Sometimes, when you buy things on a whim, you end up regretting the purchase terribly! This is not one of those times and it is only reinforcing my uncontrollable madness! 

Last year, when I was in Bangkok, I visited Asiatique and followed my niece into one of those stores that sells miscellaneous products like diffusers, aromatherapy oils, and whatnot.

I ended up leaving with a number of different scrubs: A kaffir lime scrub, a coffee scrub and a coconut scrub. While all three were exceptional, the coconut scrub in particular stood out. 

It's completely natural, and the smell will knock you senseless with pleasure! This is definitely not what I think of when I think of coconut because I have horrifying memories of Parachute Coconut Oil from India which used to infest the house and stick to everything in the most pungent, nausea-inducing odour ever. This, however, smells sweet, with a touch of lime. Don't get me wrong, you can definitely smell the coconut, but it's more santan than India.

It's a rather thick, creamy substance and I believe they actually use bits of the coconut's husk in there as one of the exfoliants. Needless to say, it's amazing! It will leave you so clean, with the softest skin ever, and you will smell like a lovely, edible tropical substance! More importantly, in my laziness, I always want to forgo slathering body lotion on and this gives me that leeway. I'm a lot better at it now, so although you definitely could get away with not using a body lotion, using one will give you the most incredible feeling skin the next day!

I'll definitely be heading back to Asiatique on my next trip to Bangkok to pick up more of this natural goodness!


  1. Is Asiatique something like The Body Shop in Thailand?
    I have been told Bangkok is amazing for beauty and fashion shopping and this sounds like a nice place to make a beeline for. It's so funny because although we're next door it has been more than a decade since I set foot in Thailand. I want to go now!

    1. It's a little like a cleaner version of a Thai market geared towards foreigners. It's absolutely beautiful, but doesn't really scream Thailand. It's nice to pick up random bits and bobs from. Plus, they have amazing coconut ice-cream there!

      I can't believe you'd held off for so long! Bangkok is one of my favourite places on Earth! You definitely need a trip over. It's a food paradise too, so book your flights! Air Asia's on 20% off at the moment.