So, this is going to be a little bit of madness, but let me remind you that it is a collective set of purchases which I've made since November last year, as well as gifts received.

And if that isn't justification enough, this was sent to me by my cousin and accurately describes my perpetual state:

[Souce: The Internet]

Let me kick things off with a gift from ShopGirl. She is truly one of my favourite bloggers, and since I met her in person, one of my favourite people too! We had dinner earlier this year (she is ever-elusive), and she gave me huge bag of gifts! For those of you who haven't caught her in person, here's a little tip. Try to lure her out of hiding with lamb.

[Gifts from SG inside!]

[So much love!]

[Batiste's Wild Shampoo]

I love how she has started associating me with dry shampoo, and so she got me a can of the stuff when she was in Australia. I've yet to try this particular variety out, so I'm very happy with it!

For those of you who follow her blog (if you don't, your life is incomplete because few people write as engagingly as she does), you'll know she had a blast at the Inglot clearance sale in Times Square last year. I did pop in, but I was trying to be good and stopped myself from buying anything. She was very disappointed in me on this front, and kindly threw in a couple of things which she had picked up for herself into the mix so that I could finally get round to trying Inglot. Needless to say, I was having non-buyer's regret because after using the stuff, I truly felt like I'd missed out on a chance that I wouldn't be given again anytime soon!

[Inglot Goodies]

[Inglot's Eye Shadow in Double Sparkle]

[That was barely a swatch! Look how gorgeous it is!]

[Inglot's Lipstick Pan in 11]


I LOVE red lips and this was not just smooth, but an absolutely gorgeous shade with a killer payoff!

She also got me a few other very lovely products which I've not seen here in KL.

[Be a Bombshell's Eye Shadow in Money Money]

First of all, look at the name! You just know I'm going to love this! And I do have a penchant for green eyeshadow, so beyond the excitement, I was more than surprised that she was able to read me as well as she does! 


This is an olive shade with a touch of gold in it, and it couldn't be more gorgeous! Love love love love love!

And then there was nail polish!

[Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in Strobe Light (200)]

I feel like it was absolutely necessary to take this shot because it lends itself to a rave as the name implies!

[Strobe Light sans a base]

The next product made me feel like I was in Downton Abbey because it looks so delicate and fancy.

[Mashmallow MOR Soapette]

[Look how gorgeous the packaging is!]

The moment you pop open the lid, you can smell the delicately scented bar of soap, and it smells divine. From the word "mashmallow", I was a little concerned that it would be too much of a sweet scent, but it definitely isn't. It's delicate and gorgeous, and quite the luxury shower in the making!

I can't really express how much I love the entire lot of stuff, and SG, so thank you! And I do hope you made it at least this far before your screen froze up!

Now, on to a bit of my own hauling. The inevitable 50 million trips to pharmacies.

[Maybelline's Pure Pact Mineral in B02]

I recently purchased the Maybelline Pure Mineral Concealer on the Enabler's advice, and while it didn't work fantastically for me as an undereye concealer, it is a bloody miraculous eyeshadow primer. At RM20, it was an absolutely steal and I'll be reviewing it in the near future.

And so, when this was on sale in Guardian at RM37+, I couldn't resist!

[Refill Pack + Compact]

[Comes with a Large Mirror]

[Refill Pack]

[Comes with a sponge]

[Pop it in]


The colour seems decent enough, but we shall see. It certainly feels quite nice and I'm hoping it's a decent dupe for MAC's Studio Fix foundation and powder compact thingy which I've used for years. I've yet to try it, but I'll review it when I do. 

[Pixy's Gentle & Moist Cleansing Lotion]

This was a recommendation from Shivani, and if you're looking for a very reasonable and very effective makeup remover, she was right on the money! I've seen it numerous times, but would never have picked it up if she hadn't suggested it. A product which is definitely not raved about nearly enough!

Then came SaSa!

I'm sure that by this point, everyone knows I love The Balm in an uncontrollable manner. I've been eyeing their Instain blushes for a while, and I finally caved when they went on sale. 

