A couple of weeks back, I got a surprise gift in the mail from someone very special in my life. This was completely unexpected, and they must have known I was lusting after it! Being a bit of a Bag of Love fangirl, I covet each edition, and so this couldn't have been more welcome! 

As with all of their bags, the bag itself is half the draw. Honestly, how adorable is this? It's completely functional and of superb quality! It doesn't hurt that MiMi's caricature here is so incredibly adorable as well!

[Bag of Love's Special Edition Bag]

I could go on about the bag itself, but the contents were on a whole other level of awesome! 

Now, this bag retailed for RM239.90, and what you get inside it far surpasses the value. Not just in terms of physical value, but in terms of actual usefulness. All too often, the stuff I get in beauty subscriptions lies in a corner (not so much now that Mivva and WonderBox have left the building), so the fact that I was ecstatic about every single item in here was a story of excitement of its own.

[Jaw-dropping Awesomeness!]

Really, look at it in all its glory! 

Of course, I had seen teasers of the bag, but it's never the same as when you actually get your hands on the products. 

And the first thing I had to pop open was the pouch from Melvita.

[Melvita Brightening Travel Kit]

I've recently begun to adore Melvita because I'm been using some of their stuff, and none of it has failed me. There are 2 reviews coming up very soon of their Micellar Water & Rose Extraordinary Water, but if you want the summary, you should definitely get them!

The first product out of the pouch was their Narcissus Extraordinary Water.

[Melvita's Narcissus Extraordinary Water]

As mentioned above, I've been using their Rose Extraordinary Water, so I'm all too happy to try their Narcissus variety which is meant to aid brightening. If you're not sure what Melvita's Extraordinary Water is, it's somewhat like an essence which you would apply prior to a moisturizer. All of them contain hyaluronic acid, which we all know and love, and I can testify to the fact that the effectiveness of these products leave nothing wanting. 

The other 3 products from Melvita are from their Nectar Bright range. It's a range I'm particularly excited about because they have an eye serum (not included here), and it's something that's on my radar! If nothing else, the effectiveness of these will give me an inkling of how that will fare for my skin.

[Melvita's Nectar Bright Brightening Essence]

Their Brightening Essence is a form of serum which is meant to help fade and prevent dark spots and unevenness. 

[Melvita's Nectar Bright Brightening Cream]

This is a moisturiser which amplifies the effects of the essence. It lightens dark spots and helps with unevenness, while preventing further issues as well. 

[Melvita's Nectar Bright Brightening Exfoliation Mask Luminosity Enhancer]

Don't you love multitaskers? The mask contains silica beads which help you to exfoliate the skin after you've left it on for 10 minutes. Love! It's like getting 2 of my favourite things in 1. 

And then there's an awesome bottle of lust from Milbon!

[Milbon's Elujuda Fluent Oil]

If you read (or choose to now read), my review on Milbon (courtesy of Bag of Love), you'll know I've been meaning to get hold of this once my current oil is through, and now I can alternate with this. It's a truly lovely product!

Next up, we have something I've not had any experience with.

[Nioxin's Intensive Treatment Deep Repair Mask]

I've never used anything from Nioxin, but this looks intriguing. I've recently started using an exfoliating shampoo once a week, and this is a very welcome addition to help restore balance once your head it stripped of everything!

Acca Kappa is another line I haven't ventured into, and this little pouch looked very promising!

[Acca Kappa's Bar Soap]

Due primarily to the fact that I've been exposed to horrible bar soaps like Palmolive which dry your skin out no end, I've never been a fan of the stuff. However, I've recently come into contact with a few different bar soaps which actually do a fantastic, if not better, job of keeping your skin nice and soft. I'm definitely keen on trying this out as there are Acca Kappa enthusiasts out there who swear by their stuff.

[Lierac's Eye Contour Wrinkle Repair Cream]

EYE CREAM! My prior experience with Lierac has come in the form of a luminescence serum, which doesn't really sit well with my oily skin. However, Lierac is famed for its impressive product line, and eye cream is an addiction for me. My eye area is the one spot on my face I need extreme age repair products, and this fits in perfectly with that plan!

[Monreo's H20 Gel Mask]

I like that this is formulated for irritated skin because I've been having some issues with some products I've been using, and so the search has begun for the right stuff to soothe the angry inflammation!

Monreo is not a brand I'm familiar with, and therein lies the draw of beauty subscriptions; you get to try brand new stuff that you could very easily fall in love with.

I've already fallen in love with the fact that this comes with a little scoop! Hygiene wins! Always!


Next up, we have an accessory! 

[Levi's Purple Wallet]

I didn't even know Levi's made wallets! What's more amazing is that this is of spectacular quality and it's so, so pretty! JUST LOOK AT IT! 

This is going to make the perfect card holder since I'm a bit of a loyalty card hoarder! And purple is the colour of the year, so we're all set!

Finally, we have a facial voucher.

[Kanebo's Facial Voucher]

I've heard very good things about Kanebo, though I've yet to try their stuff for myself. A facial is by far the best way to test out products from a brand I would think, so this is all too exciting! I'm thinking next weekend might be a good time to pop by!

I can't imagine a more special Special Edition Bag, because this was spectacular from the inside out! It's definitively worth the price tag, and now that Bag of Love has switched up to a once-in-two-months format, these little perks here and there are not to be missed!

Mind you, these special bags are only announced on their FB page, so keep your eyes peeled for future editions. I already want the next bag.

But first, April is around the corner and that means that the March/April edition of Bag of Love is almost at my doorstep!!!

For more information on Bag of Love, please visit the following sites:
Website: http://bag-of-love.com/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/BagofLove?ref=ts&fref=ts


  1. ooo i love the h20 gel. mask... and the rose water is amazing only set back. is the spray seem spraying too much at a time n it hit hard on my face! i like avene spring water spray which the pressure is less ot hit my face gently...

    1. I've yet to try the mask because I'm on a mission to finish off the mask that expires next month, but it looks like it's very cooling and perfect for this weather!

      Ahh I think you mean the toner. Their extraordinary water is not the same as the toner. It's an additional step to help hydrate the skin with hyaluronic acid. It's really quite fantastic because it does a better job than I would have though. I love Avene too! It's one of the best face mists around!

  2. You got a Levi's wallet that corresponds to the Radiant Orchid Pantone Colour of the Year!
    I know - the contents of this Special Edition is gob-smackingly good!

    1. Is it sad that we know such things?

      I'm all too happy with every single item in here!

  3. It's totally worthy to to subscribe!!

    1. It really is! I can't wait for the next Bag!

  4. Omg this is definitely a bag of happiness la ♡

    1. I know!!! Have you seen the new special edition bags?!

  5. woooo the bag looks awesome babe!!! is it weird that you and shop girl both got sent this bag by someone you love. lol! truly a bag of love =)

    1. It is a truly kickass bag! The fact that both SG and me received this shows that the special people in our lives know us all too well hehehe

    2. Not weird at all, Shasha. Arpita is like my long lost twin. We even have the same sized bottle of Kenzo, used up to the same point ( only mine doesn't hasn't turned to pee like hers has lol) and we pat makeup brushes over dinner. So, really the BOL coincidence is just another twin moment ;)

    3. Exactly! My Kenzo is almost gone now! Tomorrow will be the last day of use!