It's been a very long time since I've gone for a full-on birthday bash, and this definitely fulfilled all my celebratory needs. It helps that it was held on New Year's day, because I'm not a fan of clubs, so I spent the night before playing Risk and watching TV with the Enabler. And so, it didn't feel much like NYE, but this party certainly started my year off on a good note.

Of course, this was a party for Tammy's birthday hosted by Hermo and herself, and she was kind enough to invite the lot of us to join in her celebrations! 

At 2:30 pm, everyone started traipsing in, and I spied the lovely ladies from The Butterfly Team (including Tammy) upstairs (yes, it's a 2-story Haagen-Dazs) hanging up decorations. There was a little noteboard beside the stairs for us to leave our wishes to the birthday girl, and as more of us started popping in, the excitement in the air was palpable.

[Greeting Board]

When the birthday girl finally come downstairs, she was greeted by what can only be referred to as her groupies (yes, we truly are!), and we were invited up to the party area which was very prettily decorated!

[Party Area]

How pretty are these decorations? And everything was so thematic, including some birthday confetti sprinkled on all the tables!

And of course, once our table of full of girls chattering and exclaiming over how exciting infinite ice-cream would be, there was the inevitable camwhoring session! 

[Shivani, Edazz & Me]

[Ashley & Me]

As always, Tammy was so warm and welcoming in her birthday speech and wanted to ensure we had a great time. And it is true that bloggers can sometimes be a bit clannish, so there was a little ice breaking session. 

[Birthdays are not birthdays without the birthday girl!]

While we were sitting around and chatting, we were handed a card each from a pack (probably two) of Happy Family cards at random. We were then told to locate our "Family" and learn all their names. I already knew Shivani, who was coincidentally standing right next to me, with Silvania in our vicinity as well. We had a bit of trouble finding Sarah, but we were definitely quick enough to be the 2nd family in-tact! 

Sarah, Tammy, Me, Shivani, Silvania

[Source: Maha Mahu]

We were each given gifts, and what we got will be unveiled at the end of the post!

It was a really fun activity, and a nice departure from the usual ice breakers which can get a little uncomfortable for those of us (*ahem*me*ahem*) who are somewhat socially awkward.

Everyone was then told to prepare a little birthday greeting in the form of a drawing for Tammy, and I won't put the picture I drew up here because it was beyond abominable. I am certainly not artistically blessed. The rest of them, however, had absolutely adorable picture. 

[Choy Peng & Claudine]

[The other table busy at work!]

It's amazing when you don't realise people are as talented as they are. In fact, I was so amazed by Shivani showing me her other artwork on her phone, that I forgot the snap a picture of her lovely drawing. I did catch these two in action though!

[Edazz & Paper Edazz]

[Ashley & Paper Ashley]

[Shivani & Me]

[Ashley, Shivani & Me]

[Our Table]

Of course, it wouldn't be a birthday without cake, even if there is infinite ice-cream, so of course Tammy deserved a cake!


This was quickly followed by a serving of the special Christmas fondue set. Haagen-Dazs was only serving this till New Year's Eve, but Tammy and Hermo managed to get them to make the exception for her party. Honestly, look at it!


Is there anything in this world that's better than a vat of melted chocolate? If you think so, you are defective. Don't talk to me!

[Various Mini Ice-Cream Scoops]

[Assorted Fruit]

[Chocolate Sprinkles]


Certain things cannot be conveyed through pictures, and Tammy's generosity and love for The Butterfly Project and its participants is one of them. She noticed that our table had 6 people instead of 4, as the other tables had, and sent over an additional set of fondue for us because of it. It's very hard to describe what a lovely person she is until you've had the pleasure of having her as your hostess!

[Yum yum yum!]

And to top all the loveliness off, we were given some of the ice-cream cake as well!

[Ice-Cream Cake!]

Needless to say, it wasn't very long before the lot at our table were giggling with a sugar high! It was a ton of fun!

I did get to know a few other bloggers that I wasn't previously acquainted with, which made this a lot more exciting as well.

[Milling About]

[Me, Kay, Iqa]

And to make the event even sweeter, we weren't to leave empty handed. We were given Tammy Chocolate!


[Absolutely Delicious!]

Should I feel shame that I ate half the bar that very night? And the other half the next day? 

And, of course, the prize!

[Ciate Mini]

I was beyond ecstatic when I saw what was in the Sephora bag! I had been eyeing this set of Christmas ornaments, but managed to stop myself from picking it up. So, to receive it was absolutely fantastic!

[Ciate Mini in Candy Cane]

[2 Coats]

As with all events from The Butterfly Project which I've attended so far, this was just as wonderful. It was warm and cozy, with everyone genuinely excited to celebrate Tammy's birthday with her. All I can say to end things off is that there isn't quite a community like this out there, and I'm loving every minute of it! 


  1. Ooh.. it looked like an Ama-zing-lot of FUN.. Wish I could have joined you girls but as it was the New Year.. the family would have balked :P
    But really I do have to agree with you Tammy is really special... there are very few people out there who have as much love and generosity out there and she's one of those lovely ones...

    As for spending NYE playing Risk.. that sounds like my kind of evening. That's another common interest we share and if you ever fancy a game of Risk call me.... i'll come running with bag of chips and stealth mode on... I used to trouble the hubster sooo much to play risk after we were married that he got me the online version so he'd have a but of peace... and while i love challenging my computer opponenets... there's nothing quite so fulfilling as really rolling those dice are there?!!!

  2. I wish you were there too! It's been ages since I've seen you!

    In that case, a Risk night is definitely in order! Maybe over the CNY holidays?

  3. Will keep that in off to Jakarta tomorrow and will be back next Friday so if there's not too much piled up I'll definitely be up for some gaming over CNY... will get back to you on this one :)

    1. Sounds like a plan! Definitely looking forward to it with fingers crossed!

    2. OMG, count me in too! Although I have no idea what this Risk thing is. Should I be this enthusiastic?!

      All that ice cream shared among all you lovelies is giving me so many regrets. If it means that many treats then I want to be a Groupie too!!

    3. Risk is the boardgame of world domination! It's the best! Especially when hot chocolate and donuts are involved! Maybe cookies and cake too! It will give me a reason to bake!

      The Butterfly Project is definitely ideal to be all stalker-y of their page!

  4. hi Arpita!! it's me iqa;) nice to meet you that're soo lucky to win that nail sparkly thingy...suits you come your fondue picture looks really delish!'re gorgeous!

    1. Hello Iqa!!! It was lovely meeting you as well! I feel very lucky too because I love it! We should meet up for delicious fondue again sometime and be fabulous together! Hehehe