Caudalie's Vinosource S.O.S. Thirst Quenching Serum

Any amount of time on this blog will scream what a Caudalie fangirl I am, and I stand by this unabashedly. 

This was the serum I was using between my depression at finishing off my Estee Lauder ANR and contemplating another bottle of the elixir, and The Body Shop's Drops of Youth

This comes in a lovely, luxuriously weighty glass bottle.

It's great that the pump actually dispenses a good amount of product. I'd say 2 pumps would do it for your whole face and neck if you are on the combi/dry end of things. Personally, I stuck with 1 pump in the morning, and 2 at night. 

The formulation on this is lovely because it's extremely light and sinks in as soon as it touches your skin. You'll feel an immediate boost of hydration and plumping. It doesn't hurt that it smells absolutely lovely as well. 

Retailing at RM150, it's decidedly cheaper than ANR, but rather on part with Nutriganics. So, would I buy this again? I did like it, but I doubt I'd pick it up again simply because the former two catch my fancy a lot more. This would be great if you are on the drier scale because it did make me a tad shinier than I would like because it is so hydrating and moisturising. If you have dry skin, you will absolutely adore this because it will soothe your skin almost immediately and plump it up.

All in all, a fantastic serum in its own right, but I can't escape my love for ANR and Nutriganics enough to justify another purchase of the stuff. However, this definitely comes in at a very close 2nd (ANR and Nutriganics are on par). 

Caudalie is available at Kensapothecary and Sephora. 
The Lilac Box 6: The Valentine's Edition

I was waiting with baited breath for this box, and it finally arrived on Saturday! Since it's the month of commercial love, TLB got into the spirit of things and strayed from their traditional lilac, over to the pink side of things!

This was also my first opportunity to redeem my points, so I was very excited about that! Perks ahoy!

[The Lilac Box 6]

While getting into the V-Day spirit is lovely, the pink plastic heart was a bit much for me. I miss their traditional chic, understated purple. This looked a bit tacky and perhaps a plain, pink, satin ribbon would have been a classier touch.

[Pretty in Pink]

I've always been rather ecstatic when receiving my dose of purple happiness, but I was a little less enthused when I popped open this box.

[Valentines' Offerings]

First off, there was a product for the boys in our lives.

[Kerastase's Homme Capital Force Shampoo]

This was a little bonus tossed in and doesn't factor into what the box was meant to contain, but still a lovely and very thoughtful touch. Perhaps the guys at TLB are tossing in stuff for the boys because they're feeling left out or hinting that we should send back boxes with gifts for them! 

So, that leaves us girls with...

[Kerastase's Soothing Calming Masque]

I adore this! It's a mask that's meant to soothe your sensitive scalp, and since I've been having hair issues of late, this couldn't have come at a better time! Very, very exciting stuff! It helps that this isn't L'Oreal's Liss Ultime too because seeing that stuff gets me irrationally angry these days. Even when I see it in stores, it blackens my mood horribly!

[Knepp's Almond Blossom Body Oil]

I've never used a post-shower oil before, and the directions on this state that you're meant to massage it into your skin while it's still damp. Definitely intriguing. I used it tonight, so we shall see how my skin fares tomorrow morning! 

The next pairing comes in the form of Algotherm.

[Algotherm's Plumping Original Gel]

[Algotherm's Reviving Source Mask]

While these two products are interesting, I'm not entirely sure why the products I received are not from the range stated in the product descriptions on their site. Would it have anything to do with the fact that I'm bordering on old? According to their page, we're meant to receive products from their CX+ range, and this is decidedly not it. It was meant to be the Foaming Cleansing Clarifying Gel and the Youth Clarifying Fluid, both of which sound infinitely more appealing than either of these. I don't have wrinkles yet, so I'm a little concerned that people are sending me anti-aging products for such a purpose. 

Then, it got worse. 

[Balmain's Eau D'Ivoire]

I can't contain anymore of these little vials because I'm not entirely sure what to do with them. They're tiny and the sprays usually never work right so they get all over my hand. 

Then the box redeemed itself: 

[StriVectin-WH's Photo-White Booster Serum]

I was initially a bit traumatized when I saw that the expiry date was stated as 10/01/2014, but then it was pointed out that the dating system placed the month first, so we're good to go.

I've been eyeing StriVectin for a while now, so a serum is as good a product as any to get kicked off on a brand with. 