[The Balm's Instain Blush in Houndstooth ]

[Slotted into a matching sleeve!]

I mean, honestly. How can you resist the packaging on this?! Or any of their packaging! While it's all made of cardboard, it's extremely sturdy and makes me very happy!

[Can't have too many mirrors!]

Honestly, how pretty is that?! I know you want it too! It comes in a few different shades and I think I need them all because they're powder brushes which stain! SO GORGEOUS!

Then there was a prize from Laura Mercier! 

I entered an online competition, and won a creme eyeliner from their Spring collection!

[Gift Bag]

[Laura Mercier's Creme Eye Liner in Graphite]

I don't own an eyeliner in this shade, so it's really quite exciting! 

In January, OnlyBeauty was running around town with the warehouse sales and while I couldn't make it, Claudine and Edazz had helped me pick stuff up.

[Claudine's Haul for me]

The Color Tattoos were only RM10 per piece, and the Color Infallibles were only RM18 each! They don't even sell them in stores here, but they are absolutely fabulous products!

[L'Oreal's Infallibles]

For those of you unfamiliar with these, they're basically pressed pigments. And since L'Oreal and Giorgio Armani cosmetics are owned by the same company, I've heard various mentions of Armani's range of these products are not only spectacularly similarly packaged, but are equivalent in quality. So don't waste your money on Armani!

[L'Oreal's Infallible Shadow in Naughty Strawberry]

[L'Oreal's Infallible Shadow in Sassy Marshmallow]

[L'Oreal's Infallible Shadow in Tender Caramel]

Seriously, how gorgeous are they?! I want them alllllll muahahahahahahahhahahaa

[Maybelline's Color Tattoos]

Unfortunately they didn't have any of the shades which aren't available in Malaysia, but these were RM9.90 cheaper than you would get them in store, so definitely worth it.

[Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Fierce & Tangy]

I know this colour looks unwearable, but I think it would be an amazing base for brown eyeshadow, or even Tender Caramel above!

[Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Painted Purple]

This is a little bit on the not-so-smooth side like the gold shade in the collection, but it's workable and will do for a brighter look!

The next product is something I've been eyeing for a while now, so I thought I would finally cave.

[Fudge's Dry Shampoo]

Nivea has recently come out with a new range of lip balms, and the reviews have been pout-standing (I'm sorry, I had to!).

[Nivea's New Range of Pure & Natural Lip Balms]

Honestly, Nivea are killing it right now! Their new stuff is magnificent on all fronts!

[Nivea's Pure & Natural Camomile & Calendula]

[Nivea's Pure & Natural Olive & Lemon]

I've never been a fan of Nivea's lip balms, but these are outstandingly awesome! When I purchased these from Mercato, I hadn't seen them in pharmacies as yet, but I picked them up for around RM10 each, and they're well worth it! They smell and feel absolutely lovely, and will soothe chapped lips remarkably well! I recently saw then in Guardian, however, for RM8+, so they're much more freely available now. Definitely pick one or both up when you come across them!

Recently, because Indians are devoid of gift-receiving holidays, the Enabler and myself have starting giving each other gifts on various occasions like New Year's and Valentine's Day. This was part of my New Year's gift and I couldn't be happier!

[Caudalie's Divine Candle]

Everyone knows by this point that Caudalie's Divine Oil is one of my favourite scents in the world! This is the most amazing candle ever! The scent payoff and longevity is insane, and it just leaves you feeling like Caudalie is giving you warm, fuzzy hug. So much love!

And then there was the inevitable Luxola order. I'm a little sad about this because 2 days after placing my order, Luxola had a 30% sale. Sad times in my life.

[the lip scrub by Sara Happ]

This retails for around RM80+, and while the quantity is extremely generous, and the scent is very calming and lovely, I don't really love this product. I much prefer fresh's Sugar Lip Scrub and once this pot is out, that's what I will be going back to. 

As I mentioned earlier (yes my post is disorganised), Edazz got some stuff from the OnlyBeauty sale for me as well.

