Yes, I think we can all agree at this point that I truly am a hoarder, and it is rather unforgivable. And due to the nature of my hoarding, things sometimes get neglected and forgotten. In a bid to minimize wastage, I'm kicking off "Project Hoarder", where I will select a few products and use them to completion. Yes, flitting between products is a lot of fun, but it also means a lot of stuff is half used and left in a corner, making me feel mildly guilty.

So, let's start with just a few products so that I don't feel overwhelmed.

[Michael Todd's Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub]

It's not that I don't like this product. In fact, it's one of the best exfoliators I've ever tried. The issue is that I've been using so many different products, that I haven't been able to test this out fully. So, yes, Michael Todd, my dedication is solely to you till this little tube is finished. And then when I'm done with the rest of the exfoliating stash, I will likely get this in its full size.

[Flower by Kenzo]

Look at that tiny little bit that's left! I've never actually finished a perfume before, and I've had this for around a decade now, so it's high time to use it up I would think! I believe the colour has turned into something rather unattractive as well, so it's not even pretty to look at anymore. It looks like the flower is peeing into my perfume bottle :(

[The Body Shop's Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter]

I bought this, used it 3 times, declared how much I liked it, then moved on. Absurd! I've only recently come to understand how to use products of this sort, and the fact that they aren't just makeup removers, but actual cleansers means it is something I should actively be trying out. So, yes, my nights will be filled with Camomile goodness (not the tea, though, please!).

[L'Occitane's Super Rich Lip Balm]

Another product I've had for years! Yes, I know it's disgusting to keep lip balms for that long, but to be fair it was still in its plastic wrapper till late last year when I started using lip balms regularly. It's nice enough, but not the best, and the packaging is starting to look a little iffy, so definitely time to use it up.

[fresh's Sugar Rose]

I think I've used this a grand total of 2 times, 1 of which was a swatch. It's a very nice product, with very subtle pigmentation, and I really should start going through my stash of tinted lip balms. 

[Caudalie's Hand & Nail Cream]

As you can see, I've made a sizeable dent in this already! I only started using hand creams regularly in November in a bid to clear all the tubes lying around, mostly from beauty box subscriptions. This is quite a lovely hand cream, so I'm quite happy with it. 

So, that's my plan for now. I shall keep you guys updated at regular intervals as and when products hit the rubbish bin through completion! 

If you'd like to join in, please do! Solidarity is definitely the way to go in this, as is peer pressure and judgment. This is also a means of trying to avoid buying more stuff because I'm actually using products I've forgotten about, so it sort of feels like shopping, but more productive!


  1. I am trying to use up my collection because I am moving overseas and can't take massive amounts of product with me! Super hard but going to do a 'Shop My Stash' every month. I'll be checking back to see how your project hoarder is going - good luck!

    Also, does the perfume still smell the same as it did when you bought it?

    Kate Xx

    1. Wonderful! I'll keep tabs on your page too, and it'll be like having a buddy to do it with!
      It does smell the same, surprisingly, it just doesn't last as long on the skin as it used to.

  2. i love Project Hoarder, i too have lots of products which I claimed to love but then i left them unattended =_=''

    1. Join me! Join me! Let's do it together!

  3. Love this idea, Arpita! I do like how you've publicly put yourself up for the challenge. I agree, there's nothing quite like a baying public whipping you into submission.

    I am actually generally great with lipsticks because I practically eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I read somewhere that a woman wearing lippie eats about 200g (or was it 2kg?) of lip product annually. Having essentially no natural lip colour means that lipsticks I've incorporated lipsticks into my regular diet.

    Anyhow, back to your project...I do like this idea even if it means that I would have to be more aggressive, regular and even and heavy-handed with my application of everything...Sounds like fun!

    I note that you've narrowed down to a realistic batch. Good idea.
    Tempted to follow suit and by the way, are we blood sisters or what?! I have that exact bottle of Kenzo and am down to the last dregs too although mine hasn't turned yellow lol
    Kenzo Flower is my signature! It's also the one full bottle that I've managed to spritz down to almost nothing.I love it so much!

    1. Public shaming proves very effective for getting things done, and I'm taking advantage of this forum for that purpose!

      I think I'm halfway through a lipstick I've had forever, but I've never used one up. Maybe one will make it into my next batch. Manageability is the only way to go, especially at this stage, so that I don't give up. I am one without much intrinsic motivation with such things, as is quite clear from the fact that I have to do this. Please, please join me! It will be so fun to do it together!

      We are indeed soul sisters! Do you have any doubts at this point? Please, please do this with me! It will be so much fun to keep tabs on each other!

      The Kenzo thing is just plain freaky! This just means you have to get on board with it. It was my signature scent for ages, then I moved on to something or other, then stopped altogether, and started buying fragrances again recently. It's terrible. I definitely need to do the signature thing and get a move on some of them.

      I do look forward to having a partner in crime on this one, so I am awaiting your post!

    2. I'm in! Wait for my post, sister!

  4. Girls and their shoppings, end of the day, bunch of stuffs are unused. The usual scene. Hahaa! Like your comment about flower peeing into the perfume bottle! :D Anyhow, I've replied to your question on my blog post regarding the post-surgery care for LASIK yea ^^ And nice blog post!

    1. Hahaha standard story right?! Thank you for letting me know! Didn't get the notice for some reason!