This was my first group activity with The Butterfly Project, and I must admit that I'm hooked! Granted, I did get to attend the lovely Wonder Food Adventure in 1Utama, but that wasn't really a collective activity. I was running amok on my own trying to inhale as much food as humanly possible. At the time, I was also not familiar with most of the Butterflies and Butterfly Team, so I didn't really get the whole interactive feel of being part of the group. This was completely different. I had encountered a few of them more over the weeks since that belly-busting day, and this was truly a Butterfly Event in all its glory! 

It was held at Show.Case in Plaza Kelana Jaya, a place I never knew existed, but was turned into an absolutely wonderland for the day!

As I walked in, I was greeted first by the Serverfreak registration table who were so warm and welcoming that you immediately felt that you had arrived to open arms!

[The Serverfreak Crew]

Right opposite was the Butterfly crew manned by the warm, lovely ladies who always make you feel welcome and at home with them! In fact, this was the first of a number of activities with them over the last month and they do an amazing job of making you feel like you are a valued member of the team.


What was lovely was that Tammy (Mamasan Monarch) had ensured that we were all gifted a little something special, and indeed it was. There was a lovely Etude House package with a mystery gift in it, as well as a pile of beloved children's books for us to pick from. I thought this was truly lovely and I finally got a copy of Peter Pan that I hadn't gotten around to reading as an adult as yet (Yes, I still love reading children's books!).

Because this event coincided with the disaster in the Philippines, Mamasan did her bit for the cause by hand creating little notebooks which we could buy to aid the victims. They were priced at RM20 each and absolutely gorgeous! I couldn't help picking 2 up for myself, even though I wanted every design there was!

[Mamasan's Creations]

Now there was a purpose to this event. It served as a means of getting bloggers more involved in the community by inviting new bloggers and those looking to up their game in the blogging stratosphere to the event to introduce them to Serverfreak's blogging services which make the process much less painful than it would be if you were to do it by yourself (yes, I've tried and failed on my own!). 

[Milling About]

Where bloggers are involved, you know there's going to be a photo booth! 

[Camwhore Mania for Us All!]

The highlight in decor was definite the Afternoon Tea Table set out by Ask Joey which made me feel like I was in the version of Alice in Wonderland that I picture in my head whenever I re-read it! 

[Ask Joey's Take on Afternoon Tea]

How gorgeous is that table?!

[Pink Ombre Cake]

[Butterfly Cupcakes]


[Pink Ombre Cake]




Of course, there was an excellent array of food for us to enjoy. It wouldn't be a tea party without finger food, would it? 

[The Food]

[Mini Quiches]

[Curry Puffs and Sausage Pastries]

[Tuna Sandwiches]

[Cucumber Sandwiches]



[Carrot Cake]

[Walnut Brownies]

[Fruit Tartlets]

[Tea and Coffee]

[Sausage Rolls]

[Mini Quiche]



[Walnut Brownie]



[Carrot Cake]

Our hostess for the day was the lovely Kay who did an incredible job!


[Table Centrepiece]

In celebration of the launch of The Butterfly Project's website, which is hosted by Serverfreak, The Butterfly Team were invited to cut the pretty ombre cake!

[Mamasan, Illy, Nala & Kay]


[The lovely Butterfly Team]

Thereafter, we were treated to an absolutely wonderful solo number by Edazz. I had no idea she could sing, and the fact that she hasn't had professional vocal training is downright amazing!

[Edazz in Action!]

And, of course, pictures at the table with the lovely ladies were completely necessary!

[Myself with Kay, Edazz & Shivani]

I think the pictures speak for themselves in that the event was extremely festive and the atmosphere convivial. Everyone was having an amazing time because good food and good company can only equate to such a thing. Truly, you will never attend an event with a warmer or more embracing feel than that which The Butterfly Team is involved in!

Of course, how could the afternoon be complete without Serverfreak actually educating us on how to improve ourselves in our chosen paths and improve traffic to our sites. 

[Serverfreak's Temptation in Progress]

We were treated to a Powerpoint presentation which highlighted the challenges new bloggers have, as well as those looking to switch platforms from Blogger to Wordpress, and how Serverfreak could step in to ease the process or the transition to ensure that we spend more of our time blogging, and less time involved in the technological black hole that setting up a blog has the potential to be.

For the longest time, even I refused to kick off blogging because it just seemed like too much work, and everyone told me that Wordpress was a far better platform because it looks more professional, and once you get past the set-up stage, it allows you customization which other platforms do not allow. It, therefore reflects your persona as a blogger far more accurately.

[This is my plight!]

Without a doubt, my attempts at setting up a Wordpress account resulted in me trying to set my computer on fire, and I gave up. These services would definitely have been welcome at the time!

