As sad as it is that Bag of Love is now a once-in-two-months affair, the anticipation was rewarded with the latest bag to arrive on my doorstep!

First off, let's talk about the addiction that is Bag of Love shall we? No one can deny that half the lure is in the bag itself, and this time I couldn't have picked something better myself. I've always wanted a book bag, but it's never something that tops the list in terms of purchases (because these damn makeup companies keep coming out with new products and stealing my money!), so when MiMi announced that the Bag would be a book bag, I started hyperventilating, and with trembling fingers, transferred the funds for it. It truly felt like a ransom transaction. The bag was already mine in my head, I couldn't jeopordise my opportunity to get hold of it!


I did notice that this month MiMi's little caricature was absent from the bag, so I shall stick my little badge from the Anniversary Edition onto it!

I've read a few reviews up to this point where there was dissatisfaction with the bag itself, and I'm not sure how to react to it. I LOVE THIS! Honestly. Not only is it pretty and topped with an extremely fitting caption, but it's waterproof! The latter is something so thoroughly important, but yet I never thought I needed it in a book bag. I do! Oh God, do I! I am EXTREMELY OCD where my books are concerned. People who bend the spines of my books will have violence inflicted on them, so you can only imagine my uncontrollable rage where books ruined by moisture are concerned. All I can say is, thank you for making my dreams come true MiMi! In all honesty, I would gladly have paid the RM40 for the bag itself (which tends to be the case with all her bags), but the contents were a lovely bonus!

[Moisture Proof on all fronts!]

What you see above is true beauty! Honestly! Yes, the bag is waterproof, but that doesn't mean you want to have to clean it upon opening it due to any misfortune that may have befallen the products within in transit.

I'm happy to report that upon opening the bag, and the plastic sleeve, nothing was amiss, but I love the thoughtful gesture that always goes into Bag of Love!


[Product Description Sheet]


There were generous vouchers from Covo and Fashion Culture in here. If you haven't been afflicted by the craze surrounding Fashion Culture, it's all accessory-based subscription box and a review of one of their Travel Boxes can be found here. If you're a bit of an accessory junkie, you will adore it! There was a generous 10% coupon in Bag of Love, so yay for that!

The second item I dug out had me a little too excited for my own good. I'm getting old now, I need to control my emotions! 

Honestly, a Bag of Love mask! As ShopGirl pointed out, if you've seen MiMi, you too would be as excited about this! She is absolutely gorgeous and you would never guess she's a mother of 2! Needless to say, her skin is gorgeously flawless and she looks like a doll! 

So, when she announced that Bag of Love had collaborated with Unico to churn out a sheet mask of their own, my heart went aflutter, and I was frenzied with joy! It was appropriately named Mask of Love, and I can vouch for the fact that the name is completely warranted because it was happiness-inducing!

[Mask of Love]

[There's my missing MiMi!]

Yes, it hydrates wonderfully and post-use, your skin will feel pampered and plumped! If you guys would like a full review, do let me know because I took the requisite (shameful) pictures associated with masking! I do hope these start being sold as part of Unico's range because they are true love in sheet mask form!

Next up, we have a full-sized item!

(Yes, the mask is full sized too because it would be weird if they gave you half a sheet mask, but you know what I mean)

[Dove's Damage Solutions Intense Repair Conditioner]

While I am not even remotely a fan of Dove's body wash, their hair products are a different matter altogether. They've done an excellent job of upping their game on this front, and I'm all too happy for a full size of this conditioner.

Then we have the scented marvel!

[CK One Red Edition Body Wash (For her)]

While age is catching up with me and I will only use body lotions which smell like Nivea (so, just Nivea) these days, body wash is a completely different game! This smells so good! It makes me all nostalgic because CK One was the first perfume I ever bought as a primary school student! This is an improvement on the scent and infinitely more feminine than the original unisex fragrance.

The next product comes from a brand which recently hit the shores of our island: philosophy!