[Maybelline's Color Tattoos]

[Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Edgy Emerald]

[Maybelline's Color Tattoo in Tenacious Teal]

I'm pretty sure I have the entire collection of Color Tattoos by this point, so I'll be doing a full review on them soon. 

And then, Chanel did it again! They released their second SS collection (no, not the Nazi kind), and I almost died trying to resist it for all of 12 hours. 

I did, however, stop myself from buying nail polish, and settled for the 1 lipstick I just couldn't walk away from.

[Chanel's Rouge Allure in Fleurie (139)]

[Oh the packaging *drool*!]

[Click to Release]

[How could I possibly say no to this?]

While I love the colour on this and the formula in all Chanel's products, I'm feeling a little conflicted. For those of you who aren't aware, Bourjois owns Chanel, and by all accounts, their products and even shade range are pretty much identical. It's just a shame we can't get Bourjois here, but I do think I'll start putting my money into Bourjois where lipsticks and nail polishes are concerned whenever anyone comes down from London, instead of splurging on Chanel. The price points are rather drastic, and you truly are only paying for packaging where the difference is concerned.

The next product is truly a bit of a switch-up for me.

[Kiehl's Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant Cream]

While there is no question that no one in the world needs a RM45 deodorant, I've never tried a high-ish end deodorant, or cream deodorant, so I figure it's worth a shot? I don't know really. We shall see once my current deodorant is finished and I switch over to this. 

Last month, I went to Sri Lanka, and while I was at the airport, I couldn't help wandering into The Body Shop. They were having a sale of RM30 for 3 of their mini body washes, and I simply had to because I've been wanting these, but not the full sizes. 

[Yay for Packaging!]

[Tiny Bottles]

[Amazonian Wild Lily]


For the record, this was their old packaging. It now comes sans black lid, and it's called Japanese Cherry Blossom (presumably because calling a Japanese product by a Japanese name is far too confusing).


I didn't think I'd like this as much as I do. I'm using it currently and it smells so good! It's not too sweetly scented, and all the rave reviews are clearly spot on!

And while I was in Sri Lanka, I couldn't resist some of their local skin care. 

[Seri Haul]

[Seri's Red Sandalwood Moisturising Liquid Face Wash]

I adore sandalwood, so this looks amazing! I'm so excited!

It's also quite awesome that there's no nasties in here, so it seems very promising. 

[Seri's Green Tea & Mint Range]

Their ingredients are short and sweet, and seem a little incomplete, but I'm very curious about these. Price wise, they were a steal. I got all 3 of these for around RM25, and I've got my fingers crossed that they're awesome.

And then I discovered that they have Jordana's cosmetics in Sri Lanka! I don't even understand what madness this is because these products have been raved about insanely, but are unavailable outside the States and Sri Lanka apparently! 

[Jordana Eye Liners]

[Jordana's Fabuliner]

There were 2 versions of this, and I got the thinner liner because that's just what I tend to use. It's a felt tip liner, and it makes me very happy indeed!

[Jordana's 12 HR Made to Last Liquid Eyeliner Pencil]

While this doesn't last 12 hours by any stretch of the imagination, it still is a really good waterliner! 

[Top: Liquid Eyeliner Pencil; Bottom 3: Fabuliner]

While I was in the airport on my way home, I came across L'Oreal's Micellar Water in duty free! WHY DO WE NOT HAVE PRODUCTS THAT A WARTORN COUNTRY HAS?! *ahem*

[L'Oreal's Micellar Water]

This was around US$9, which is around RM30. You can't even get L'Oreal lippies for that price. I need to move! If you come across this at any point, get hold of it. It's really quite a good product.

Of course, I couldn't go to Sri Lanka without buy tea! I love Dilmah, and I finally got the chance to visit their t-Bar in Sri Lanka and it was amazing! Unfortunately, it was just me so I will do a full review of it when I have more pictures of their offerings to put up. In the mean time, however, this is my tea haul!

[Dilmah Mania]

[Earl Grey]

I'm not sure why they've switched up their Earl Grey packaging, but it seems more masculine to me. Maybe they're trying to switch up their consumer demographic. In any event, Dilmah does an excellent Earl Grey blend!

