Yes, I was under the impression WonderBox had taken its bow as well, but apparently not! They did mention that December would be their final subscription box, but they would periodically release boxes as and when a box worth releasing pops up. So, did this box live up to that claim? Shockingly, it actually did an amazing job!

[WonderBox - Jan 2014]

Lo and behold the wonders!

[WonderBox - January 2014]

There is, as always, a rather eclectic mix of stuff contained within this box, but this is the first WonderBox in a long, LONG time where I'm actually extremely pleased with the hoard!

Let's start off with the least exciting product:

[Total Image's Apple Stem Cell Salmon & Silk Peptide]

Now, the only reason I'm not excited about this is because I don't consume things of this nature. If anyone would like these, do let me know.

Next up, we have something for the boys. This is something which has become an increasing trend where beauty boxes are concerned. I do think they're all realising that they're missing out on a large cross section of the market, and the best way to get to them is through the women!

[Bio-essence's Nugeno Men Oil Control Cleansing & Shaving Foam, Whitening Deep Cleanse and Skin Cleanse & Renew Gel]

I've definitely become quite the Bio-essence aficionado after the use of some of their products, so I'm quite pleased with this lot and have high hopes that it will keep the party they will be forced upon very happy when he gets used to using grooming products!

Next up, we have something from Dr Nano. This is a brand I've seen vaguely, but never really looked into and it's definitely a product I'm excited to start things off with.

[Dr Nano's 2 in 1 Cleansing Water]

The ingredients in here are really quite lovely so I'm quite keen on giving this a whirl! There's also a voucher for a facial lifting treatment worth RM500+, which I thought was a rather nice addition.

Next up, we have something I'm extremely please about! Hand sanitiser! 

[bloop's Germ Blaster]

This smells absolutely divine and it's shaped similarly to Bath & Body Works' hand sanitisers. The sticker included is also absolutely adorable and something I would happily adorn one of my personal effects with!

Yves Rocher has been making its beauty box rounds for a couple of months now, and WonderBox was no exception.

[Yves Rocher's Daily Exfoliating Cleanser & Clarifying Toner]

I've only comes across somewhat dodgy reviews of Yves Rocher, so I've avoided them quite religiously, but this is a good place to start. History has shown that my skin likes to run contrary to public opinion, so I might actually end up liking this stuff. I'm quite keen on the fact that these are clarifying products and should work reasonably well with my skin type. It's also quite lovely of them to provide 2 samples of each so that we get a decent quantity to experiment with. 

And finally, a touch of makeup!

[essence's Carbon Black Volume Mascara]

I received this in another box last month, but mascara is something which you can never have enough of because it isn't a product for long-term use. I've still not tried it as yet, so I'm not entirely sure if I'm happy with having 2 tubes.

Overall, I'm absolutely enamoured with this box. I really do feel like WonderBox has kicked the year off with a bang, and more exciting than that is the fact that I didn't have to pay a cent for this box. I cashed in my points from participation in product reviews, blog posts and purchase surveys on their website in order to get this box free. Yay! However, in the event that you aren't slightly mad like myself, one of their boxes retails for RM45 and there is no set date for their availability. Just keep tabs on their site and FB page.

I'm certainly back on board with their boxes and I do hope they maintain this level of brilliance for their future boxes! 

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  1. oh my, i really love those Yves Rocher toner!!!! The cleanser is good too ^_^ ruginya I tak subscribe =_=''

    1. I'm so glad I've been hearing good things about this cleanser because I've been a bit wary of Yves Rocher!

  2. Wow, what a surprise! This is a bit of a Lazarus moment for me because I thought that Wonderbox was no longer doing surprise boxes. I'm glad you're pleased with the selection here and it does look like it's a good value box that's worth well more than the price. And yes, you are amazingly vigilant to be able to score this for free but if anyone deserves it is you. Well done and thanks for posting, Arpita. I like the idea of that Germ Blaster very much. I think Mieza did a great review on that recently ;)

    1. It really did shock me too! They did mention they would be coming out with boxes in the manner that The Lilac Box does (are you going to be up this Sat morning?), so this was expected, but not quite so soon. I'm extremely glad though!

  3. i love the yves rocher set too...but other don't quite excite me though...

    1. Did you get TLB's Yves Rocher box?