Melvita very kindly sent these over to me, and I've had them for a while now. I'm actually glad I haven't done this review until now because time tells all! 

I know the statement above sounds a bit ominous, but I meant it in the best possible way. Initially, I was just testing this out as a micellar water and I was waiting to get my hands on Bioderma to see whether the joy I found in Melvita's offering was truly unsurpassed. So, I got hold of Bioderma, and then Laura told me that these were amazing for soothing skin conditions, and I promptly got to testing that claim out.

Now, to backtrack a bit. What is micellar water?

Traditionally, micellar water is used as a hybrid makeup remover/toner, but the varieties I've tried prior to this left me convinced I couldn't simply let the stuff sit on my skin. I had to at least wipe it off with toner because they tend to have little oil particles in there, and a lot of them irritated my skin if I didn't cleanse after use. 

Of course, by now everyone knows about Bioderma and its magical qualities, and while I can attest to the fact that you can leave their Crealine (pink topped) variety on your skin without any adverse effects (it's created for sensitive skin after all), I noticed no actual skincare benefits from it. It simply cleansed without hydrating or soothing irritated skin. 

This is where the difference lies when you start using Melvita's micellar water: It is a full-on skincare product.  

[Floral Bouquet Cleansing Micellar Water]

While Bioderma claims to be the miracle worker of the century, it has nothing on this stuff! It's marketed as the all-in-one make-up remover, cleanser and toner, and when I read that I was extremely skeptical because my experience with micellar water told me as much. I was dead wrong, and glad for it! 

The reason I am well-aware of these issues is because some nights I'm so exhausted that I just use micellar water to get rid of everything on my skin and pass out. This leads to 2 issues. Firstly, the remaining product will irritate my skin, and further irritate breakouts or other issues; and secondly, I will wake up with my face feeling stripped of all moisture, further aggravating any irritation.

When I started using Melvita's micellar water, I did notice that neither of these issues were present. My skin actually felt like I had used a light moisturiser through the night, ensuring that none of my issues were exacerbated, and were in fact slightly less irritated. 

And so, when Laura mentioned that she was told it was actually a good way of treating skin issues, I got right on the ball with it. At the time, I had some issues with underskin bumps along the sides of my face. My skin does these things to me sometimes, just because it can. I HATE YOU TOO SKIN! IT'S A TWO-WAY STREET!

End of outburst.

Anyway, I started using just Melvita's micellar water after cleansing, followed by Caudalie's Beauty Elixir. Within 4 days, a problem which has persisted for over a month started to recede, so you can imagine how happy I was! 

I had been using the Floral Bouquet variety for this purpose, and I suspect that the blend of rose and orange blossom floral waters, along with narcissus extract had a lot to do with why my skin cleared up. 

Rose water moisturises, orange blossom soothes and Narcissus brightens. That's the holy trinity of good skin right there. And because I was using rose water instead of a moisturiser, there was no chance of blocked pores to make the issue worse over time. 

The only thing I'm not entire a fan of where their Floral Bouquet micellar water is concerned is the scent. It has a weird, indescribable scent. It's not bad per se, just not something I enjoy. It's a good thing it dissipates almost immediately. 

Their Rose Nectar variety does not have this issue. 

It smells divine as rose does, and while it would work for all skin types as well, I'd recommend this more for those of you who are normal-dry as rose is more moisturising.

In it, you've got rose floral water, rose essential oil, and wild petal rose extract, all of which help to retain moisture and stimulate circulation. needless to say, it smells heavenly! 

As to effectiveness of makeup and dirt removal, as well as cleansing, they are equitable. It's just a matter of your preference in terms of scent and/or the concerns you have with your skin.

Shall we have a bit of a demo as to how effective it is at makeup removal? I did this the same way I would for my eye area (which tends to hold the most makeup, and be the hardest to remove).

On my hand there's a lip and cheek stain, waterproof eyeliner and mascara, as well as a red lipstick that has longevity.

[Soak a cotton pad...]

[No, I wasn't attempting to draw a just turned out like a Picasso masterpiece!]

[Soak the area with the cotton pad for 30 seconds...]

[Wipe away makeup!]

How awesome is that? Seriously! 

Granted, this stuff works out to being pricier than Bioderma, but I'd repurchase this stuff without a second thought because it's actually functioning in a skincare capacity as well. 

Melvita's range of micellar waters retail for RM108 for 200ml, and are available at their boutiques or online.


  1. hmm, i havent owned anything from Melvita and I'm always curious about this micellar water. Thanks for the great review Arpita, now I know what I can buy from Melvita once I have sufficient amount of cash to spend, hehe

    1. I know! I hadn't really thought of trying them out till December, and I won't look back. Nothing I've tried so far has disappointed me. Their Extraordinary Water is good too, so if you're looking for an additional step in your routine it's worth looking into as well ( I feel bit sad that people don't talk about them more because they are truly awesome!

    2. ohh I'm definitely reading your post now! I saw a few bloggers ranted about this extraordinary water as well. I think nowadays people get over things quickly and go try something else pulak XD

    3. Yeah, they really do. Which is why I like to test products for a few months before I blog about it. I switch up my skincare regularly, so I can only know if something will be a constant after 2-3 months. I got this in January and only just reviewed it. The Extraordinary Water was purchased in December, and I reviewed it last month. So they all have the definite seal of approval!

    4. I agree, I always take plenty of time with my skincare trials. At least 3 weeks - 6 weeks before I can comfortably give recommendations. I have a few samples of Melvita and am looking forward to migrating onwards to them once my current trials end.

    5. Exactly! I don't understand how people definitively review skincare in any period shorter than that!
      I'm positive you will love their stuff. It's all so gentle and effective.