I recently started Project Hoarder, and I'm back with an update, with a twist. I've decided to turn these into a combination of updates and an empties post from here on out so that I can give you guys mini reviews of products I've used up but wouldn't necessarily dedicate a whole post to. If you would like a more detailed review on any of the products mentioned, just let me know!

So, from my initial post, I've finished off one product:

[Caudalie's Hand and Nail Cream]

Yes, I used this up and while it didn't make my dry hands any worse, it certainly didn't do a remarkable job of helping them either. It's not something I would ever contemplate repurchasing. While it states that it's a hand and nail cream, I didn't notice any effect at all on my nails. In fact, one of my nails chipped off while I was using it, so I can only assume that it didn't strengthen them at all. 

And I refuse to continue using another:

[L'Occitane's Shea Butter Lip Balm]

In my introduction to Project Hoarder, I stated that this lip balm was decent, but nothing special. I was wrong. It is quite a useless lip balm. I guess I never noticed it because this was the first lip balm I ever used religiously, which means that I had the something-is-better-than-nothing effect going on. After acquiring and finding excellent lip balms, and using them reasonably religiously, when I started using this instead, my lips instantly became more chapped and dry than they had been in months. I own RM8 lip balms which are infinitely better at this. Shockingly, I've actually read some pretty good reviews on these, so I can only assume those people don't actually have problems with their lips. It might work reasonably as an under lipstick lip balm because it gives a very minimal amount of moisture and it's a rather dry texture, but I'm steering clear for now. 

Since I'm rather excited about actually finishing a product, and recognising why another has fallen to they wayside, I'm going to get a little more ambitious and throw a few more products in with the remaining 4 from my last post. For the record, I AM using those and I'm making very decent progress with them. I'm very much committed to this programme! 

[Nuxe's Reve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream]

I think it's only reasonable to pop this into the mix as Caudalie's successor. Interestingly, after starting to use hand cream on a more regular basis, I'm realising how dry my hands are on days when I don't do so. It's very strange how you can get used to something so quickly!

[Nivea's Essential Care Lip Balm]

While this isn't a bad lip balm, it's definitely not a miracle worker and I just want to get it out of the way. Add to the fact that it's somewhat melted because this weather is not conducive to anything maintaining its integrity, and it's become so horrifying that I can't take it out of the house for fear of my bag being coated in lip balm.

[Nuxe's Refreshing Moisturizing Mist]

This is my least favourite face mist, and I've made a decent dent in it. I just want to use it up at this point. When they say moisturising, they mean it. I think it would be far better suited to someone with a drier skin type than mine. I know it sounds weird that a face mist can feel "heavy", but I've been trying out a few and some of them truly feel heavier in terms of texture and moisturisation than the rest. I'm also learning that the cheaper stuff is infinitely better than the pricier ones. 

Next up are a set of products I adore to bits, and have become Holy Grail. But Antipodes has a 6 month use by date from opening, and the end of April is my deadline. So I'm dedicating myself whole-heartedly to not wasting even a smidgeon of either of these! Truly, the only issue I have with both of these is that they expire so soon. 

[Antipodes' Aura Manuka Honey Mask]

I'm going to say it: BEST MASK EVER! There simply isn't anything to compare. I'll be doing a full review on this, so I shan't delve too much into it. I'm more than halfway through the tube at this point, so it's very likely I'll be able to use it up before it expires. 

[Antipodes' Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream]

While this has to be my favourite eye cream ever, I got a bit restless and started using something else in the evenings, but now I'm back to using this twice a day. I'm more than halfway through this enormous tub as well, and I'm determined to use it all up! I'll be reviewing this in-depth too, so check back!

[Safi's Minyak Gamat]

I've had this bottle lying near my sink for almost 4 years now, and since I've recently discovered that I'm less lazy when it comes to using oil than lotion as a body moisturiser, I think it's a good time to use this up. For those of you unfamiliar with Minyak Gamat, I think it's sea cucumber oil and it's extremely good for your skin. 

[Ginvera's Real Spa Green Tea Revitalizing Shower Scrub]

I do enjoy using this product, it's just fallen by the wayside purely because I don't moisturise my body regularly. But the insertion of oils into my routine has allowed me to reintroduce this, and I do think I should be able to use it up rather soon. 

