For those of you who are as addicted to YouTube, as I am, you'll be familiar with the launch of Maybelline's new Elixirs in the States. These are indeed, the very same products as the Lip Polish on our side of the world, and Paris B. informed me that this is purely because Maybelline released a product here a few years back called Elixir, and this was a means of avoiding confusion.

Around Valentine's Day, Maybelline held their launch of these portable little wonders, and I wrangled an invite courtesy of The Butterfly Project. Let it be said that I was disgustingly excited about the event because they were already on the shelves a month or so before the event, and I already owned a few colours because I fell in love with everything about them!

And so, back to chronology! Enter Naked!

The launch was held at Naked in Plaza Damas which is a swanky (yes, I'm using such words these days) new location which I hadn't had the opportunity to try out as yet.

[Exciting Times!]

In a manner fitting for the season, Maybelline went all out to make us feel like were on a Valentine's date with the perfect lip product. It makes sense too, since such things are a prelude to the perfect date.

[Strawberries - The fully edible stuff!]

[Love Your Lollies?]

[The Lip Polish Stash]

[Swatches were inevitable]

By now, a majority of you would have experienced this product in one form or another, but for those who haven't the swatches above are true to colour and finish. Before we kick off the details of the event per se, it's time to digress into what these are exactly.

They're touted as revolutionary products which combine a lip balm, lipstick and lip gloss, and it may very well sound too good to be true, but they've hit the mark dead centre with these little wonders. Maybelline never disappoint with their lip products, but these are outstanding even by those standards. They're incredibly moisturising and comfortable to wear, while giving you the pigmentation of a lipstick, as well as the shine of a gloss without the stickiness that generally comes with it. 

[Suggestions for Looks]

Inside, the restaurant was decked out like a boudoir, complete with a makeover area for vanity to take over. 

[Don't you want them all?]

[Makeover Station]

[The Lovely Sabby Prue]

[Sorting the Tresses]

[Some Lemon-y Infusion]

[Burgers & Bruschetta]

[Chicken Wings]

Once we were primped, prepped and plumped, the event kicked off on a very personable and informal note, which made it all the lovelier. 

[Introductions kept short and sweet]

The theme leading the launch of these lip products was "Hypnotize", and it accentuated the fact that the finish on these leave your lips feeling, and looking, luscious and hypnotic. The colours are bright and brazen, while the shine will leave you with an inviting and igniting lustre. Perfection!

[Hypnotize with Maybelline!]

It wouldn't be a beauty event without some requisite camwhoring, would it?

[JQ & me]

[A pile of love]

[Sabby's finished look from the Maybelline team!]

[Sabby & me]


The desserts really good too, and it was a great way to finish off an event that was kept short, sweet and extremely enjoyable.

We were sent home with goodies to boot!

[A mirror with 3 shades of Lip Polish - To aid application?]

[The Perfect Valentine's Rose]

[Pop 5, Glam 6, Glam 3]

You will notice that these aren't given proper names which is the only frustrating thing about them. Other than that though, everything hits the mark. How could you resist such packaging? They look like lipsticks, but actually come with a much more awesome applicator.

It allows for precision of application, as well as the right amount of product to be deposited onto your lips. LOVE!

[Glam 6, Pop 5, Glam 3]

It's also awesome that these are fantastically buildable, and even if you don't think a shade will suit you, you should give it a shot. Under normal circumstances, I would steer clear of shades like Pop 5 because the undertone doesn't work for me, but this did an impressive job of looking great all on its own! 

They have a bit of a tingly sensation going on, especially if your lips are dry, and that's purely because they're meant to be moisturising as well, but the sensation goes away and  the wear is extremely comfortable thereafter.

These are how lovely they wear:

[Glam 6]

[Please ignore the makeup above, it was for an 80's themed event]

[Glam 3]

[Pop 5]

I absolutely adore these products and I fully intend to own the whole collection over time! They retail for RM32.90 and can be found in all major pharmacies, supermarkets, and cosmetic retailers. 


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    1. Thank you CP! Hopefully I'll see you soon <3 <3 <3

  2. I'm loving these colours...and because it's Maybelline, I'm relieved they won't be breaking the bank.
    Thank goodness there are still plenty of gems in the drugstores.

    1. You will love all the colours! They're gorgeous. They've got some nudes too, but I'm steering clear of those because nudes don't gel with me. Definitely give them a shot!