If you've been skulking around here for a bit, you would be well aware that I am borderline addicted to dry shampoo. It upsets me horribly that the only varieties available here are either obscenely expensive, or excessively useless! I'm convinced this is done on purpose because the industry hates me. *Aluminium hat on*

Needless to say, this means that everytime I travel to country with a decent selection of the stuff, I pick some up. This time round I decided to try Klorane. I've read amazing reviews of this stuff, and I was really excited that there was more than one variety available! Unlike Batiste's extensive range, however, this was limited to 2.

[Klorane's Dry Shampoo]

[Klorane's Dry Shampoo with Nettle]

[For Oily Hair?]

Presumably nettle is meant to be an efficient means of oil control, and yes my entire face and my head tend to get oily. I don't know why, but I'm coming to terms with the horror of the situation.

Sounds exciting, doesn't it? So you can imagine how bitterly disappointed I was when 4 hours into the day, my head felt horribly greasy! It's fine when you put it on. Your hair looks nice, fresh and reasonably full-bodied, but it's not something that's going to get you through the next day. Yes, it'll do the job if you're going to have your hair tied up for the day, but come nightfall, you'd better get those tresses under running water. 

[Klorane's Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk]

I'm not sure how milk is meant to aid in the over-production of oils, but okay. I actually tried this out prior to the nettle-filled variety and wasn't impressed. I had hoped the other would fare better, but there is truly no discernible difference between them. 

[Apparently the do different things?]

All in all, these aren't something I would recommend or purchase again. They just don't get the job done. With some dry shampoos, they can get you through about 36 hours before you need to wash your hair. I know this sounds like I'm just a bum who is too lazy to wash my hair, but that's not the reason why I choose to space my washes out. In fact, I am in a relationship with shampoo and adore the lather I get with them. I try to wash my hair once every three day to prevent it from drying out and getting damaged, which is why dry shampoo is so useful to me. 

Unfortunately, this doesn't aid in the process of spreading out washes at all, so don't bother with them!

P.S. If you guys would like to see the how-to on dry shampoo and/or how hair looks before and after, do let me know and I'll start including such things in these reviews.


  1. Boo to Klorane! I wanna see the review for the Garnier and Herbal Essences one! They look much promising =D

    1. I know! So sad! However, I can appreciate its subtle-ty when compared to the horrid Fudge dry shampoo I'm trying out now. It's so awful! OMG! My head smells like someone spilled a pina colada on me! Garnier will be up soon! After Fudge, Herbal Essences will get the test run! I'm really curious about it too!

  2. I heard somewhere that it's a widely documented fact that excessive hair washing exacerbates oil production on the scalp.
    With reference to your above comment, I'd much rather smell like Pina Colada than an oil rig but I guess scent is a personal thing. For example, I would not like to smell like banana - ick!
    Anyway, rest assured, you are not alone in your oily tendencies - I think half the world without private hairdressers suffers this problem - me included.

    1. It's definitely true. But the fact that shampoo can be so stripping is crazy for the hair in general. If you don't use a good conditioner, hello split ends! I think I've been spoiled by the good stuff that these mediocre brands don't cut it anymore. First world problems!