]

[All set!]

[Do you like my war pants?]

And now, let's enter the arena:

I made a huge mistake wearing white because I forgot that it glows in dark rooms such as this. This is what happens when I wake up early on a Saturday and don't have coffee!

[The Battlefield]

As we were split into teams of 4, there was method imposed on the madness. Each pair of teams would have 10 minutes in the Warzone, while the other 2 had the option to watch and keep tabs on the scores. 

[Footage & Scoring]

It was truly lots of fun, and the arena would definitely work comfortably for groups of up to 20. Each of us played a total of 3 games, and there was much strategising and shock over the scores between games! I love that the atmosphere was competitive in a very enjoyable way! 

And finally, we were back in the room for the results!

[The Lovely Sharon & Me (Yes, I woke up late and makeup was not happening)]

When it was time to announce who the winners were, Tammy was invited to give out the prizes. It's unfortunate that she couldn't partake because of her knee injury. Once she recovers, we shall have a rematch!

[Prize-Giving Time]

[3rd Runners Up]

[2nd Runners Up]

[1st Runners Up]

[AND WE WON! (Sabby is missing from this picture though!)]

Wasn't expecting the win, but as self-appointed team leader, I stole the trophy! So, what was our team's name then? Laserfly! Why? Because I said so :D


Once all the prizes were taken care of, it was time to cut the cake! 

[Mmmmm cakeeeeee]

[The Lot of Us]

[Tammy & Me (Source)]


[Anyone up for a game?]

[Pride of Place]

I hadn't been to Laser Warzone prior to this, but it's quite a nice, contained atmosphere. It's right by my house, which makes it even better! It would be ideal for children's parties, so you might want to keep this in mind if you have kids. Yes, girls too! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, so don't stereotype!

The pricing is rather reasonable as well. Regular prices run at RM20 (1 game), RM32 (2 games) and RM60 (4 games). Students get special rates at RM17 (1 game), RM27 (2 games) and RM55 (4 games). 

If you're interested in the Party Package, they cater for between 10 to 15 people at RM50 per head which includes 4 games and F&B.

If you'd like more information on Laser Warzone, please visit the following site:
FB: https://www.facebook.com/laserwarzone

If you'd like more information on The Butterfly Project, please visit the following site:
FB: https://www.facebook.com/groups/butterflyprojectmalaysia/


  1. Entertaining recap. Interesting that you were all so well fed and watered before all that running. One look at that plate of kuih and I know I wouldn't be able to win any battles on the field but I guess it worked for you. Breakfast of Champions, eh?

    I really do love the idea of all you bloggers shooting at each other!
    Congrats on your win. I'll know to be on your team from now on.

    1. They probably should have had an eating competition along side laser tag because I might have excelled better at that! It was loads of fun though and we can always have a match on our day out!