What we have here is Chanel's answer to a BB Cream. As those of you who are mildly obsessed with them would know, they refrained from coming out with a BB Cream and popped up with a CC Cream first to roll with their logo of interlocking Cs. Yes, Chanel is quite the diva that way, and for good reason!

And so, instead of releasing a BB Cream to ensure they're not left out, they popped up with Les Beiges. Not only did the line come with your traditional cream product, there's also a sheer coverage powder to go with it. I've read mixed reviews about the powder, so I've managed to hold back every though I really, REALLY want it! 

Now, back to the purpose of this review. Chanel's Les Beiges cream. Those of you who are a fan of the product, but not a fan of the colour will be happy to note that in December or January, they launched a new shade with a pink undertone (No. 20) to suit more varied skin types. I have a yellow/olive undertone to my skin, so that would have been way off for me. 

This also has an SPF of 30, which is perfect because you don't need a sunscreen under it unless you are unduly paranoid. This also means that it won't leave a sticky texture that creams of this sort with higher levels of SPF tend to.

So, what does Les Beiges promise to do? It's meant to even your skin tone, moisturise, protect and soothe. Presumably if this is used with the Les Beiges powder, it's meant to up the ante by providing a "Soft Focus" effect. For those of you familiar with Hourglass, that's precisely what their Ambient Lighting Powders do, and for those familiar with Guerlain Meteorites (not their latest formulation - The Horror!), ditto. These types of products are meant to diminish imperfections, reduce the appearance of pores and even out skin. It really sounds like I need the powder, doesn't it?

In any event, while it was disgustingly tempting to just buy this full on, they gave me a little sample tube of the stuff, and it's probably a good thing I didn't dive right in.

[Chanel's Les Beiges in No. 10]

Day 1:

I was in a bit of a hurry so I forgot to take a pre-application picture. Nevertheless, my skin was not in its best state because it didn't feel the need to behave. It wasn't terrible, but it was very slightly spotty and distressing to me. 

In any event, Les Beiges itself has a rather sheer coverage, bordering on light. It blends very easily and the shade works rather well for me. If you have some serious skin problems, this is not going to be something you're a fan of unless you use it as a primer. It does even out the skin tone, but other than that it provides little coverage. Needless to say, it smells divine, as all Chanel products do.

[Les Beiges]

I concealed under my eyes and set it with MAC's MSF Natural.

[Concealer & Powder]

[2:15 pm]

Around an hour or so after I left the house, I could already feel a bit of shine peaking through. I didn't have time to grab a picture though.

3 and a half hours post-application, my T-Zone was oily and the concealer under my eyes had creased a little. I had to blot my T-Zone.

[5:40 pm]

By 8:30 pm, my T-Zone was oily, especially my nose. Other than this and the slight creasing of my undereye concealer, the rest of my makeup was still quite in tact. 

[8:20 pm]

At 1:05 am, my T-Zone was quite oily and my blush had worn off quite a bit. Considering that this had been on for almost 12 hours, I'd say it wasn't too terrible a result. 

[1:05 am]

Day 2:

There wasn't much change in the situation of my skin at this point.

[No Makeup]

[BB Cream]

I set everything with Sephora's Mattifying powder.

[Powder & Concealer]

Even with the mattifying powder, the finish still remained at satin.

[10:40 am]

By 2:50 pm, other than the tip of my nose (which has a mind of its own), I wasn't really shiny or oily. My makeup was still perfectly in place.

[2:50 pm]

3 or so hours later, my T-Zone was oily, but not terribly so. It was mainly the high points which tend to be worst. Other than that, all was well.

[6:08 pm]

By 12:10 am, my T-Zone was the only bit of me that was oily, but even then it wasn't too bad. My blush was still visible, which could actually be down to the blush as opposed to setting it, though the lessened levels of oiliness may have something to do with it. Surprisingly, my undereye concealer had creased and all but worn off by this point. 

[12:10 am]

Overall, this isn't a product I would consider purchasing, or even finishing the tube of. While it sits very beautifully on the skin, it's not made for anyone who is on the oily side, or has any form of skin irritation. It balances skin tone in a very beautiful manner and if you have decent skin and are slightly on the drier side of things, this would be an excellent product to pick up. Well, it does say it's a "Healthy Glow Cream", so I can't say I wasn't warned. For what it is, it's a lovely product in terms of texture and finish and if it's suited to your skintype, definitely go pick a sample up to try it out. Or, if you have an amazing mattifier, you need this!

As much as a fan girl of Chanel as I am, this is not for me sadly. A review of their CC Cream will be up soon. Let's hope that fares better! 


  1. The slight shine-issues after extended wear aside, I think this looked great on you. I am actually preferring these lighter weight products in our climate and I think this is definitely more of a tinted moisturiser than a full base and I'm liking it so far. Thanks for this post.

    1. Without a doubt, the Western versions of BB Cream function more as tinted moisturisers, with the added benefit of sunscreen than the Asian versions, which is probably why I'm quite a fan. I've never been someone who enjoys the feel of something that has too much coverage because things look cakey on me quite easily, and even with just these BB Creams, it looks very done, so it's all good. I'm too lazy to maintain the full coverage look hehehe.

  2. Not easy for a person who have oily skin too find their soulmate Foundation/bb cream/cc cream. I also have the same problem with you Arpita huhuhu

    1. At least I know there are a few of us here who are in the same boat! It's truly a nightmare! There are always new products claiming they work, but so far I've yet to find a BB Cream which I will stick with because it's lacking in oil control. I guess they're meant to double up as moisturisers too, so not using a moisturiser could help, but I find it weird. Also, for some reason, things that are meant to control oil make me oilier! Hehehe Fingers crossed that one of us finds something!