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On Tuesday evening, Dove launched their latest campaign for a well-rounded lifestyle. Naturally, this was centred around their star product which had been reformulated and included a patented form of technology known as NutriumMoisture which basically means it provides nutrients and moisture. The event was held at The Apartment in The Curve, and it touched on an array of issues which equally contribute to healthy and well-maintained skin such as healthy eating, and fitness. 

Over the last few years, Dove has been fully committed to trying to enrich the lives of people, especially women, and campaigns like their Evolution and Real Beauty which focus on how the media distorts perceptions of beauty and affects the self-esteem of women. 

In a similar vein, this campaign has been launched to promote the idea that you can make small changes in your life to enrich it further, be it switching up to slightly healthier options here and there (perhaps some pasta salad instead of a carbonara), getting a little more exercise (like taking those 4 flights of stairs instead of the elevator up 2 floors), and loving your body (a little pampering never did anyone any harm). I love the fact that this isn't a campaign aimed at getting you to do a 180 degree switch on your lifestyle, but about incorporating those small changes which will eventually lead to a slow, steady, and sustainable lifestyle change. 

[The Set-Up]

[The Butterfly Enclosure]

[Obligatory Camwhoring - I still have no idea how to stand when pictures are being taken so I might have been dancing on the spot]

[With my dates for the night - Claudine & Shasha (Excuse the orange hue, I forgot to switch settings)]

Upon registration, we were each given a card which assigned us to Groups A, B or C. Each of these corresponded to a specific activity associated with the campaign. 

[Love Thy Body!]

Since we were at The Apartment, a lack of food would have been very distressing to me. For those of you who haven't been there, it's worth a visit because they use Jamie Oliver's recipes and it's a great place to grab a bite!

[Finger Food]

[Raspberry Soda Trail]

[Non-Alcoholic, you rumour mongers!]

[With the Lovelies!]

Mind you, the off-kilter pictures above were the result of the photographer trying to take a picture of us taking selfies! I kid you not!

[Illy & Me]

And after lots of mingling and finger food-ing, the event kicked off!

[Time to get schooled!]

[The Three Pillars of S.O.S.]

So, the three pillars of this campaign Dove is focused on are making time to indulge yourself, staying active and eating right. All of these are definitely do-able! 

[Our Wonderful Hostess: Azahya Azmin]

I've never seen Azahya Azmin in action, but she did a lovely job of keeping things very fun and interactive!


The statistics show that 55% if women claim that they are only able to have 1-2 hours a day to themselves, and that equates to quite a rush, and an inability to indulge in the experience of taking care of yourself in an all-rounded manner. To top this off, 75% of women feel like indulging their skin daily works out to be extremely costly (I can vouch for this!), and 88% agree that spas are expensive (yes!). Capitalism is undoubtedly working against us pampering ourselves regularly, which is why Dove's idea of indulging your skin is to work as an affordable and time-saving measure for daily use, i.e. their Body Wash. 

[The Skindulgence Pledge]

We were asked to go through the Skindulgence pledge of looking after ourselves on all those fronts, and then we were sent off on our merry way to our respective designations.

[Let's put this slogan to the test!]

[The Laboratory]

How awesome is this set-up? Seriously!

[The Materials]

[The Mini-Materials]

When volunteers were called upon, our Hostess decided to get in on the action.

[Lab Rat #1]

She mentioned that she suffered from eczema, and so her skin was likely to test on the drier side of things.

We all know that Cleopatra's famed (alleged) beauty secret was that she bathed in milk, which is infinitely more palatable that Elizabeth Bathory's maintenance of her youth through the slaughtering of babies, followed by bathing in their blood. While the latter is not something I'm willing to consider no matter how much I want to be forever young, I would imagine that bathing in milk would leave you reeking of rancid, stale milk solids after awhile. And in that Egyptian heat? The horror! 

And so, our evolution of the pursuit of beautiful skin has brought us to Dove, which has decided to demonstrate that they are, in any event, much more effective than milk. 

They tested the use of milk on her left arm first.

[Wash Your Skin]

[Measure Your Moisture Level: 40%]

[Rub in some milk, a la Cleopatra]

[Rinse it off...]


I think we were all a little surprised by the fact that her moisture level actually decreased from 40% - 39.8% with the use of milk! 

I didn't get a picture, but if I recall correctly, her moisture level on her right arm prior to using Dove was around 32%.

[Add some Dove and rub it in...]

[Rinse it off...]


While I can't remember the exact numbers, the moisture level had almost doubled with the use of Dove. Seems rather impressive, no?

I was a little surprised by the fact that there was an aesthetic difference as well in her skin.

