This is truly one of those times that my impulsive purchases has led me astray. 

Last year, while Sephora had their ongoing promotion of 20% off on selected brands, I was a bit sad that I had only picked up 2 products, so I added this to my cart on a whim. I should really stop doing these things.

I hate these. So much.

[bliss' Steep Clean Mattifying Toner Pads]

Everything in the title of this post is a lie except "pads". Seriously. If you ever come across this, and you're tempted, just say no! NO!

I've used a similar product to this in the form of First Aid Beauty's Facial Radiance Pads, and trust me, those are infinitely better.

So, what are these exactly? They're meant to be mildly exfoliating toning pads with ridges to help deep cleanse the skin. They also contain salicylic acid to help prevent and heal breakouts. At least, they are supposed to. 


This product claims to deep clean, mattify and help with breakouts. I can attest to the first of these claims.

Even after cleansing my face the night before with my Olay Pro X system, and cleansing it again in the morning, it still picked up some dirt. This is a little disturbing to me because I have a 4 step cleansing process at night which involves makeup wipes, micellar water, and then double cleansing further. My skin hates me so much that it produces dirt and oil just to spire me. DAMN YOU SKIN!

[Where is all this dirt coming from?!]

Now, on to why I hate this product so much. Firstly, there is nothing bliss-full about it. It's the most painful thing in the world to put on your face, aside from full on acid. 

Seriously, the ridges are sharp as all hell. You could probably cut a baby if you use it on their skin. In my bid to be more gentle with my skin, this definitely didn't fit the bill. I quite like my toners to be calming and soothing, but this was the antithesis of all that.

Now, this abuse would be somewhat acceptable if it actually helped to treat or prevent breakouts, but no. I've recently had some issues with hormonal breakouts, and Tarte's Maracuja Oil completely messing my skin up (a full post on that will be out this week) and this did absolutely nothing to help either. Which makes all the abuse pointless. This definitely doesn't fit into the "No pain, no gain" category. You might like this if you are a masochist, but the only form of pain I enjoy is that of eating too much and feeling mildly sick.

On to mattifying. I don't even know what to say about this. It's probably not completely the fault of this product because I have some very awkward issues whereby mattifying products make me 2-3 times oilier than I would normally be. I don't understand why, but I've noticed this trend with everything from cleansers, to toners, to moisturisers, to powders. Seriously, if that doesn't sound like a conspiracy  to make my life miserable on the part of my skin, I don't know what does.

In any event, I used the entire tub of this up because it cost around RM150. That means you're paying around RM3 per pad, and that is completely unjustifiable. It's just a terrible product. Don't buy it. If you really want to get something of this nature, go with First Aid Beauty, or if you're willing to splurge, I've heard that Peter Thomas Roth's are by far the best on the market. I, however, will be sticking to calming, nice feeling toners. 


  1. wow it costs rm150? i really think it's expensive. huhu

    1. Yeah really pricey even with 20% off. It isn't even worth it!

  2. oh gosh, sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with this product babe! Firstly, it hurts, secondly,its pricey,and thirdly, it doesn't calm your skin down but irritates it more. how awful! I'm going to steer clear of this for sure!

    1. Definitely steer clear. What a waste of moolah!

  3. So lovely of you to test on humans before making a recommendation. This post has really saved me from the horrors. So, I love you too :)
    P.S. I keep adding to my virtual shopping carts too because it's hard to stop at just 6 items, right? Still abroad...I'll catch up with you soon!

    1. They put animals that have been tested on to sleep after the testing is complete! Might be because they can't live with the consequences of some of these products!
      6 items? I should send you a snapshot of my Sephora US cart!

      Can't wait for you to get back! Laura is dying to meet you too!

  4. uhmygawd~ i think products that hurt especially on your face is not worth of saying " no pain no gain" , its not good for your skin at all~ and it's so expensive T.T

    1. Yeah! I've definitely come round to the idea that being nice and gentle towards my skin works best. These things are crazy!