[Dilmah's Nilagama Estate Watte Tea]

This is one of their single origin teas and it's so good! LOVE!

[Dilmah's Real White Tea - Ceylon Silver Tips]

Silver Tips are truly the creme de la creme of tea, and Ceylon's offering is extremely comparable to the Chinese variety! 

[I love that they tell you how to brew tea!]

[Dilmah's Uda Watte]

This is a bit of a lighter black tea, and it's meant to be drunk sans milk. It has an absolutely amazing flavour to it!

[The Different Wattes]

[Dilmah's Rose with French Vanilla]

This was the tea of the month since it was the month of Valentine's Day. I had this over ice in-store, and it was delicious! The vanilla wasn't obscenely overpowering, so it was quite a romantic tea. Perfect!

And finally, the tea kit which has become my happy place of late:

[Gorgeous Box]

[Velvet Lined]

[9 Mini Tea Caddies]

[Nuwara Eliya Pekoe; The Original Earl Grey; Rose with French Vanilla]

[Ceylon Silver Tips White Tea; Ceylon Young Hysson Green Tea; Pure Chamomile Flowers]

[Italian Almond Tea; Keemun Special Leaf Tea; Moroccan Mint Green Tea]

[Information Booklet]

This kit was definitely not on the cheap side as far as tea in Sri Lanka goes, but it's well worth it. They're all premium teas and would cost you an absurd amount of money anywhere outside of Sri Lanka. If you're not aware by this point, I LOVE tea, and if any of you would like a review of all the teas here, and the specifics of why teas are so distinct, please let me know and I'd be happy to do a post on it.

It's seeming like lots of sales have been on lately, and I'm not someone who can pass them up (clearly!). And so, when theSkintopic announced their 50% off sale on Linden Leaves' body oil, I had to do it! Other than the fact that I've recently become quite a fan of body oils, I've been eyeing this up purely because of how pretty it is. And when Shasha told me that it truly is worth it, it was just the nudge I needed to part with my sensibilities. 

[Linden Leaves' Body Oil Enriched with Rosehip & Avocado Oils]


These come in a variety of different flower-combinations to aid with different skin issues, and really, look at this. How could I possibly walk away from it?

[I definitely need this!]

Now, my only fear is that I will love this so much that I will need another when it's over and done with. 

Since the Enabler spent most of February in Bangkok without me, she placated me with gifts as she was my not-so-secret Cupid! 

[Bags from such places...]

[Valentines' Loving]

[Mousepad/Organizer from Sundays]

I'm a bit of a stationery junkie, and this is quite an awesome gift! I mean really, how cool is this?! I know you want it too!

[Caudalie's Gentle Conditioning Shampoo]

This is an item I had been eyeing since the BA at Ken's showed it to me! As with all Caudalie products, this is extremely decently priced at RM60 for a conditioning shampoo (i.e. 1 step! You don't need a conditioner!), and I can't wait to try it! 

[Urban Decay's All-Nighter Makeup Setting Spray]

I've heard rave reviews about this, and the only makeup setting spray I've used prior to this was MAC's Fix+, and 3/4 of the bottle is still there after 6 years, which should give you an idea of how effective I found it to be. This is far better, and UD does different versions of it for differing skin types!

[Necklace from Diva]

How pretty is this? I'm shameless enough to have put it on the minute she gave it to me too! 

[Soap & Glory's Off Your Face Cleansing Wipes]

I've yet to pop this open, but there are rave reviews of it so I'm excited! 

Next up was a bit of a return gift!

[Mini Ciates]

For her birthday in January, I gave her the Mini Mani Month for Ciate, and she had similar shades to some of them in her collection, so these were given to me! I love them all! My nails had 2 coats of each on. I particularly love the green and lavender shades!

Recently, Revlon's lacquer balms came out on the Malaysian market, and I was horribly excited!

[Revlon's Colorburst Lacquer Balms in Flirtatious (125) & Provocateur (135)]

These are gorgeous, but most of the shades have got full on huge glitter particles in them, which are decidedly horrifying. I picked the two least blingy shades, but I must admit these are a little disappointing when placed next to their counterparts - Just Bitten Kissables & Matte Balms.