[Lady Gaga's Fame Black Fluid]

This is, in fact, a black fluid. While I'm not a fan of her at all, Fame is a fantastic perfume. Even the bottle is gorgeous! The coolest thing, however, is that the liquid in the perfume bottle is actually black, but goes on colourless. So awesome! I got this free with the perfume when I purchased it 3 years ago, and I do think it's about time to use it up. It smells rather lovely, but as I age I'm starting to prefer the smells of Nivea and the like for my shower and body lotion needs, as opposed to scented products such as this. It's time to use the hoard of fragranced stuff up so that I can get back to basics.

[Thann's Hair Mask]

I do enjoy the use of this mask, but it might be better suited to fine hair. I love the fact that it can be used on the scalp though! I've had it since November, so it's time to use the stuff up. I'm more than halfway through the tube anyway, so it shouldn't be long now. 

And now, on to the empties! 

[Knepp's Almond Blossom Body Oil]

This was the tiny bottle I received in The Lilac Box 6. It's what got me started on using body oils, and I'm rather excited by the novelty of it all. While this was decent, my Minyak Gamat seems to be working far better. I wouldn't buy Knepp's body oil again. I've recently invested in an excellent body oil while I will be cracking into once the Minyak Gamat is finished. It will be featured in an upcoming haul. 

[Bio-essence's Deep Nourishing Toner]

I really enjoyed using this, but I was a little shocked when I ran out of it. The bottle is most of the weight on this so you can't really tell when you're running out by the weight of it. You actually have to shake it to tell. Other than this deceptive quality that it contains, it's a pretty good toner and I would buy it's one of the select few toners from a pharmacy that I would be excited about. It's alcohol free and contains olive oil, so it's really good for you skin. I don't think it was miraculous, but it was a good, non-irritating, gentle toner, and I enjoyed using it. It's on the pricier side of the pharmacy spectrum at RM40+, but I think it is rather comparable to toners on the higher end of the spectrum like Kiehl's, at a fraction of the price. Plus, the packaging is fantastic. It's weighty and it smells nice (not the packaging, but you already knew that). 

[Guardian's Goat's Milk Moisturising Shower Cream]

I loved this beyond words that exist in my vocabulary! As you can see from this collection of of partially used products, I'm rather fickle in my dedication, but this is definitely the first time I've used a 750 ml bottle of anything, and more impressively, I didn't switch it up in between. I can safely say this has to be my favourite shower product ever. It's also SLS, paraben, etc. free which makes it amazing, and it smells deliciously clean and lotion-y. Once this bottle ran out, I started using Dove as a means of comparing the two, and needless to say, Dove has nothing on this, and I suspect it's because it contains SLS and dries my skin out a little because of it. It even smells more like soap than lotion, which wasn't very appealing after I used something as awesome as this. At RM15+ per 750ml bottle, this is a steal! I'll be having a detailed review on this coming up.

[Nivea's In-Shower Intensive Skin Conditioner]

I've also never in my life finished up a bottle of body lotion, and this includes those mini travel sizes. I'm as lazy as they come with such things, and that should speak volumes when I tell you that this is the second bottle of this stuff that I've used up! A detailed review will be up within the next couple of days, so I shall leave it at that for now!

[YSL's Eye Make-up Remover Bi-Phase Sophisticated Make-up]

Not only does this have the longest, most redundant name ever, but it's one of the worst eye make-up removers I've ever used. It's one of those dual oil and water solution thingamajigas, but it's so bad at what it does. Thankfully it's just a tiny size. I wouldn't recommend ever purchasing this.

And that's the end up my update. If you'd like any specific reviews first, do leave a comment and let me know. For those of you who are getting in on the Project Hoarder action, how's your journey going?


  1. I'm keen to get a handle on my own Project Hoarder journey. I'll try and get my act together after this trip. Promise.

    1. I can't wait for the sneak peak into your stash either! Looking forward to it!

  2. Ironically I am on the same mission as you! I have a plan to finish my bath products, heavy moisturisers, chubby sticks and tea bags by Oct! I am in love with Sranrom Bath products, Neal's Yard and L'occitane, so I will sneak a few bottle back. Jia Yong!

    1. We can do this together! Send me updates! How is Neal's Yard btw? I keep seeing them and thinking they're too organic for me.

      Jia Yong!!!!