In December, The Butterfly Project announced that they would be holding an event in conjunction with Yadah, and I was only too keen because it's a brand I was relatively unfamiliar with at the time, but one I was drawn to because of the packaging. Entry required us to submit a post of our beauty resolutions, and it was through that that I discovered the nature of Yadah's products as all natural and actually good for you. So, of course, I was all too excited about getting to attend it. The only thing that made it even better was that it was to be held in Little Wonton in TTDI which is a joint I've been dying to try out. Score on both fronts!

Yadah rented out the premises for the event, and provided refreshments for the lot of us. 

Up the stairs you go...

[How adorable is Yadah?!]

To be greeted by these lovely faces!

[The Butterfly Team]

The decor at Little Wonton is absolutely lovely. It's so eclectic and feels very much like a home. The interior, in being as such, was perfect for a brand with an all natural slant.

[Keeping it natural!]

[The Camwhore Station]

The theme was red, so I had my red, hooker heels and some red bracelets on.

[Tammy & Me]

[Yadah & Me]

Of course, prior to the event starting, there was the obligatory photo op session by all and sundry.

Yadah had also set out a display of their products, some of which would be introduced to us over the course of the event.

[Lovely Lip Gloss]

[Lip Tint Balm]

[Shampoo, Body Lotion, Body Wash]

As I have mentioned, at this point I was somewhat unfamiliar with the products the brand carried, except for the shampoo. I had gotten it from Mivva with my points and had been using it for 2 weeks at that point. I was very surprised by how much I liked it. It's more or less the consistency of water, and it smells like apples! It's cleansing without being stripping and it doesn't weigh your hair down. It's perfect as a light shampoo because this weather is absurd and requires us to wash our hair more than people in other countries have to. There will be a full review of this coming up soon.

[BB Cream]

[Nose Pack, Mask Pack, Brightening Ampoule & Collagen Ampoule]

[Cactus Mist]

[Anti-Trouble Bubble Cleanser, Anti-T Toner, Anti-T Emulsion, Anti-Trouble Spot]

[Bubble Deep Cleanser, Vitamin Toner, Vitamin Emulsion]

As we entered, we were given a choice of kaya and banana or chocolate and banana wontons, and I think this left everyone torn between pictures of the products and the wontons, which were oh so good! 


[All the goodies!]


[Yadah Products]

[Goodie Bags]

Once we had ample time to mingle and settle in, the event kicked off!

[Tammy and Elaine]

Elaine is Yadah's Product Manager, and she did an amazing job of giving us a comprehensive introduction to the brand's philosophy and products.

I think the fundamental aspect of Yadah's philosophy is to maintain a natural product as far as possible, and from my experience with the products, they're so gentle yet effective because they don't over burden the skin with harsh chemicals. As such, the brand does not include artificial colouring, preservatives, mineral oils, sulphates or animal extracts. This ensures that it's perfect for those of you who have extremely sensitive skin. 

Another fact which I'm quite a fan of is that their primary ingredient of dependence is Opuntia Ficus extract which is a Korean-cultivated cactus. As we all know, the cactus is reknown for its ability to retain moisture, and in this day and age of absurd weather, dehydration is the issue du jour. I was vaguely aware at this point that they had a cactus mist, but I was under the impression that it was merely a name used as a marketing gimmick. I did spray it on while I was at the event, and I was extremely happy with the fact that it made my skin feel more hydrated and perked it up substantially!

I've added a few pictures of the slides she went through which I found particularly exciting while I was getting progressively more enamoured with the brand. It doesn't hurt that they reinforced my interest with chocolate either! 

Things kicked off with makeup, which was intriguing because while I had seen reviews here and there of Yadah's makeup, I've never actually associated them with the stuff. I've always viewed them as more of a skincare brand. 

[Sweet Milky Tint]

This is called a tint, but it functions in a similar manner to what we're used to calling a "stain" because it's remarkably long lasting and not excessively pigmented, so it's extremely wearable for day use. Of course, it is buildable, but not the extent that it would be a full on lipstick. It comes in 2 shades: Sweet Cherry (01) and Sweet Pinky (02). Both of them are absolutely gorgeous and very versatile because they would suit all skintones. 

These also function as a dual-purpose product in that they would work as a cheek and/or lip tint. I know you're all thinking of Benefit's Benetint and Posietint, but I much prefer these because they aren't as drying on the lips. 

[Dual Purpose]

[Dot Dot Dot...]

[Tinted Lips]

Next up, we have mascara! 

Here, too, there are 2 different types of mascara: Bloom and Highlash. 

I can't personally vouch for this product because I've yet to try it. I don't want to open it up because I have 6 tubes of masacara which are in various states of use at present. However, if the rest of their line is anything to go by, this is something which will catch my fancy when I do get round to using it.

Now, on to their newest launch: Oh My Sun Block!

[Oh My Indeed!]

If you've seen a yellow tube of sun block by Yadah, you are not colour blind. That is their Sun Cream, and it has an SPF of 40. This product only launched in stores at the end of January, and there is a very good reason indeed for this to have cropped up! Their researchers have gone in line with the research which shows that anything above SPF35 is just an overload of unnecessary chemicals which leaves people with a false sense of safety. Elaine showed us the research which shows that SPF30 blocks off 97% of UVB rays, while SPF45 blocks 98%. You can't actually block 100% of the rays because the sun is sneaky like that, so that 1% between 97% and 98% is pretty much redundant. In my head, it seems like the chemicals in sunscreens with high SPF would do more harm in terms of clogging your pores, than good. So it certainly sounds like SPF35 should be the route to take, and I'm very glad that Yadah has improved its product according to present research.

