My brother was in the States last month, and of course I couldn't let him come back without lugging a ton of stuff back for me. I do think I may have successfully traumatised him by this point. 

[Stuff! Yay!]

First off, we all know that Sephora US is the best thing to happen to this planet. Our local counterparts don't hold a candle to them in terms of samples, perks, and overall Sephora-ness, which is such a shame! 

[This is why Sephora US is awesome! Samples galore!]

I adore the fact that their samples are of products you would actually enjoy using, and they are given freely. Ask any Sephora staff here for a sample and they'll make the biggest face at you. 

Next up, we have a deluxe sample which was a 100 point perk.

[Dr Dennis Gross' CC Cream in Light to Medium]

Yes, more CC cream! I couldn't help it!

The colour seems reasonable enough, so fingers crossed on this one.

I've recently discovered Ole Henriksen (Ole is pronounce "Oo-lah") and these make up wipes have gotten particular quantities of raving, and so they were worth a shot! 

[Ole Henriksen's Truth to Go Wipes]

Next up, we have the Enabler's birthday gift. 

[Ciate's Mini Mani Month 2013]

This set is absolutely gorgeous and I had to stop myself from buying one as well!

And I couldn't stop myself because eyeliners were on sale. I've long been a fan of Kat Von D's makeup line, and from everything I've read, these liners are the only things that are better than Stila's Stay All Day Liners. 

[Kat Von D's Triple Threat Tattoo Liners]

[Top - Bottom: Poetica, Saint, Sinner]

Next up, skincare! Granted, I've recently established (while re-organising my hoard) that I truly need to stop buying anything to put on my face, body, skin, eyes, nose, ears, etc. this was 20% off which was as good a reason as any to ignore common sense. 

[First Aid Beauty's 5-in-1 Restore Cream Age-Delay]

I've used First Aid Beauty's stuff before and I've been very pleased with it, so this is definitely worth a shot as a night cream.

Next up was an impulse buy, but something I'm most excited to try out.

[Lorac's Touch-Up To Go in Peach]

This doubles up as a concealer and/or foundation, so it truly is the perfect on-the-go product. It's one of those clicky-pen thingys so that product doesn't get everywhere. Well, unless you're me and you can't stop clicking the damn thing!

I was rather surprised at how large the brush head was because when I bought it, I was under the impression that it was a concealer. It's literally the same size as my index finger.

[Ease of application?]

Granted, this would be far easier to use as a foundation should you choose to, as opposed to a smaller tip, and it would surely be useful for undereye triangular concealing, which is what my hopes are for it.

I was rather surprised by the coverage on this. As you can see below, once it was blended out, it concealed my veins quite effectively, which is the best gauge for whether it would work on the blue undertones of undereye darkness. 

[Exciting Times!]

I'm sure that by this point you've noticed that Hourglass has taken the world by storm and while I've yet to justify the Ambient Lighting Powders to myself because I so love Guerlain's Meteorites, I was more than happy to shell out the $10 for this lovely little number.

[Hourglass' Opaque Rouge in Icon]

I do think this is the most portable liquid lipstick ever!

Look how pretty this is! I've yet to try it out, because I just haven't been all dolled up lately, but this is definitely the lippy that's on my hit list!

And here's another 100 point perk! For those of you unfamiliar with Sephora US, for every $100 you spend, you get a free deluxe sample from an array to choose from. And I have heard rave reviews about Sephora's Formula X polishes, so I simply couldn't miss the opportunity to try it for myself!

[Sephora's Formula X in Perfection]

Can you imagine how depressed I am that these aren't available here, because they are amazing!

[No Polish, 1 Coat, 2 Coats]

Not only does this apply like an effortless dream, but it's opaque in 2 coats! They have a set of 25 available in Sephora US, and at the next opportunity, I'll be picking it up!

After my last US haul, I've been eyeing up Real Techniques' brushes on every front, and since they were on sale for $15, I simply couldn't resist. The set on the left was the Enabler's, so I didn't open it up. 

[Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman]

[Eye Brushes!]

They really are of amazing quality, and if you buy them here, you'll be paying around RM26 per brush which is still extremely decent considering their quality. Love, love, love! They're available at Shills, for those of you who are interested!

The next bit was sheer dumb luck. I have never before checked out E.L.F.'s products for myself, but I'd heard fantastic things about their pro line of brushes, and lo and behold, the day I decide to stumble across their site, they were having 70% off the entire kit, which means that I got 50 million brushes for $35! And after feeling them and playing with them, this was an absolute steal!

[E.L.F. Cosmetics' Haul]

[Complimentary Brush Belt]

While I can't fathom a situation outside my head where I would require a brush belt, I'm thinking this might be good as a brush holder if mounted on the wall. It's of rather spectacular quality, so I'm quite happy with it, though my brother did question why I would order a brush belt. 

[The Brush Hill]

[Kabuki Brush]

[Face Brushes]

[Eye Brushes]

[Brow Tamer]

[Lip Brush]

Okay, we need to discuss this lip brush. It is the coolest design ever!

Sp, you open it up, and where's the brush?

See the little ball on the underside of the non-cover part?

The cover slots over it and has a mechanism which pushes the brush out of the casing.


Isn't that amazing? Best design ever! Honestly, this set is the best! I'm so, so pleased with it. The brushes are very soft and very, very effective and they come in a multitude of styles so you have multiple brushes for anything you could conceivably want to do to your face! They're absolutely worth it, and I believe they retail at $3 per brush, so if you want one or two, it's completely affordable. 

I'm so excited with this stash of new products and reviews will follow in due time! Do request for specific reviews if you're curious! 


  1. i definitely envy your haul! omg if i were your brother, confirm trauma XD

    1. Hahaha I don't think he's going to tell me when he's leaving the country anymore!

  2. You were not kidding about this haul...and thank you for the privilege of stroking your ELFs in person! I had fun!
    And now you got me thinking about that Tarte baby kabuki...

    1. You can stroke my brushes anytime ;)...

      Okay...that was a bit much even for me to digest. But yes! There's nothing quite like the airbuki on the market and if you have even a single mineral foundation at your disposal, you definitely need it! It's quite a bit cheaper in the States though, so you need to keep tabs on this one too. And Tarte's website is often on sale! And check out You can thank/murder me later!

  3. Wow! Your haul posts always makes me feel much better! Seriously, awesome haul babe, very the jelly! =D The elf brush set is looking uh-mazing if i may say, and the Hourglass' Opaque Rouge is gorgeous,omg i love the shade!
    Look forward to your next haul!

    1. I'm so excited with everything here! Post-Christmas shopping is always the best!

  4. awesome haul! i totally agree sephora in other countries really need to improve in their customer service and generosity department! even in malaysia I found staff at sephora not that helpful

    1. Yeah, I don't understand this at all! It shouldn't be that difficult!