I'm feeling a little lukewarm towards this box. While I'm excited with the brands, I do wish there weren't quite so many samples sized products, and more proper sized stuff instead. It's really quite tough to know if something works for you within the span of time it would take you to use up 5ml. 

Here's to hopes that this was a bit of a hiccup, and that the rest of the year only brings better things.

P.S. I've been a little MIA lately because I'm in thesis proposal mode till the end of the week. I'll be back with a vengeance once things tone down after this Thursday! Lots of reviews are in the works!
The Milbon Experience @ Nekderx

In the middle of jan, Bag of Love ran a contest to win a Milbon hair treatment. I had never heard of the brand, but I've been trying to be nice to my hair lately, and I figured it would be worth a shot. It had been over 3 years since I had entered a hair salon, and I had my fingers crossed that I would win.

And I did! And because Bag of Love is connected to me at a metaphysical level, the salon the treatment was to be held in was just down the road from my house! Score on both fronts!

So, I popped in on a day when my hair was in a horrifying state. I've been trying to wash it less because it's been falling a lot more, and I'd been having a rough patch with a bit of a flaky scalp for a month or so by that point, which was distressing me to no end. 

[Can You See It?]

[Nekderx Salon]

I too was curious as to what Nekderx stands for, and I was informed that they were previously distributors of Redken on behalf of L'Oreal until L'Oreal decided to make its presence known in Malaysia. And so, Nekderx is Redken backwards, with an X to complete it all!

Back to Milbon! 

Have you heard of the brand? I certainly hadn't! 

I wasn't expecting such a warm atmosphere when I made my way into the salon. Everyone was so incredibly nice and helpful, and they were extremely well-versed with the nature of the products they were letting us experience.

A little bit of background is necessary. Milbon is the No. 1 selling hair care brand in Japan, and for good reason. Not only is their range of products created to suit different hair types, it's also created to work well with the DNA of human hair. 

[The Milbon Range]

[The Different Types of Hair Wax]

If you're thinking that these little pots of hair wax are something you've come across before, or just have a familiar feel to them, follow that thought process through, and the answer will be found below!

[Hair Oils]

What's absolutely fascinating about these oils is that they have one for the hair, and one for the roots. Yes, that's absurd and unheard of! I was extremely skeptical about how that would function, but the oil is meant to boost volume at the roots. It's also formulated with over 90% natural ingredients, primarily Argan and Baobao oils. Both of these, as we all know by now, are meant to strengthen and heal the hair over time.

[Shampoo & Conditioner]

[Steps 1 & 3 in the Treatment Process for Differing Hair Types]

[Step 2 - Standardized for All Hair Types]

[Products for Salons]

[For Fine/Thin Hair]

[For Medium/Normal Hair]

[For Thick/Coarse Hair]

If you look at the price list, you'll see that each of these come in different sizes to suit the user. They also have refill packs with screw-on lids which allow you to avoid accumulating 50 million bottles in your home. 

[Time for an Explanation!]

[Hair Treatment]

[Shampoo, Conditioner & Masque]

[Hair Wax]

So, have you figured out what the design of their wax containers look like? Well, they're designed by Anna Sui herself, which is why their so adorably UFO-like. It definitely screams Anna Sui to me!

[Mr. Chris Chan - Education Manager at Nekderx]

If you're having issues with you hair, this is truly the man you want to see. He was an absolute wealth of information and it was beyond a pleasure chatting with him and hearing his unbridled enthusiasm for the industry and the brand.

[Introducing the Team of Miracle Workers]

[Introducing the Products]

What really intrigued me about the brand was that the proteins their infuse into their products are those which are already found in our hair so that it is far more effective than the majority of products found on the market. 

We were also informed of the difference between hair gel and hair wax, and it's primarily the flexibility you get with hair wax. What's also interesting is that it works better as the day goes on because it's made to react with your hair in such a way that it allows movement and adaptation. 

I wish I had taken a before picture of how scraggly and disturbing my hair was that day, but even I felt a bit of shame in doing so. I shan't inflict that on you!

As for the treatment, it was a lot quicker than I thought, and that was quite a departure from the norm where you're required to spend an aeon in a salon to get even the most basic thing done. Between washing my hair twice, applying all 3 steps in the treatment and blow drying my hair, it wouldn't have taken more than 30-40 minutes. Awesome? Absolutely! The majority of that time was spend washing my hair in all its horror as well, so it doesn't count. The treatment itself, in essence, takes between 8-15 minutes, depending on the state of your hair.