I adore the fact that this was a very interactive session because it allowed us to actually try out the products more effectively.

In that spirit, we were given a single blind test of 3 different sunscreens.

[Which is which?]

[A, B, C]

[C, B, A]

A had the lightest texture, while B was slightly heavier and had a little more of a sunscreen smell, while C was fragranced quite nicely. 

There was a general consensus that A was by far the most adored because it was very thin and sunk in very nicely.

And you know that A was Oh My Sun Block! already, don't you? B was Yadah's Sun Cream, while C was a high end sunscreen which they refused to tell us the name of (good on them!). 

I've been using Oh My Sun Block! since the event and this is the only sunscreen I've actually been happy about putting on my face. Everything else either clogs my pores or makes me shiny, neither of which I want! This has a lot to do with the fact that it's 70% water based, and contains ingredients such as aloe vera, chamomile, persimmon, lavender and vitamin C. Not only are these good for preventing skin irritation and clogged pores, it's been proven that the product actually increases hydration by up to 40%. So much win!

Next up, we have Yadah's Bubble Deep Cleanser! Elaine didn't really overdo the intro the this product because she wanted it to speak for itself. 

I was a little skeptical about this because I've been gradually moving away from foam cleansers because they have the tendency to dry out my skin, thus making everything far, far worse! 

In order to try this out, we were given liquid and kohl eyeliners (2 of the worst things in the world to get off your face!), and told to use the cleanser to get them off.

[Mechanisms of Torture]

[Generous Lining]

[The Saviour]

[Add cleanser to dry skin...]

[Rub it in - Thank you for your demo, Shivani!]

[With rubbing the cleanser in, the kohl liner was clean off...]

[With the use of tissue, the liquid liner left no traces...]

I will admit that I was so very wrong about this cleanser! My skin felt incredibly soft and not at all stripped and tight after I used it to remove the liners. So, I went home and started using the stuff and OH MY GOD! It's an honestly amazing cleanser. For those of us who are incredibly lazy where makeup removal is concerned, this is an absolute must have. It does get most of the makeup out, but I would cleanse twice with it just in case. After all, if you've gotten your makeup off, it's just cleaned up that layer and not deep cleansed your skin per se. Lovely stuff! 

In carrying on with the trend of product testing/demonstration, we come to the Lip Tint Balm!

This was honestly the best possible way to test this out because most of us end up having our lip products wear off because we eat something. In order to prove that it truly does last, Elaine asked for 2 volunteers who would enter into a noodle-eating competition! I did try to volunteer, but I got the answer to the question wrong because I have no discernible short-term memory in my possession. After seeing what went down, however, I'm glad I wasn't picked!

[Application of Lip Tint Balm]

[On your marks...get set...]


[And Jennifer (your right) went indeed! She finished it off within 30 seconds!]

Mind you, this was a bowl of noodles with soup and everything. Even so, with the hurried eating and lack of concern for the wear of their lip products, the tints were still quite visible post-consumption. If that isn't a testament, I don't know what is!

[Gifts of Appreciation]

[Information Sheet for Ampoules]

And since they were treated to lovely noodles, we were too, courtesy of Yadah!

[Spicy Thai Noodles]

Seriously, these were SO good! I've actually gone back a couple of times for them and I'll be reviewing Little Wonton separately. Thank you for the intro Yadah!

Of course, this meant more time for camwhoring!

[Me, Shivani, Edazz, Shasha, Cindy]

[Nala & Me]

[Me & Sabby]


Needless to say, Yadah were more than generous with their gifts to us.

The bag itself is absolutely adorable and of fantastic quality! 

[Bubble Deep Cleanser]

[Oh My Sun Block!]

[Lip Tint Balm]

The Lip Tint Balm is actually very hydrating and non-sticky which makes it quite nice to use. It's unfortunate that it comes in a little tub (as adorable as it is), which makes it difficult to use on the go. 

[Sweet Milky Tint]

[Sweet Milky Tint - Sweet Cherry (01)]

[Highlash Mascara]

[Anti-T Emulsion]

[Anti-T Toner]

[Brightening Ampoule]

[Ang Pow: Vouchers!]

I'm all too happy that I got to attend this because it yielded a discovery of another fantastic brand which I didn't feel the need to try. They have some truly fantastic products, and I adore their entire philosophy of being a brand which cuts everything down to the basics and works with skin's natural needs and intrinsic make-up. If you've yet to explore the brand, I strongly suggest you do. They're available at SaSa, and there is currently a CNY sale ongoing! Plus, these vouchers are downloadable off their FB page, and you can print them and use them in-store!

For more information on Yadah, please visit the following page:

For more information on The Butterfly Project, please visit the following pages:


  1. I love this recap. It feels just like I was right there with you. And the food!
    I always thought Yadah was a brand for kids but this event post made me realise just what a great range of products they have.
    The sweet milky tint looks good!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and another reason for you to venture to my area is because the food in Little Wonton is spectacular!
      I know the packaging is a little off-putting for you, but the products are all natural and would probably sit very well with you because of it. Worth a shot for sure!