That's right, we're doing this! While it has been pointed out to me on multiple occasions that the insistence on celebrating Valentine's Day run completely contrary to my "No Bullshit" rule, I can't help but love a holiday that let's you demand presents and attention, especially since I don't celebrate Christmas! Plus, it's one of the biggest capitalistic scams ever, and I can completely support that logic! So, without further ado, here are some gift ideas for the significant other who will be demanding the whole nine yards this Friday! Of course, this doesn't mean we can't get these things for ourselves as girls. You deserve it!

For the Jet Setter:

[Victoria's Secret's Jet Setter Travel Kit]

This kit is absolutely adorable! Throw some Valerian Root in there, and I'll actually sit at home with all this on! This runs under RM150, and is available at Victoria's Secret outlets.

The Girl You Want to Pucker Up to:

[By Terry's Baume De Rose]

This has to be the most expensive lip balm I have ever seen, at RM189, and absolutely worth every penny! It is divine! It smells like the most delicate rose ever, and the scent lingers very lightly so it keeps you calm and happy. By Terry is available in Ken's Apothecary Bangsar Village II, and is worth a look because they carry a lot of very luxe, and very lovely products which the lady in your life will adore!

[Source: Luxola]
[Sarah Happ's Sparkling Peach Gift Set]

If RM189 seems a bit absurd for just a little pot of lip balm, but you want to stick with something of that nature, Luxola carries Sarah Happ products, and they are absolutely divine as well. Over Christmas they had a Red Velvet set of this sort, and that would have been very appropriate for Valentine's, but this is gorgeous and lovely as well. Can I just say it? BEST LIP SCRUB EVER!

For the Skin Care Junkie:

[Chanel's Hydramax+ Active Mask]

Oh this is such a lovely mask! At RM162, it's a decadent luxury she will adore. Why? Because it's very multi-purpose. You can wash it off as you would a regular mask, leave it on overnight, or in a flight, and even use it as a makeup primer for added hydration! Lovely, lovely, lovely! And it smells like Chanel! What more could you want?

If Her Locks Have You Locked:

[Mason Pearson Brushes]

Now, this is something you're only going to get the woman you want to marry and have a daughter with because these have to be the most pricey hair brushes I have ever come across. They range anywhere from RM300-RM800, and are meant to be the best brushes in the world. I'm definitely lusting after them myself, and any lady who appreciates quality and products which can double as heirlooms, would love a gift like this!

For the Romantic:
[Diptyque's Rosa Mundi Candle]

This is Diptyque's limited edition offering for Valentine's Day and is available at Ken's Apothecary. Now, since this runs at around RM260, you're not going to give this to the girl you want to sleep with on Valentine's (that's why Ikea has a rose candle too!), but rather the girl you intend to associate with the gentle, gorgeous scent of fresh roses! 

For the Pampered Princess:

The Body Shop currently have some excellent stuff out in very presentable packages, so these are 2 particular ranges to look into.

[The Body Shop's Japanese Cherry Blossom Collection]

If you don't want to go the route of tradition with roses, their Cherry Blossom collection is absolutely gorgeous as well!

[The Body Shop's Atlas Mountain Rose Collection]

Of course, their Atlas Mountain Rose collection is divine as well! In all honestly, getting the entire set would run you cheaper than a bouquet of roses this Valentine's Day, so you might be better off buying these and wrapping them in a bouquet instead! 

For the Accessory Diva:

This was somewhat of a fluke discovery that I am all too happy about. On a recent outing with fellow bloggers, Edazz brought along a box full of bracelets which she hand made for Claudine, and I couldn't stop myself from buying some off her.

These are perfect because they'd be pretty on their own, or they can be layered with watches, etc. 

[Bracelets by Edazz]

They run at RM30-35 each, and are a thoughtful gift for someone who loves mixing and matching accessories and layering them.

For the Hipster/Caffeine Addict:

I'd like to state for the record that this was a gift from someone, and I tend to mock people who carry things of this sort!

[Starbucks' Tumbler]

While this is not it, Starbucks currently has a special tumbler available for Valentine's Day which is quite pretty. These would work for hot and/or cold drinks, so if your girlfriend is an addict, you might want to invest in one of these. As an added bonus, if you choose to drink the swill that is available at Starbucks, you get RM2 off every drink if you bring your tumbler along. This is apparently how they are saving the environment. Let's not discuss it.

For the Sweet Toothed:

[Ghiradelli's Milk & Caramel Valentine's Day Chocolate Bar]

Candylicious is the only place you need to visit if you're looking for candy because they have the best selection ever. More imporantly, they carry Ghirardelli, and if you've never tried their chocolate, your life is incomplete and not worth living! They even have bear-shaped chocolate bars and whatnot, so definitely worth checking out!

[Ice-Cream Bowl]

Isn't this bowl adorable?! It's from iwannagohome and costs RM29. It comes in purple (above) and a mint green and a set of 3 each would be an absolutely lovely gift for anyone. Or get one of each and a tub of ice-cream and you've got a lovely evening ahead! 

For the Hoarder:

[Make-Up Pouch]

If one gift just won't cut it, drop by iwannagohome and pick one of these pouches up. Spelling issues aside, it's of lovely quality and gorgeous to look at. Pop by a pharmacy and pick up a few bits and bobs of makeup, or put in a few gifts from the selection above and some chocolate. It will be rather thoughtful, and might actually work out cheaper than a single gift. After all, who doesn't like receiving what looks like a Santa-sack of goodies?

And that, boys and girls, is what Valentine's Day is about. Quantifying how much you love the person, and how committed you are by spending obscene amounts of money on them. I do love this day!

So, what are you guys hoping to receive and do for Valentine's Day?


  1. Tsk, tsk! You wicked, girl, you!
    This is just another haul disguised as an altruistic list of Valentine's suggestions, isn't it? I knew it the moment my computer screen froze up from product haul-overload. I'm all too familiar with your ways by now lol
    As for Valentine's gifts, I would just like a day of free reign on my credit card and someone to pay for it. Is that unromantic?

    1. Hahaha you got me! But to be fair most of the stuff here was either gifted to me, or will be gifted to someone else. My not-so-Secret Cupid is the Enabler, and if she reads this, she'll have an indication of what's coming her way.
      I do think that's the most romantic gift! I'd like someone to take me to Ken's Apothecary and/or Sephora and let me run wild and free, which is essentially the same thing. Nothing is more romantic than something you will appreciate, so that fits right in!

    2. I am reading this!! ♡♡

    3. It's okay! You are out of town and it's already Valentine's, because you are breaking our code! >:{

  2. Oh gosh.. Edazz bracelet looks really pretty.... :D

    1. They really are! She has some new designs out and I bought another one yesterday!

  3. Fall in love with the ice cream bowl >_<

    1. So cute right? I ate cereal in mine after taking this picture <3