[Serverfreak's Services]

The company, aside from this specific aspect, provides a number of different services including:

  • Domain Registration
  • Shared Hosting
  • Email Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Semi-Dedicated Hosting
  • Dedicated Server
  • VPS
  • Server Co-Location
  • VPN
  • Web Design & E-Commerce Solutions
  • Server Management Services
So yes, you get the full spectrum of what you need if you're looking for an online presence, and this includes the need for blog shops on some sites. They do have services pertaining to helping you set up your shopping cart, etc. if you should choose to have it on your blog.

The talk went on to discuss and show us the differences between a standardised template, and one which is customised to the user. It is clear that there is a very big difference between blogs which have been modified to reflect the nature of the content, and those which just run with the generic provisions the platform provides. Needless to say, the former is far more engaging for the reader.




For those of you who aren't brand new to the blogging world, they will even migrate the content of your present blog to Wordpress for you should you choose to engage their services with this package. 

However, header design is not included in the package, and you will have to attend to this on your own or through a third party. They will provide you with the specifications provided and once the header has been attained, you can just send it over and they will set it up accordingly. What's quite lovely is that they will tinker with the settings for you if you choose to switch your colour scheme. This is only available for 1 switch, however, so that they are not overloaded with requests to meet everyone's whims and fancies.

The package is priced at RM298 for the first year of hosting, and RM198 for the following years. Naturally, you will be entitled to 24-hour support, 365 days a year for your blogging concerns or queries, which means that there is wonderful post-sales service involved which most companies do not offer.

For those of you who already have blogs which you are satisfied with, they do offer you the option of a domain name of your own for just RM40 per year. This means that instead of having http://(name) as your URL, you can have http://(name).com/net/biz/info instead. It's far more professional and provides you with the sense of a blog that's all your own! Of course, this doesn't negate your old blog address. Should anyone try to access the previous URL, it will automatically lead them to the new URL ensuring a lack of disruption in service. RM40 per year is quite a steal for this! It works out to RM3.33 per month (I think! It's 2 am and my mathematical abilities tend to fail me at this hour and I don't have a calculator handy!).

I actually learned quite a bit from the introduction to Serverfreak because they demystified a lot of the issues surrounding Wordpress. The reason it took me so long to get this post up is because I've spent the last month trying to set up a Wordpress account and failed so badly that I've realised that what they offer is truly an invaluable service. I have a severe mental block where technological issues are concerned unfortunately.

After the presentation by Serverfreak, we were treated to fangirl activites of prize giving to 6 lucky draw winners, and a best dressed candidate! There were also prizes given out to the best Instagrammers of the day! All this was definitely extremely generous on the part of Serverfreak and The Butterfly Project!

[Kay! Doesn't she look fabulous?]

And because The Butterfly Team is always more than generous, they had little thank you gifts (very well deserved, too) for Kay and Edazz for helping to keep the atmosphere lively!

[Can't beat that!]

Of course, we went home with some lovely goodies! 


[Photo Booth Pics]

[Notebook + Pen]

[TBP's Special Gifts]


For the record, I've already read this and I'm all to happy to have it!

[Etude House's Happy Time Green Tea Cleansing Foam]

This is a HUGE tube and it smells divine! It also doesn't strip the skin and does a lovely job of getting remaining traces of makeup off.

[Mamasan's Little Creations]


I didn't open this up because I bought it as a gift for the Enabler. 



[Polka Dots!]

[Little bits for personalising]

How gorgeous are these notebooks?! I know you want them too! 

This was definitely my proper inculcation into The Butterfly Project and I'm so glad I found it because events like this truly make you feel like a blogger and that you're providing something useful to the community! It was flawlessly put together, and not to mention extremely useful.

For more information on Serverfreak, please visit the following sites:

For more information on The Butterfly Project, please visit the following sites:


  1. Burlesque - the design totally unique + a little bit vintage. love it

  2. So very sad to miss this! I can't seem to time my life to fall in sync with all these lovely Butterfly events. This was a fantastic event and my life will forever be incomplete now that it's over. It was so pretty and functional and completely with a blogger's best interests at heart. Oh Mamasan, will you consider another?!!

    This was certainly one of the best blog posts about the event. Loved every moment of your post.
    Oh wow, and I'm not that surprised Edazz sings. I always knew there was a rock star in her!
    Again, great recap and only the best from you, Arpita!

    1. I'm so glad you found it useful because I truly found the event to be right up the alley I need to go down! What can I say? Since this event, the others that I've attended have managed to be equally, if not more stellar! The Butterfly Project really does know how to throw a party!

      I just can't wait for you to attend of the events so we can share the experience!