This month's Bag of Love marked quite a big bang in all directions! Firstly, this is their first anniversary bag! It just makes me a little sad that I only discovered beauty subscriptions in May of last year, which means that I missed out on the first three bags. And yes, this is one subscription you want everything of! 

Then MiMi announced that Bag of Love would be switching up their deliveries to once every 2 months, so we'll be losing 6 bags a year, but I'm positive the remaining 6 will be packed to the brim with awesomeness!

So, what did the aptly named month of love have in store for us?

[Feb 2014 - Anniversary Bag]

First of all, how can you receive Bag of Love without talking about the bag itself? Like January, this was a lovely tote bag of fantastic quality! And this time, we had little MiMis from bags past adorning it. It's truly like a festival of MiMis and it's absolutely adorable! 

[The MiMi Festival]

Don't you love it?! 

While the bag itself is always half the fun of Bag of Love, the contents always round off my month with a flourish, and this was no exception!

[Yes, I definitely got my Bag of Love(s)]

I think I need to make special mention of the fact that all spillables were placed into a separate plastic holder to prevent leakage. This makes me indescribably happy!

When the bag was revealed on FB, a fan pointed out that MiMi had left out one of the caricatures, and to avoid leaving her out, a little badge was made!


I've already pinned this onto my tote and will be lugging my books around in it! 

[Product Description Sheet]

Next up, we have an extremely generous facial voucher. This is for a completely free facial by Dr. Nano and I'm quite excited to try this out because I've heard very good things. The V-Shape phenomenon is very much in vogue at the moment, and I could definitely use a more shapely jawline (among other things), so I'll be making my appointment soon. Would you guys like a post on the facial?

[Dr. Nano Facial Voucher]

nanowhite has been a bit of a regular feature for Bag of Love, and I adore the fact that there's yet to be a repetition of their products because it allows us to try out the full range. 

[nanowhite Infinity's Diligent Night Masque]

I LOVE MASQUES, especially those that you leave in because I feel like they work better, and it's like the lazy person's (i.e. me) masque. This was a full size too, so I'll have many nights of laziness enabled ahead! I'm really excited about trying this out!

Next up, we have Murad! And eye cream! Need I mention once again how much of an eye cream junkie I am? Love! 

[Murad's Renewing Eye Cream]

Then, we have a hair mousse. While I don't use hair styling products (my vanity is trumped by the need for healthy hair), I have a great many people in my life who would enjoy the use of this. 

[Wella Professionals' Extra Volume Styling Mousse]

Spring (in other places at least) is on the horizon, and that means the return of bright, bright nail colours, so I couldn't be happier with the shade of nail polish that was popped into my bag. I have a similar shade from OPI, and I think they would work extremely well together for gradient nails!

[G'Sang's Nail Polish Gel Effect in A26]

[Left: 2 Coats; Right: 3 Coats]

And finally, a kit of lovely samples from Phytomer! 

[Phytomer Kit]

[Phytomer's Hydrasea Ultra-Moisturising Polarised Water Serum]

[Phytomer's Hydra Original Non-Oily Ultra-Moisturising Fluid]

[Phytomer's Hydracontinue Relaxing Moisturising Mask]

I've never tried Phytomer before so I'm really excited to give these a shot since they appear to be moisturising, yet not overly greasy

Overall, I think this was an absolutely fantastic way to kick off a brand new year! I'm a little sad I won't be receiving a bag every month, but I trust that the bags I do receive will more than make up for it! After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder!

Bag of Love is available once every 2 months at the price of RM39.90 (+ RM8 postage if you are in East Malaysia).

For more information, please visit the following sites:


  1. I stop subscribing to beauty box/bag already. Too much to handle lol

    1. Hahaha yeah the products pile up. This year has sort of put me in the frame of mind that only Bag of Love is necessary hehehe

  2. The bag is totally cute :D. But I don't subscribe it because the product inside it. nail color and Styling mousse I don't use at all :(

    1. The bag is always part of the reason! It feels like a collector's item and they're always of such excellent and useable quality! What a shame. You don't like nail polish?

  3. Totally love how quickly off the mark you are with your beauty box reviews but I read them with one eye open and one eye shut so I satisfy my curiosity and save myself some surprise. Bag of Love is a no-brainer - I love it even before I get it. The bag is already in the bag! Such value and I'm so excited about getting next month's book bag after MiMi released the teaser! It's gorgeous, don't you think?

    1. Next month's bag had me rushing to make sure I get one! A BOOK BAG! It's getting more perfect every month! MiMi = Love!