Back in October, a friend of mine in London sent me an extremely enthusiastic message about the release of an in-shower moisturiser. Much like me, she shares my affinity for the easy way out. In fact, both of us bought our first bottles of micellar water together because it promised to easy the process of all the stuff women tend to do to their skin.

And so, the arrival of an in-shower body moisturiser was the best thing to have happened to my life in a long time! Of course, I immediately sent her a message asking her to pick one up for me because Nivea needs to introduction.

A week later, I saw it in Guardian, and since I'm not known for my patience, I picked one up anyway, along with the corresponding body lotion. I have extremely dry skin on my body so I opted for the blue, as opposed to white tube, which contains full on almond oil to ensure you're sorted in that department. 

Now let me give you some background on my use of moisturiser. Prior to getting Nivea's In-Shower Skin Conditioner, I had 4 bottles of assorted moisturiser lying on my dressing table, dating years back. I don't even doubt they were expired or bordering on being so, and once I got a taste of this stuff, they were promptly ejected from their spot for making me feel bad for not using them up, when in fact, it's entirely down to their inability to aid efficiency and sloth-like behaviour! 

So, I introduce to you, my new Holy Grail:

[Left: From the UK; Right: From Malaysia]

I'm not entirely sure why they are given different names, but using both of them has shown that there's no discernible difference between either in terms of texture, scent or efficacy. For the record, I'm currently on my 3rd bottle of this stuff, and this is truly something that's unheard of where I am concerned. 

Really, what's not to love about doing everything in the shower? Once I'm out of the shower, I enjoy being clothed, not traipsing around lathering myself with more product which I then have to allow to sink in as I stand awkwardly around. I've always had spurts of motivation in the past to start using a body lotion, which would lead me to buy a new bottle of body lotion, and the fact that I had 4 relatively full bottles of the stuff gathering dust on my dressing table tells the story of how long that motivation lasts. 

So, the fact that I've polished off not 1, but 2 bottles of this stuff should speak for itself.


I do appreciate the fact that the ingredients in this are all known to me and don't stray into the grey area of what should be in moisturising products, e.g. SLS which will dry you out even more so that you keep buying the same nonsense because it works superficially. 

[Made in Germany: The best type of Nivea!]

Now, I've left the picture below undoctored for a reason. I'm not a fan of the packaging at all. It has the tendency to get messy, and handling a body lotion because you need to squeeze stuff out of the tube with slippery hands is not conducive to the clumsiness that I am personified by at all. I do wish this came in a pump bottle!

[Messy, Messy!]

Beyond the lack of ergonomics involved, this is an absolutely stellar product. I LOVE that it doesn't have anything but the traditional Nivea scent to it, because that's quite possibly my favourite lotion scent ever! I despise scented body lotions! 

As for the texture, it's thinner than a traditional body lotion, and rather more fluid, so it spreads easily over the skin and absorbs quite nicely. 

I won't lie, this takes a bit of getting used to. It doesn't wash off extremely easily, but it's not a chore either. It took me a while to fully incorporate it into my routine. After the first couple of tries, I got lazy (are you seeing a trend), but then I noticed that my skin felt drier than when I was using it, and I went back to it, and after a week, I got used to it. Now, I can't do without it because I'm beginning to actually feel the difference in my skin. 

The best part about this is that it works so much better (as everything does) after a deep scrub, so your skin is left feeling and smelling absolutely divine! 

As I've mentioned,  I bought the body lotion that corresponds to it, and while I'm not even 1/3 of the way through the bottle because it simply isn't a necessity with the in-shower conditioner, and I only use the stuff occasionally when I remember to, it is a stellar product. If you love good body lotions which actually work, and not because they smell nice, this will do it for you.

The claim on this is that you will notice a good and proper difference within 7 days, and I can attest to that. I did the "scratch test" on myself back in October when I bought this stuff. What's the scratch test, you may ask? It's running your fingernail across your skin, and if a white line appears, it's a sign of dryness. No, this isn't scientific by any means, but it's always worked as a gauge for me. I had white lines all over my legs and arms when I tried it out. I'm happy to report, that regular use of this stuff has completely eradicated them!

This is at present, the only body lotion left on my dressing table, and I am quite a fan of the stuff. So yes, while you don't really need a body lotion, if you are a bit of an obsessive where these things are concerned, pairing these will give you the softest, most lovely skin the next morning! 

[Left: In-Shower Conditioner; Right: Body Lotion]

Nivea's In-Shower Conditioner retails anywhere from RM11.90 to RM16.90 at all leading grocery stores and pharmacies depending on where you go and whether there's a sale on. At that price, you need to try it, because you will be hooked. Let's just hope they come out with a version that has a pump on it! 

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  1. I agree, the packaging for this sucks, but it does what it promises. too bad it leaves that weird after rinse slippery-ness that I associate with silicones. It really does moisturize the skin, and hun, considering you've finished off 2 bottles of this is a testament to that!

    1. I know! I hate products which work superficially, ahem*dove*ahem! And Moroccan Oil too! They just coat everything to put a layer of gloss on it but don't actually deep condition. There aren't any silicones in these though, which is why they actually work I guess. Happiness!

  2. I've been seeing a lot of these both on the web and in my local Guardian shelves and have been sitting on the fence about purchasing it....but am going to do so now... if this can give my skin the pick me up it needs, as just like you Arpita, i suck at applying lotion but my record is a lot worst... i have umpteen bottles lying everywhere dating from the stone ages which I purchased because they all smelled heavenly ( i was hoping I'd come out smelling the same :P ) but never had the patience or energy to slosh all over me as it's just too time consuming, no ?!!! will purchase and try and let you know if i can handle the silicone's after

    1. Hehehe I know the feeling! Does it make you feel guilty seeing them all too?? These don't have silicones, and the layer left after your shower isn't disconcerting because it does sink into your skin without being distracting like a full-on body lotion. Truly lovely stuff! Can't wait to see how you get on with it!

  3. Hmmm...I'm back! Missed the warmth of home after swimming in scarves all week. Really, it was only 15 degrees but that's already too cold for me! I'm a warm weather girl.

    Anyway, this is certainly cheap enough to try. I'm quite happy with the Dove Shampoo set I got in my January Bag of Love. Its a funny thing about drugstore brands like J&J and Dove - they really do seem to be quite universal and work well on my sensitive skin and scraggly hair. One can never go wrong with these old reliables.

    1. Yay!!! Welcome back! I'm a fan of warm weather too, and I would take this infernal heat over sweater weather any day! Do let me know when you're free so that we can catch up!

      Laura mentioned that Guardian's in-house brand is produced in the P&G factory, so they are fabulous products, as I've experienced with their shower cream! Definitely more hauling of their stuff is to be done. Their shampoo, in particular, is on my radar!