Don't you love the name on this? It's a BB Cream, without a doubt, but it sounds so much nicer when you call it Sublime Beauty Cream!

L'Occitane released this during the second half of 2013, and when I swatched it in-store, the colour match and the smell made me need this! However, by that point I had acquired upwards of 8 BB creams, and I simply couldn't justify the purchase. So, when they had an online campaign where they were giving away trial sachets, I hopped on the bandwagon and got my share. It's a good thing I didn't dive right in too since it's taken me about 3 months or so to get around to trying it out. 

Here's what the full-sized product looks like:

[Source: L'Occitane USA]

It comes in 2 shades, and I chose 02 Medium, which is a brilliant match for my skin. Many reviews have mentioned that both shades adjust fantastically, so you can't go wrong with either. 

I was a little traumatised by my use of the sachet because there were splotches of separation clearly visible in the cream. Naturally, this wouldn't be an issue if you own the tube since you could shake it up prior to extraction of the product. I've never experienced this with a BB Cream before, but it's made me actively practice shaking up products prior to use. Lesson learned!

[Horror! For the record, this is far too much product for one use!]

Angelica is meant to be extremely hydrating, and so that is one of the core promises of this product. It's other primary claims are that it provides a fresh, natural look; it reduces the appearance of pores, redness and blemishes; and it has SPF 30.

DAY 1:

[No Makeup]

The cream went on flawlessly in that it blended in and sunk in like a dream. The colour was spot on which made me rather ecstatic because it's something I rarely experience with BB creams. Granted, when first applied, it was a tad bit too light, but it oxidised to the right shade very quickly. It set with a satin finish and did provided light to medium coverage which is definitely buildable. 

[Sublime Beauty Cream]

I concealed under the eyes and set it with MAC's MSF Natural. 

[Concealer & Powder]

By the time my makeup was sorted, the colour was spot on. 

[12:30 pm]

I didn't get the opportunity to take a picture at 2:30 pm, but my T-Zone was oily and I had to blot it. The rest of my makeup was very much in tact and the finish was more on the dewy side. 

By 8 pm, my T-Zone was rather oily, especially the nose, and I had to blot once again, but my makeup was still looking quite fresh. 

[8:00 pm]

It was quite a long day and by 1:30 am, I had a blinging shine ongoing. My T-Zone was oily and undereye concealer had creased ever so slightly, which was rather shocking considering that it's usually settled into everything in half that time. Other than that, my face was still in tact in terms of makeup which surprised me more than a little. As you can see from the picture below, my blush was still going strong which is quite impressive!

[1:20 am]

DAY 2:

[No Makeup]

My results with application were the same as the day before. It was seamless and quick, as BB creams are meant to be. 

[Sublime Beauty Cream]

I concealed under the eyes and set it with Sephora's Mattifying Powder and was left with a satin finish.

[Concealer & Powder]

By the time everything had sunk in, I had a dewy finish to my skin and I was ready to head out the door. 

[9:25 am]

Within 2 hours, my whole face had a bit of a sheen to it, primarily my T-Zone and so I blotted. I always have the issue of more oil being produced when I use mattifying products. Does anyone else have this issue? My skin has a truly rebellious streak! 

[11:30 am]

The results were rather horrifying by 4 pm because I had a sheen on my face, with my T-Zone being very oily. My undereye concealer had creased terribly and had worn off quite a bit and some of the mascara I was wearing had transferred onto my undereye area (this is more an issue with the mascara than the cream).  My blush was still visible, so other than the undereye area, my makeup was fully in tact. 

[4:00 pm]

By 7 pm, I was definitely feeling greasier than the day before (DAMN YOU MATTIFIERS!), and it was time for the makeup to come off. However, other than the visible oil which could be rectified with blotting, and the undereye area, my face makeup was still in tact. 

[7:00 pm]

This was an interesting one. It's definitely not a BB Cream for those of us who don't have normal-dry skin because it's far too moisturising even though I used it without a moisturiser. It's sad that this is the case because it's longevity far surpasses any other BB Cream I have tried because your makeup will stay the course of the day if it works with your skin. Even with my excessive oiliness, my makeup was still in tact with a pleasant finish once it was blotted. What a true shame! Not to mention that it smells absolutely divine! I'm glad I didn't pick it up because I would never use it again purely because it's not created for my skin type. Even the colour is spot on! I do hope they work on an oil-free, combination-skin version of the stuff because I'd be first in line to get hold of it!

L'Occitane's Iris Angelica Sublime Beauty Cream retails at RM135 for 40ml and comes in 2 shades: 01 Light and 02 Medium.


  1. it's totally hard for me too find bb cream/ foundation that suitable for my oily skin huhuhu..

    1. Miss Ika, I totally sympathise! I have oily and dry AND sensitive combo skin and nothing seems to answer all my prayers.

      I think makeup bases for any kind of skin are hard to determine for suitability that's why I would never buy these products online. It's so much safer to get swatched at a beauty counter and even then I still get it wrong so haggling for a decent-sized sample is by far the best way to go.

      I think Arpita is doing a great job of giving us a head start on some of the brands we should or should not be looking at, don't you think?
      Yes, Arpita, thank you for this and all your great base reviews. Love ya to bits!
      I do like the look of this BB Cream on you and the shade suits you so well but it's a shame about it not being able to hold up to the oil-control qualities you require.
      By the way, what are you doing looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed and still wearing your base at 1:20am in the morn, girl?! You are such a party animal lol

    2. @Ika: Same here! It's so terrible! So far the only 2 which have done a decent job are Urban Decay's Naked BB and Ginvera's. I do wish more companies would come out with BB Creams that aren't so hydrating!

      @SG: I know! It's such an absolute shame that it doesn't hold up to oil because it's a lovely texture and shade! I do wish my outings were happening enough to make me a party animal, but it's more along the lines of me play Risk or having coffee!

      There are lots more BB Creams I'll be testing this year, so let's all keep our fingers crossed that I stumble across one that works for our oiliness!

  2. I agree with ShopGirl .. the BB Cream does work for you but alas the scrounge of having combination skin and the breakouts that follow... I think I'm one of those few people who have just given upon BB Creams ..i just don't bother looking up that aisle anymore..not only do all their available shades locally make me look like something from a scene in 'Thriller' but they just haven't worked for me...

    Anyways, my SIL was down recently and she showed me her current foundation.. tried it and loved it which is a big thing for me.. it's called BioNite i think and it's probably the lightest foundation Ive tried with a shade that matches me to perfection... will hunt for it and send back a report-card soon.. Until later HUGS

    ShopGirl: HUGS to you too <3

    1. I can't even blame you for giving up! The majority of stuff out there is either too light for my skin or has too grey an undertone to fulfil its purpose!

      Now you have me intrigued! If you locate it, do let me know because I already feel like I need to acquire it!

      I can't wait for your schedule to tone down a little so I can see you and SG!

  3. i like this post.its very detail.btw,u should check out the smashbox cc cream.the texture is way better than other bb creams out there :)

    1. Thank you! Yes, Smashbox is definitely on my to do list as well. I've got it in my hoard and a review on it will be up in a month or so. I seem to have acquired 50 million BB Creams in sample form or otherwise. It's quite disturbing.