[philosophy's hope in a jar]

If you stalk YouTube and blogs online the way I do, you would definitely have come across mention of this cult product.

It's a gentle moisturiser that's meant to be amazing, and I'm glad I finally have a sample of the stuff to try out because Sephora here is just horrifying and won't give you samples. It's almost like they don't understand that that's how you get people to buy products! Common sense fail.

Next up, we have one of my favourite makeup inventions ever: BB Cream!

[Covo's HD BB Cream]

When receiving BB Cream, I get a little worried because the shades usually run a little on the light side. I was pleasantly surprised by the shade on this and with the yellow undertone which is my preference where BB Creams are concerned. Too few companies do it right for us tanned girls! 

[Colour - Check!; Coverage - Check!]

And for those of us who prefer to deal with the problem than cover it up, or do both together, we've got acne patches!

[miacare's Acne Patch for Day]

Judging from the picture, I'm assuming this would work under makeup. While my skin is behaving for now (I say for now because the moment I post this, it will try to ruin my life by running amok), I don't doubt this will come in handy in the near future.

Finally, we have a product which has been popping up here and there, and I've been curious to try out.

[Human Nature's Overnight Elixir]

I'm a bit ashamed to admit that things with words like Elixir in it tend to incline me towards them. Why? Because of the phrase "Elixir of Youth". Yes, I am quite the impressionable one! 

I'm very curious to see how this fares, so let's keep our fingers crossed.

As a little bonus, MiMi threw in something for the boys in our lives.

[Uber-Men Hydrating Mist]

While the pinata (i.e. the fiance) has no interest in skincare, though he did enjoy the Uber-Men face wash which was popped into the Jan bag, it's interesting to note that my eldest brother has been keeping tabs on the products for men that I receive and has demanded them! So, at least I have a ready market who will appreciate this product as much as I appreciate the rest of the bag!

All in all, this bag was packed full of goodness, without slouching on the bag itself. Is it fangirly to keep gushing over how much I love MiMi? Because I do! So much! Now I just can't wait for the May/June bag! *hyperventilating*

Bag of Love is available at RM39.90 per bag.

For more information, please visit the following sites:


  1. By gosh, you gush but they're my sentiments exactly and I are both hardcore Bag of Lovers, we are! Onto the next bag, shall we? The new bi-monthly scheduling makes it seem such a lifetime away

    1. I know you can't blame me for being the obsessive fangirl that I am! I'm not entirely sure how anyone has any complaints about these bags, but to each his own I guess. I am the worst where anticipation is concerned and I'm also itching to get my hands on the next Bag!

  2. nice post cant wait for next! are u by nuffmang now? pls dont get too commercialized :((((

    1. Thank you! I'm writing my next post right now :D

      I've just removed my link to Nuffnang, and don't fret in any event. While I am a fangirl of commercialism, it's more so in the sense of buying everything I see than selling my writing for products! Thank you for the support :D

  3. Thats the beauty of your blog. That it isnt overtly commercialized like some where all the posts are of sponsors =.=

    1. I'm so glad you enjoy it! Why lie when it's more fun to make people feel bad about their terrible products?!

  4. I too would have paid RM 40 for the book bag. Mimi has surely got the 'bag-science' right. I've loved every one of her bags right from the pink and black striped debut bag. As for the contents, am going to sit on the fence about this one. I think I have become far too jaded about beauty boxes having run the gamult on what we have on offer here. This is no doubt influenced by my Ipsy's which I cant rave enough of. Will keep a tab on their upcoming one though, as SG say's 2 months does feel like forever.

    1. I'm very jealous of your Ipsy possessions. I feel like the boxes in the UK are infinitely better than the States, but the price is also higher. I enjoyed receiving those while I was there! I'm quite exhausted by the Beauty Box scene as well. I'm glad they've aided me in scaling down by shutting themselves down. The only subscription that really gets my blood rushing in anticipation is Bag of Love now, and mostly because the bags are irresistable!

  5. wow... nice items in the bag :D

    1. Yeah! Bag of Love never disappoints!