On Tuesday, Vaseline launched a full-on campaign to encourage the use of body lotion. I'm sure we all know we should be using the stuff regularly, but a lot of us don't really understand how fundamentally important it truly is. Their research has shown that less than 50% of women in Malaysia moisturise the skin on their bodies daily, and I will admit that I am undoubtedly among this statistic. I have my reasons; primarily to do with how lazy I am, but I understand how important it is for my face, so it follows that I need to deal with the rest of my body as well. 

I go through bouts of using body lotion regularly, and when I do, it only takes a few days to see a drastic difference. When you couple this with using other products that promote healthy skin, the results are undeniable! 

Where body lotion is concerned, my tastes run more so towards the pharmacy range as opposed to the high end stuff. The reason is very simple: The scent! High end body lotions are usually highly fragranced, and don't work all that much better than the stuff you get in the pharmacies, and that doesn't sit well with me. I don't like the perfumed scent, it just gives me a headache. 

For years, products like Vaseline's array of body lotion has been my preferred mode of moisturising, and so I jumped at the opportunity to be at the event. It was held at Delicious in 1Utama, and we all know that if 1Utama is involved, you can't really keep me away! 

[Delicious, 1Utama]

While there is a dizzying array of scents in the Vaseline line, they showcased 3 of their bestsellers in Delicious.

[Cocoa Glow Range]

[Nourishing Range]

[Aloe Range]

You just know, because you've undoubtedly been exposed to Vaseline before, that all this stuff smells soothing and lovely!

[Refreshments after registration]



The entire restaurant was decked out in Vaseline's finery, and a stage was present to unleash the power of moisture restored on members of the media. 

[Restorative? ABSOLUTELY!]

I quite like that the product in focus was their Nourishing variety, and as such the dress code for those involved in the event was a nice yellow-y shade! If you've ever met me, you'll know that yellow is my favourite colours, and so this made me very happy indeed! 

Xandria Ooi kicked off the event in the most upbeat and enthusiastic manner! 

[Xandria Ooi]

The stage was then taken by Deenie Ong to elaborate more on the necessity of moisturised skin, and why Vaseline does wonders.

[Deenie Ong - Assistant Brand Manager for Vaseline]

What I found very interesting was that Vaseline is now formulated with Stratys-3 which is a multi-layer complex. What this means is that it helps to penetrate and lock moisture into multiple layers of the skin, so that you don't have to constantly re-apply moisturiser multiple times throughout the day. This also means that it aids penetration, and it won't leave a sticky or greasy residue on the surface of your skin.

I do know that Vaseline has been reformulating their products over the last couple of years, and I think they've done an amazing job of incorporating Stratys-3 because it truly doesn't feel like anything on after 30 seconds, but you feel like your body has decided to behave where your skin is concerned. 

[Deenie & Xandria]

Chong Yen Nee (Brand Manager of Home & Personal Care) was then called up on stage to unveil the restoration process with Deenie Ong. 

[Out with the old...]

[...in with the new!]

We were also shown a video of their new advertisement for the campaign, and it's all very befitting of the product line.

And, because actions speak louder than words, the lovely ladies of Vaseline went around allowing us to try out their Nourishing Lotion. 

[Testing in Progress!]

[Nourishment in a Bottle]

[Janice the Hand Model: Left: Vaseline; Right: No Lotion]

It's lovely that you can actually see the sheen on her left hand! You could feel the instant hit of moisture as well!

We were then led up to the floor above where Vaseline had set up an environmental-exposure lab. This lab is going to be there till Sunday (1st June, 2014), so definitely head over there to test your skin's moisture levels, as well as to try out all the different varieties of Vaseline's lotions. 

[Environmental Exposure Lab]

The purpose of the lab is to expose you to the 3 conditions we're exposed to daily which harm our skin if it is not adequately protected: Pollution outdoors, air-conditioned offices, and hot showers. Most of us are exposed to at least 2 of these on a daily basis as well, as the distinct changes in temperature and conditions between them has an adverse effect on how your skin matures as well.



[The Air-Conditioned Office]

[The Bathroom]

They even had a pipe with hot water in this room!

[Moisture Testing Anyone?]

[34% Moisture! :O]

As I mentioned before, I'm terrible with using body lotion regularly, and so my skin tends to be terribly dry. Your moisture level is supposed to be at 40% minimum, and mine was rather under par. 

Post-application of Vaseline, it had been upped to 48%. While I've undergone this moisture test before with a company I shan't name, their moisture boost was purely cosmetic. With Vaseline, however, even through the next few hours, the area which was moisturised was much softer and smoother.

[The Various Faces of Vaseline]

We were then led back to Delicious for a Q&A session.


[What's good for matured skin? - Healthy White Perfect 10]

They then had a huge spread of lunch prepared for us! While the food looked amazing, Delicious disappointed once again with the majority of it. 

[Roasted Tomato Soup]

[Bread Rolls]

[Potato Salad]

[Caesar Salad]

[Roast Vegetables]


[Roast Chicken]


[Cream Puffs]


[Carrot Cake]



There's also a sale ongoing at Guardian for Vaseline's range, so now's as good a time as any to get on board the healthy skin bandwagon!


[1Utama Wins Again! Guardian offers One Points as well btw!]

They were also very generous and innovative with their goodie bag, which I'm very grateful for!


[Vaseline's Total Moisture Nourishing Lotion]

[At-Home Spa Bag]

[Lavender Bath Salts]

[Lavender Essential Oil]

I think it's ingenious of them to provide all the elements for a spa day at home. After all, post-exfoliation, moisturising is absolutely essential!

I did ask Yen Nee if they would be bringing in Vaseline's Spray-On Moisturisers which are available in other countries, and she did say it was a possibility in the near future, and I'm stoked about this!

Vaseline's range is incredibly extensive elsewhere, and I do hope they decide to expand the lot here. Their Aloe Vera gel is fantastic, as are their mini tubs of scented lip balm! Their hand cream is nothing to scoff at either, and I believe they have a bath range as well, which I've yet to experience.

So, here's to fingers crossed for the spray-on moisturisers!


  1. i super love their cocoa lotion in the brown packaging, the smell automatically makes me feel happy ^_^

    1. Yeah it smells lovely! It's a bit strong for me, but much, much lighter than The Body Shop's version!

  2. Ooh, you were impressively feted! You were all so well fed, watered...and bathed!
    I'm so glad that Vaseline is moving on from the plain old petroleum jelly days to products that sound so much yummier - I'm keen on the Cocoa Glow!

    1. Really! The food was terribly average because Delicious is just awful that way, but I like that Vaseline went all out for it!
      Vaseline is infinitely more nourishing than TBS' body butters, so if you're going that route, definitely go for Vaseline's Cocoa. TBS can be overpowering even though it's nice to have around to sniff once in a while.