How does it work then? You start off by washing your hair, and once it's nice and clean, and the first thing that will hit you is just how good the shampoo smells. Then, you massage step 1 of the treatment in (they would be happy to let you know which of the three hair types you fall into so that you can use the appropriate product), wash it out, follow it with step 2, wash it out, follow it with step 3, and wash it out. You're meant to massage the products into your hair for anywhere between 2 to 5 minutes only. No more than 5 minutes is the general rule of thumb. 

That's it? Yes. There's a reason I say you will be doing it too, because they do sell the treatment for you to use at home if you're so inclined. But isn't it nice to just be a bit of a girl and have someone pamper you a little? 

Once the third step was washed out, I was given some of the best advice of my life. For the last 3 years I've been letting my scalp and head air dry. And recently my hair has grown quite a bit and this weather is not conducive to anything being left alone. I mentioned this, and I was told that this is one of the reasons why I had a flaky and somewhat inflamed scalp. You're not meant to let your scalp air dry because it's trapped under all that hair and it will end up producing a form of mould on the skin on your head which results in an itchy/flaky scalp. Extremely gross, I know! But so, so helpful! I had absolutely no idea of anything of this sort, and I'm so glad someone has seen fit to inform me of it. Yes, I too was horrified by this! This doesn't mean you should heat style your hair to no end. It's fine to let your hair air dry, just not your scalp. So, of course, the moment I got home, I ordered a hair dryer from my credit card catalogue with my points. It's truly helped my itchiness/flaking in the last month, so if you're having an issue of this sort, do invest in a hair dryer.

Of course, my hair was dried, and when I touched it, OH MY GOD. This is why people keep patting babies on the head! Their hair is so, so soft! And so was mine! I'm not even exaggerating because when I met people over the next couple of days, and they brushed up against my hair inadvertently or purposely, they commented on how incredibly soft it was. I couldn't stop touching it either! It's absolutely insane what 15 minutes of the right treatment can do for you! 

I was given a bit of a treat since I hadn't had my hair blow dried in over 3 years. A little bit of the white pot of wax was used on me just as a means of defining my curls, and the result was amazing!

[Hair Wax]


[So Much Love!]

Even with the wax added, I couldn't feel any textural difference and I had no problems running my fingers through my hair. It was still as soft as a newborn's (yes, some newborns have hair, i.e. I did, at least!), and loosening the curls with my fingers did not disturb the definition at all. This is definitely an infinitely more appreciable product than hair spray will ever be in my book.

[We're all a bit colour coded, aren't we?]

And because they're absolutely lovely, they sent us home with a lovely kit of goodies.

[What's in here?]

[Milbon Goodies]

The reason it's taken me a month to get this review up is because I wanted to try these products out for myself at home to see whether they work as well, and I'm happy to report that I am definitely a convert. If it weren't for the umpteen bottles of shampoo, conditioner and masques I currently have in my possession, I would have already purchased everything here in their full sizes! Without a doubt, these are going to be my next hair-related purchases. 

[3-in-1 Miracle Vial]

This may very well be the best invention in the world. This is a condensed, 3-in-1 treatment pack for home use and I feel like I've died and gone to hair heaven! I used it last week, because it's recommended that you have the treatment done once a month for maintenance, and it left my hair so pillowy soft that I was without doubt that my initial reaction was not just a novelty factor. I massaged the product into my hair (ear level, down) for about 3 to 4 minutes before washing it out. LOVE! If you're looking for a new hair treatment, you're really going to want to get this. You can thank me later. 




I've been using this and it's a bit weird, but I keep sniffing my hair because these products just smell so good! And the scent lingers, so it's a little like spritzing perfume into your hair, without doing anything of that sort!

All I can say is that once again Bag of Love has made the wishes I didn't know I had come true with this. I adore this brand new discovery, and a new salon which is more than personable and takes extreme pride in what they do. While I don't visit hair salons often, when I'm in need of a little TLC for my hair, that's definitely where I'm headed. After all, our lovely MiMi frequents it too, and for good reason!

Nekderx is located at:
12A-2, Jalan PJU 8/3A
Damansara Perdana
47820, Petaling Jaya

For more information on Nekderx, please visit the following page:

For more information on Bag of Love, please visit the following pages: