Yes, I managed to wrangle an invite to one of the most coveted sales ever (Suria Meriang Staff Sale), and I most assuredly ran amok! 

Let's talk about the story of the sale for a bit. This entire haul was well fought for! I headed over to the sale with a friend, and we got there at 12:40 pm (which is some kind of record apparently!). It's a bit absurd considering doors would open at 8 am to us non-VIP people. We were first in line too! It was meant to be a calm, sedate night of waiting for the doors to open, but no such luck!


[The dude from Estee took pity on my issues and drew me a map of the hall so that I could plot my mad dash]

The sale switched locations to the Times Square Hotel this year and they are, what I'd like to call, assholes. Their security was incredibly rude and unaccommodating and told us we couldn't sit there and had to wait downstairs. We refused and waited behind a barrier for a good 5 hours before Estee Lauder's management came and sorted the madness out around 5 am. I'm tempering my annoyance here because the outcome of the sale was positive, but the hotel needs to re-evaluate how they treat people. In all honesty, it needs to be shut down and/or burned to the ground. Apparently their staff has neither manners nor basic language skills so they can go and screw themselves. I would like to point out that this is not the case for all the staff. It's this one particular security guy and the duty manager of the hotel (Mario) who were absolute dicks to us. The people at Estee Lauder were nice enough to sort out the issue as soon as possible, but it still left us with 5 hours of literally standing around in the cold. It was absurd, but had to be done!

What was awesome though was that there was a group of lovely people at the front of the VIP line who had extra tickets and gave them to us so we got first dibs on everything! Thank you lovely people! 



I'd like to state for the record that the haul you see above is what I got halved because it was picked and raided by people who couldn't attend! I went in with my eye on 2 items in particular, and the rest was just a bonus!

First off, let's talk Estee Lauder!

[Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair (30ml)]

This is one of the best serums ever, and I had my fingers crossed that they would have it available, and when they did my spirits soared! I restricted myself to just one bottle though because I have a whole stash of serums which are staring angrily at me for adding to the collection!

Next up, we have heaven in a kit! 

For years now I've wanted a Shimmer Brick from Bobbi Brown, but I've held back. When I got a ticket for the sale, this immediately shot to mind and I figured what better opportunity to pick it up right?

[Bobbi Brown's Essentials Summer Kit]

This wasn't cheap, but honestly, with the amount of stuff you get in here, it's absolutely worth it!

[Bobbi Brown's Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Twilight Night Shimmer Ink]

[Bobbi Brown's Extreme Party Mascara]

[Bobbi Brown's Rich Lip Color in Nude Rose (27)]

My camera tends to pick up reds in vivid mode (which is how I take most of my pictures), so the swatch runs more true to colour. It's such a pretty shade too!

And, of course, my Shimmer Brick!

[Bobbi Brown's Shimmer Brick in Ivory Rose]

[Top 4 Shades]

[Top: 5th Shade; Bottom: Swirled]

I've wanted this shade for ages, and I want a bronze shade too, but that can wait! These are lovely because they are multipurpose and can fly as a highlighter, blush and even eyeshadow! LOVE!

It even came with a little brush!

[Bobbi Brown's Face Blender]

I was expecting this to be a little iffy, but it's lovely! So much happiness in 1 kit!

Then there was the tale of MAC! 

Can you imagine that Nail Lacquers were going for a tenner? They came in packs of 3 and I couldn't resist!

[MAC's Nail Lacquers in Impassioned, Fierce Entrance & Military]

[Military & Fierce Entrance]

I had Fierce Entrance on over a purple shade, which is what is coming through. It looks a lot more opaque on my nail, however. These lacquers impressed me quite a bit because they were opaque in 1 coat and dried within 10 minutes! I had no idea!

[MAC's Cremeblend Blush in Tease Your Tastes & Mineralize Blush in Talk of the Town]

The pictures above a pulling a bit deeper and more red than they actually are, but they're so pretty! Both of these for RM60 in a set! 

There were RiRi eyeshadows on sale as well, but I'm not a fan of the quality so I passed on those. I did, however pick up a ton of lippies! They were so cheap and came in packs of 3! Unfortunately you couldn't see the swatches properly so I ended up with a lot of nudes which I can't use due to my skin tone. I bought 9 lipsticks, 3 of which were vultured, 1 which I'm keeping and 5 which are not going to work for me sadly. These will be on sale. They haven't been touched or swatched so if you're interested, let me know.

[MAC's RiRi in Nude]

It's more brown than red and is a decent nude for my skin tone because it's meant to complement Rihanna. Score!

Then we have the shades I can't use! Note that my pictures are picking up their undertones more, but they're really rather nude as the swatches from the web show.

[MAC Sadness]

[MAC's You've Got It]

[MAC's You've Got It (Source)]

[MAC's Smash Hit]

[MAC's Smash Hit (Source)]

[MAC's Close Contact]

I've got 2 of these in hand.

[MAC's Close Contact (Source)]

[MAC's By Design]

[MAC's By Design (Source)]

E-mail me or leave a comment with you contact details if you're interested in any of these!


  1. * high fives Arpita * I love your haul, girl! So happy to know that you got what you wanted. I did too! And, maybe a little bit more...I had the same thing happen where everyone wanted to pick at my haul so it is somewhat diminished too. All good, because that left me with a tad more to spend on brushes.

    1. *fistbump*

      It's good to know that we are providing a community service isn't it? I do think we did well for ourselves, and it was all very worth it too! If nothing else, it was an interesting night of getting to know you!

      And yes, my removal of products allowed me to let you enable me as well! You are quickly moving up into the top spot on that front!

  2. And once again for my 2 cents worth ;)
    Seriously I think you did very well... getting those VIP passes must be the icing on the cake because your 'bigger' haul was the bees knees. And on that note, I must thank both you and SG for allowing me to relive you off your amazing hauls. My mom saw the MAC on me and has decided 60 or not, she needs to have them in her life as it stayed on my lips all thru dinner and desert. How makeup transcends age, don't you think?!!!

    1. Makeup definitely transcends all differences! It is the source of harmony for many! Just look at us. We would never have met, and/or shared loot! I'm already looking forward to next year, and you can use me as your conduit once again!

  3. love that Bobbi Brown kit and the RiRi lipstick :D

  4. Hi Arpita.. do u still hv MAC Smash Hit and By Design? Pls let me know.. im Azni - 0133619592 (wassap or sms) thanx babe

    1. Hi Azni! I've sent you a message :)