I was waiting with baited breath for this box, and it finally arrived on Saturday! Since it's the month of commercial love, TLB got into the spirit of things and strayed from their traditional lilac, over to the pink side of things!

This was also my first opportunity to redeem my points, so I was very excited about that! Perks ahoy!

[The Lilac Box 6]

While getting into the V-Day spirit is lovely, the pink plastic heart was a bit much for me. I miss their traditional chic, understated purple. This looked a bit tacky and perhaps a plain, pink, satin ribbon would have been a classier touch.

[Pretty in Pink]

I've always been rather ecstatic when receiving my dose of purple happiness, but I was a little less enthused when I popped open this box.

[Valentines' Offerings]

First off, there was a product for the boys in our lives.

[Kerastase's Homme Capital Force Shampoo]

This was a little bonus tossed in and doesn't factor into what the box was meant to contain, but still a lovely and very thoughtful touch. Perhaps the guys at TLB are tossing in stuff for the boys because they're feeling left out or hinting that we should send back boxes with gifts for them! 

So, that leaves us girls with...

[Kerastase's Soothing Calming Masque]

I adore this! It's a mask that's meant to soothe your sensitive scalp, and since I've been having hair issues of late, this couldn't have come at a better time! Very, very exciting stuff! It helps that this isn't L'Oreal's Liss Ultime too because seeing that stuff gets me irrationally angry these days. Even when I see it in stores, it blackens my mood horribly!

[Knepp's Almond Blossom Body Oil]

I've never used a post-shower oil before, and the directions on this state that you're meant to massage it into your skin while it's still damp. Definitely intriguing. I used it tonight, so we shall see how my skin fares tomorrow morning! 

The next pairing comes in the form of Algotherm.

[Algotherm's Plumping Original Gel]

[Algotherm's Reviving Source Mask]

While these two products are interesting, I'm not entirely sure why the products I received are not from the range stated in the product descriptions on their site. Would it have anything to do with the fact that I'm bordering on old? According to their page, we're meant to receive products from their CX+ range, and this is decidedly not it. It was meant to be the Foaming Cleansing Clarifying Gel and the Youth Clarifying Fluid, both of which sound infinitely more appealing than either of these. I don't have wrinkles yet, so I'm a little concerned that people are sending me anti-aging products for such a purpose. 

Then, it got worse. 

[Balmain's Eau D'Ivoire]

I can't contain anymore of these little vials because I'm not entirely sure what to do with them. They're tiny and the sprays usually never work right so they get all over my hand. 

Then the box redeemed itself: 

[StriVectin-WH's Photo-White Booster Serum]

I was initially a bit traumatized when I saw that the expiry date was stated as 10/01/2014, but then it was pointed out that the dating system placed the month first, so we're good to go.

I've been eyeing StriVectin for a while now, so a serum is as good a product as any to get kicked off on a brand with. 

I'm feeling a little lukewarm towards this box. While I'm excited with the brands, I do wish there weren't quite so many samples sized products, and more proper sized stuff instead. It's really quite tough to know if something works for you within the span of time it would take you to use up 5ml. 

Here's to hopes that this was a bit of a hiccup, and that the rest of the year only brings better things.

P.S. I've been a little MIA lately because I'm in thesis proposal mode till the end of the week. I'll be back with a vengeance once things tone down after this Thursday! Lots of reviews are in the works!


  1. So how does your skin feel this morning? Hehe ♡♡

    1. I topped it with some ultra rich moisturiser and bye bye dry skin! It feels really good and I'm a happy camper!

      Unfortunately, the bottle's made of glass which means that it's a matter of time before I drop it and it shatters, and then I slip and fall and crack my skull open. So if you don't hear from me in a week, you know what's happened.

  2. Both of us get the difference box :(
    I received the herb bath from Kneipp (I want to try Almond body oil)
    & i got StriVectin night cream
    too light, too small, toooooo disappointed . My box combination is worse :(

    1. Arpita... Glad to know that I'm not the only one disappointed though for me I need to qualify that with 'seriously'.. I dont know where to start... i'm really upset that they sent us a product that's going to expire in the next 7 months.. the 5ml tubes of Algotherm are too small to make a difference and the Kniepp Stress Free Bath also irritates as I dont have a bath.... boo hoo I'm sounding like a spoiled child aint I? :P

    2. @Ika: So frustrating isn't it? If you want to switch StriVectin products, I don't mind the night cream. And they're so tiny anyway that they'll be gone in no time.

      @Sharon: I was tempering my words a little in deference of the fact that I've loved them up to this point. It gets me curious as to what's going on in their HQ that they've fallen so drastically short of expectations, especially with all the hype that went into it. If I had gotten the bath stuff I would have been royally upset because it's like adding salt to the wound of my coveting having a bathtub to lounge around in. You're absolutely not sounding like a spoiled child, because I feel the same. We can throw tantrums together! I'm still awaiting a little Sharon time! <3

  3. Would you believe that I haven't unboxed mine yet! Ooh, all this is a surprise to me. So controversial!

    This is such a record for me - I usually dig in head first but I have been so busy unboxing other things that I have yet to peek into this. By the looks of things at this distance, I'm not dissatisfied with TLB6. To be fair, I need a closer look before giving my verdict.

    I think that as far as beauty boxes go that I'm easily pleased so I have a fairly good feeling about this so far.
    You deserve a gold medal for your epically speedy beauty box reviews. TQ!

    1. You haven't? I do hope what you're busy unboxing is much more exciting! Give us a peek please!

      I've become more discerning with my beauty boxes of late, so maybe the dissatisfaction comes from knowing they can be better.

      I shall await your personal unboxing, as well as (hopefully) the unboxing of your other goodies!

  4. Personally, I am a little dissapointed with Box 6, considering all the hype on their page. Now they're doing it with Box 7, lets see what happens there. =_="
    I really dont like the tiny 5ml Alogotherm products, seriously, 5ml?
    You got the StriVectin Serum, I got the Night Cream instead which I kind of like, but we'll see how it goes.The Almond Oil is a winner for sure,its so moisturizing and smells really good! And another guys product. YUCK. Lucky boyfriend huh?
    I'll review this soon, I have much to say!

    1. It's good to know I'm not the only one who's disappointed. The problem with tiny sample sizes is that they're not just useless in giving you a feel for the product, they just take up so much space!
      A little birdie told me Box 7 promises a big bang! So I'm sure this was a slip up on their part.

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