As many of you might know from reading my blog, my liner of choice has always been liquid, and I'm always in search for new additions to my hoard. So naturally, when given the opportunity to review Kiss Me's Heavy Rotation Liner, how could I say no? 

I picked Shiny Black (01) out of the 3 choices (02 Shiny Brown & 03 Shiny Pink White were the other two), simply because I knew I would get the most use out of it. People think black liners are boring and common, but there is so much versatility to be had with straight up black. 

[Kiss Me's Heavy Rotation Liner in Shiny Black (01)]

It's a good thing that the packaging actually comes with a pictorial on how to use liquid liner because A) there is a language barrier, and B) it actually shows you to start lining your eyes in the middle. Unfortunately, a lot of the time people start from the inner corner of the eye, and since that is where you are meant to apply the least liner, it's easy to botch it up. This is definitely a boon where packaging is concerned. 

As for the packaging of the liner itself, it's very sleek and in the lovely mirror shade of black and gold. I say mirror, because this isn't just a shiny black liner; it's got little gold shimmer running through it! 

While the latest liquid liners in the market tend to veer towards the use of pen-like packaging for their applicators, this veers towards the traditional in terms of having two separate parts to the product. The short handle houses a tapered brush tip which you then dip into the inkwell of liner. 

I know many people find the use of pen liners easier and are hesitant to give applicators of this sort a try, but you are sorely mistaken if you think a pen applicator will give you more control. The length of the handle tends to detract from ease of use because your natural instinct would be to hold it further up the handle, as opposed to close to the tip. 

With the shorter handle that comes with more traditional applicators like this, you get a lot more control because you are holding it steadier closer to the tip. Physics makes the world a simpler place, doesn't it?

[Controlling the Thickness of the line with Ease]

For the record, I'm a leftie, and not ambidextrous at all, but I was able to draw the lines above with my right hand which is a testament as to how good the applicator actually is. They're a tad bit crooked though not at all terrible, but the nature of my camera just makes taking pictures of swatches on my left hand easier. 

While it might seem a little like you could only use this liner on special occasions because of the shimmer running through it, this is definitely not the case. The shimmer is so fine that it doesn't really show up as glitter, it just adds a very pretty sheen to the liner. I tested the liner in a number of different situations, and while I adore the applicator and the shimmer, I do wish there was a bit more pigmentation to the product. It's a good thing the colour can be built up a little, but a bit more pigmentation would have skyrocketed this to a much higher position on my list of loved liners. 

For starters, let's look at how it wears on its own.

[Liner & a bit of mascara]

[All Liner!]

It fared surprisingly well for work too. The fact that the applicator is so easy to control is a huge plus in terms of getting versatility out of the product.

[Work Mode: On!]

[Colour in the crease & a thin band of liner]

The final test with any liner is how it fares over full on eyeshadow. I have liners which are horrifying in terms of dragging the shade on my lid and/or skipping over eyeshadow causing you to have to go over it a million times, inevitably ruining your life (or your look for the day, depending on how much of a Drama Queen you choose to be). This was not the case with this liner. It's a rather liquid-y formula, so it glides over the lashline effortlessly. However, as I mentioned, you do need to go over your line once or twice in order to get a good, intense black. If you choose to leave it at one line, it will be somewhat sheer, but that makes it a little more wearable for those of you who are just getting into the spirit of things. 

[Over Shadow]

[No Skipping!]

Other than the fact that I wish this product was a little more pigmented, I think it's an excellent liner. I particularly adore the applicator because it fans out just the right amount when you press it against your eyelid. It allows plenty of control, and I'll actually be hanging on to the applicator once I've used the product up. The gold shimmer running through this makes me very happy as well because it's a nice touch to a classic black. It just gives it a little more edge than your average shiny, black liner. 

Kiss Me's liners are available at Sasa and Watsons' outlets nationwide and retails for RM49.90.

For more information on Kiss Me, please visit their FB Page


  1. It's nice to hear you speak frankly of the product's pigmentation so that I have an idea before I purchase this of what to expect. As always, another fine and genuine review of the product with some great close-ups of how it works for you. I'm getting a bit put-off by blog reviews that keep telling me a product is great and only great without expanding on how it is great from a personal perspective beyond what I can read off a product's packaging.

    Anyway, I think the Japanese make excellent liners with their superior ink and brush technology. Will consider this once I run out of my current liners.
    Do you know if Kiss Me produce a straight-up matte black at all?

    1. Thank you! The Shiny White Pink liner looks amazing though. I saw it on Shivani yesterday and my heart stopped! I might actually end up getting it.

      Without a doubt, the Japanese are the way to go where a lot of makeup is concerned. I'm not entirely sure about the matte liner, but we can go look at the collection in SaSa together!

  2. i still havent received my parcel for this review you know :'( it was couriered to me on Thursday, and on Friday the college office staff said "there was no parcel for today" and i felt like @$#%& seriously. told Don already and I have to wait till Monday to get the parcel. thanks for the review, now I get a prior insight on how the eyeliner fares :)

    1. That's terrible man. I'm glad you got it today! I'm looking forward to reading your review on it <3 <3 <3