[Right Arm: Dove; Left Arm: Milk]

The arm which employed the use of Dove appeared fairer and more radiant. I would think a moisture boost would do that to you.

I did measure my own moisture content, and it was 36.2%. I've been using Dove on a twice-daily basis for almost a month now and I do suffer from dry skin, but was assured that that was within the normal range. 

Of course, the demonstration urged more people to come forward to try it out for themselves. 

[Lab Rat #2]

Naturally, I was extremely curious about what was going on where they were learning to Eat Right.

[Kitchen Experiments]



[The Lair]

[Men: Beware!]

Just walking over to the area, we were hit with the lovely aroma of something delicious. I kid you not, it smelled wonderful! 

[Shhh! Cooking in progress!]

[Add it all in!]

[Mix it up!]

[All Done!]

Since the goal was to be healthy, the meals they learned to prepare definitely fit the bill. Soba Noodles and a Salad.

[Soba Noodles]


I'm not entirely sure, but I believe the noodles are meant to be eaten cold because I absolutely adore cold soba noodles! There's a recipe by Nigella that's absolutely spectacular! 

It's no wonder everyone there looked so happy!


[Mamasan at Work!]

[All Done!]

[Mamasan's Handiwork]

[Claudine & Mieza]

[Mieza's Handiwork]

I spent so much time caught up in the aromas of the kitchen (the kitchen truly is always the happiest place in a house if it is frequently used), that I missed out on the fitness activities.

Here's a picture of the area nevertheless, but Alyssa informed me that they did some stretches. 

[The Fitness Arena]

It's important to take note that stretching in itself is important, but excessive stretching before jogging, running or other forms of cardio can actually be counter-productive and lead to injury. So, if you're going for a run, do some dynamic stretching, that is stretch while brisk walking, but don't do so in a static manner. 

[Shasha, Me & Alyssa]

I was very excited when we were told that dinner was served (we all know I'm a glutton!). And the menu was fantastic! 

[Chicken Cacciatore] 

[Lemon Sole]

[Chicken Parmigiana] 

For the record, there was some lamb as well, but my picture didn't do it justice, so I've omitted it. 

[Chocolate & Mint Profiteroles]


[Red Velvet Cake]

And Dove sent us home with some goodies! 

[Dove Goodies]

[Bath Paraphernalia]

[Dove's Beauty Nourishing Body Wash]

While I already have the 1L bottle of their regular body wash (which is what I'm currently using), I've been eyeing their Gentle Exfoliating version for ages, and I was beyond excited that they gave us a bottle of the stuff! 

[Dove's Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash]


That isn't the end though! Dove is running a 21 Day Challenge which kicked off today (1st March, 2014) via Instagram where you post pictures of yourself doing various activities which correspond with the 3 pillars of their School of Skindulgence. These are:

  1. Pamper Yourself (#skindulgence #betterthanmilk)
  2. Eat Right (#skindulgence #eatright)
  3. Stay Active (#skindulgence #stayactive)
The first step is to create your School of Skindulgence profile on Facebook, under the School of Skindulgence tab. Once your account is linked to Instagram, you can pick a start date, and you're all set! 

On to Instagram, you have to upload a minimum of 7 pictures per pillar, so 21 in all in order to qualify for the lovely prizes. The competition runs from 1st of March, 2014 through to 30th of April 2014 so you have 2 months to get on board with this! That's a total of 8 weeks, and 21 days only corresponds to 3 weeks, so you can do it in any manner that you would like, i.e. multiple activities/entries per day, or spread it out over the 21 days. In any event, you do have to post pictures of your activities for the duration of your pledge (i.e. 21 days).

Entries will be judged on creativity, and 3 winners will be selected weekly to win a Dove hamper worth RM100 each. There will also be 10 grand prize winners who will get a 3D/2N island getaway to Krabi!

Since I jumped in the Instagram bandwagon a couple of weeks ago (better late than never), and I need to get all 3 of these facets of my life back of track, it certainly sounds like a fun way to do it! I'll be getting in on the action as well starting tomorrow (2nd of March, 2014), so if you're inclined, follow me on Instagram @arpitabread

Do join in because it sounds like incredible fun, and it's always easier to do these things together! 

For more information on School of Skindulgence, please visit the following site:

For more information on Dove, please visit the following site:

For more information on The Butterfly Project, please visit the following site:


  1. Oh, I hope you win! This is my kind of school. Sad to have missed out but glad to be able to live it through your post. I need to get out more...really I do!

    1. It's really a shame we really ever attend events together! I had a ton of fun with you at the Hamley's pre-launch and Artdeco! MUFE's official opening is this Friday. I do think you should try to wrangle an invite!