I'll be doing a full review of the lot of them soon, so stay tuned for that!

And finally, MAC!

Their Fantasy of Flowers collection is out, and most of the stuff is limited edition. But there's only 1 thing which implored me to take it home with me: Dreaming Dahlia!

[MAC's Lustre in Dreaming Dahlia]

While there was a purple shade that was gorgeous, I don't actually own an orange lipstick. Even though the colour may look a little daunting when you first see it, it's a Lustre, which means that it goes on a little sheer, and is somewhat buildable. It's actually a shade you could wear on a daily basis, and I fully intend to! 

[MAC's Dreaming Dahlia]

How gorgeous is this shade? Seriously! It's limited edition, though I'm reasonably certain it came out a few years ago in another collection. I think you need it too.

As a little addition, here are some of the products mentioned here in action:

I used the 2 shadows SG got me. Double Sparkle as an all over base, and Money Money in the crease. I dabbed a light dusting of a dull gold shadow over it and I'm in love!

[Blush: Instain by The Balm; Lipstick: Chanel's Fleurise]

For the picture above, I used an extremely light hand, and duo fibre brush to ensure that the blush went on as lightly as possible, and there was no lipliner under the lippy.

On a different day, I used NYX's Bloom liner under the Chanel lipstick, and it came out rather more bold.

[NYX's Bloom Lipliner & Chanel's Fleurise]

[Chanel's Fleurise with NYX's Bloom Liner under it]

How do you guys feel about this? Would you guys like more pictures of the products in use in future posts? Yes, I am quite the camwhore, but it defeats the purpose if they're not useful, don't you think?


  1. Oh man. How do you ever finish using all the products you bought! I can never finish anything lol

    1. This is why I never finish anything either! I'm well aware that help is necessary at this point. Maybe I should have had a sister. I should take this up with my parents!

  2. People are going to start thinking I bribed you for an advertising spot on your blog lol!

    Yes, and my old dog of a laptop froze midway with this mega haul. I've missed talking 'shop' with you, girl! Let's meet soon...over lamb?

    This is a bl**dy amazing haul/ acquisition of global proportions which makes me think that you and I should grab ourselves a market stall one day and set up a shop so we can offload and haul more, what do you say?

    Shopaholic by name and by nature. You're the queen of SHIME, girl!

    P.S. When in lack of sisters consider daughters. And when that doesn't look feasible do what I do and start handing out beauty treats at random places like hawker centres and to hotel staff. I always zero in on some lovely gal deserving of beauty treats and give her a mini selection of goodies - no one can say no to gifts well-wrapped and in mint condition. Makes me feel just like Santa. I need to do this more often.

    1. If any one thinks that, they don't understand that we have a relationship that stems from the soul!

      Laura is dying to meet you too, and she is fantastic company, so we should definitely all get together over lamb. Your pick of places this time!

      I think a stall is a perfect idea. Plaza Mont Kiara has a market on Thursdays, and it is rather devoid of any of the stuff we hoard! Shime-ing may just pay off on this front!

      I will have to take your word for this and start giving out goodie bags to my obscenely large extended family!

  3. Half the stuff is from you okay!

  4. can i just take a moment to say that your hauls are SUPERDUPERMAGNIFICENT?
    seriously, no one does hauls like you hun, and only you have the power to freeze my computer =D
    I hope you love the Linden Oils as much as I do, and I really am looking forward to the next haul post. :)
    PS: If you ever open up that stall, do inform me, and I'll be your first customer!

    1. It's a problem! Hence the whole "Shopaholics Anonymous" movement!
      And yes, I ADORE the Linden Oil! It might have to become a staple, though I think I'll try out a full-sized bottle of the Kneipp oil first.
      As to the stall, my blog sale is still up ( ) so feel free to browse my first attempt at a stall!

  5. WHOA! thats huge :)
    I too picked up thebalm's houndstooth blush! its amazing!

    1. It is! I want all their blushes!