After the disappointment of The Lilac Box 6, I went into the purchase of this box with low expectations, but I am all too glad that my apprehension was misplaced.

This month, the box arrived with a bright yellow ribbon on it. Although yellow is my favourite colour, the ribbon was less than stellar. This was truly an exercise in practicing refraining from judging books by their cover. 

[The Ribbon...]

The moment I ripped open the delivery package, the scent of aromatherapy wafted through the air and my heart sank. The day before I received a message from a friend who I had recommended The Lilac Box to telling me that she was extremely disappointed with the box because the oil in it had spilled all over the box. There have been a few reports of this being the case for everyone else and it makes me wonder why the 3 guys haven't started wrapping spillables in separate plastic packaging like Bag of Love has taken to doing. This isn't the first time spillage has been an issue, so it's rather confounding. 

Upon opening the box, my first instinct was a mad dash to check whether everything was ruined. Thankfully only 1/4 of the oil had spilled out and the rest of the stuff was reasonably in tact. However, the claim to fame of re-usable boxes was not met on this occasion because the box had oil stains all over it. 


[Product Description Sheet]

[Yellow, yellow dirty fellow?]

[Rendered Unusable]

[My Goodies!]

[The Culprit]

Vaghegghi's Body Massage Oil came with a less than stellar cap, which is the reason so many people had issues with it. Aside from this though, the scent is rather heavenly and I love the texture of the oil. I'm a little sad I don't have a full bottle of this stuff now, but it's something I'll be looking into, not necessarily for cellulite-sorting issues because I don't think there's an oil on the planet that can sort your cellulite out in isolation, but because it's so soothing! 

Next up, a little bit of Guerlain!

[Guerlain's La Petite Robe Noire EDP Sample]

I like that this scent is a little bit on the grown-up side, but it's still a little too Parisian for my liking. This is just my personal preference for more unisex/masculine scents coming into play. It's not a perfume I would personally purchase, but it's definitely something a lot of you would love. Where Guerlain is concerned, their makeup is my pressure point, as opposed to the fragrances. 

Then a bit of L'Oreal! 

[L'Oreal's Absolut Repair Cellular Shampoo]

I've actually been looking this stuff up of late because I have a newfound obsession with chemical exfoliants and came across this during a 4-hour Google-led education on lactic acid being awesome. Needless to say, I'm absolutely stoked to try this! 

It came with it's companion hair masque as well! YAY!

[L'Oreal's Absolut Repair Cellular]

I'm excited, but a little apprehensive that this is going to be Liss Ultime Part 2, in that it's going to be making uncontrollable rounds through the world of beauty boxes. I wouldn't dismiss another set of these, but if it's going to roll on for the next 4 months, I might kill myself. L'Oreal! Please take note!

Our next stop is at the Clarins counter! OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD! 

Have I mentioned how much I love Clarins? I LOVE CLARINS! LOVE!

[Clarins' Intensive Brightening Serum]

SERUM! Yes! I'm all too excited to try this! 

[Clarins' Brightening Hydrating Emulsion]

I love things which are called "Emulsion" because they don't sound like they will make me all shiny through the day. It's wonderful that this has SPF 20 in it too since it is in fact a brightening product and that can make one rather sensitive to the sun. Yes, I've become a bit of a stickler for sun care. Better late than never, right?

They even threw in a bit of makeup this time round, and the gesture is much appreciated!

[BeYu's Lip Cream in 60]

I've been on a bright pink lippie kick for a while now, so I was really excited when I saw this!

The want is really an interesting one. It's a densely packed little brush which spreads out when pressure is placed on it, which is good for getting lip products on.


Unfortunately, when I blended the dot above out, it was rather sheer. I suppose that's good for a light wash of colour, but I was even more surprised by the fact that this is rather sticky. It's more of a gloss than a "lip cream". I was hoping this would be more along the lines of Maybelline's Lip Polish, but it wasn't meant to be! This would definitely work over a pigmented lip liner though, so I shan't shun it!

All in all, this was a really well-rounded, happiness-inducing box. I just hope more care will be taken in the future will products prone to spillage. I rather like keeping my boxes, and this isn't really helping! 

On to the next box? Definitely! Count me in! Here's to fingers crossed for more Clarins! 

If you're interested in The Lilac Box, the boxes come out at flexible intervals as and when the guys see fit. They retail for RM49.90 and more information can be found at the following sites:


  1. babes , your search bar and history past posts bar is gone :O cannot click on year /month and see the lists. worst of all, no search bar cant search for pdts :( likin the stuff tho

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I'm still getting the kinks worked out on this new page, so please bear with it for a bit. All should be well within the week. <3

  2. Oh, you were one of the Vagheggi leakers. I don't truly mean to rub it in but mine stayed intact long enough for me to fix the lid back on properly. I did notice that it was a bit loose when I picked it up and thought that was odd but I think I got off lucky this time because Vagheggi and I are old friends, as you know.
    I haven't tried the Be Yu Lip Cream but I love colour. After reading your mini review of it I am a bit disappointed that it's nothing like Make Up For Ever's Aqua Rouge for colour or pigmentation or even the Lush's lip lacquer.
    As for everything else, I'm happy with it but like you, I'd stick to Guerlain for makeup and not this Little Black Dress.
    Too bad about the re-giftable box this time round. Better luck next time.

    1. Yes, the Vagheggi leak is such a hotly debated issue hahaha. Oh well. It's a saving grace that it was a dry oil at least. A box swimming with oil would have had me fuming!
      If you're comparing it to MUFE, you will be sorely disappointed! The pigmentation is less than satisfactory. You would think something called "Lip Cream" would be a proper lipstick. It is, in fact, a lip gloss. Sticky too, ick!