I recently tried out Estee Lauder's Double Wear Foundation, and I wasn't as enamoured with it as the rest of the world seems to be. That, perhaps, had a lot to do with the claims people made about how effective it was at controlling oiliness. I've noticed that my oiliness has a vindictive mind of its own whereby it causes my skin to get much more oily than normal when I use oil control or mattifying products. That's right, my skin hates me! 

This, however, was touted as a less mattifying product, which slightly lighted coverage than the original. And if nothing else, it was worth a shot!

[Source: Beautylish]

This was the original tube, and in my bid to be less of a nutcase, I've taken to getting hold of sachets/samples of products before going all in and running amok with a full-sized product I'm not overly fond of. 

In any event, this foundation is much more true to colour than the original in that it doesn't oxidize quite as much, so you should definitely get colour matched to the exact shade you require. It also contains an SPF of 10, which isn't much, but it's something!

As with all situations of this sort, people like me looking like a freak, so I was given a shade that was too light for me. 

[No Makeup]

I was very happy that this wasn't as difficult to work with as the original, because that sets extremely quickly. This allows you time to blend. It provided less of a full-on flat matte finish, and was more satin-like. Coverage was medium-buildable, but I definitely needed something for under the eyes. I was also a little surprised at how the original was touted as insanely full-coverage, but still left me needing a concealer for undereye darkness. 


Since this wasn't meant to be as mattifying, I did go ahead and powder it with MAC's MSF natural in order to minimize the insanity of my skin.

[Concealer & Powder]

Because the colour discrepancy wasn't exactly unnoticeable, and this wasn't meant to oxidize as much as the original, I added some bronzer on the perimeter of my face to look less disturbing. The overall effect of the foundation was that it sat well and blended very flawlessly into the skin.

[Bronzer & Blush]

[6:35 pm]

During the 5 hours odd that I used it, I didn't get the opportunity for touch ups. It did work reasonably well for my combination/oily skin in that the oil showed through only on a T-Zone, and only after a very reasonable amount of time (3 hours). 

[12:15 am]

Even with the oil coming through, it didn't look particularly greasy and wasn't disgusting. I definitely prefer this over the original because it's a lot easier to work with and not as heavy on the skin. If you have serious problems which you need to cover up, the original may be more tempting, but layering this may be a better bet for you.

Overall, I quite like this, but not enough to actually purchase it because there are better products out there. Now that Marc Jacobs' makeup line will be coming to Sephora Malaysia, I'm looking forward to trying out their Genius Gel Foundation as an alternative to Double Wear. I've also yet to try Perfection Lumiere, and I'm convinced that it will prove to be a better choice than this. 


  1. "... I added some bronzer on the perimeter of my face to look less disturbing"

    omg Arpita you really made me laugh with the last 4 words XD but yeah I found it true too, without the bronzer, the foundation color gave you a ghastly white complexion. Glad to know that this one works better than the previous Double Wear :)

    1. Hehehe it's true though! Never underestimate the importance of bronzer, especially with matte finish foundations!

      Yes, I much prefer this one. Do you have a preference?

  2. Some Beauty Assistants must be colour blind. I have no idea why they give us products that don't suit us tonally when it's easy enough to pull out another shade or tell you they don't have it. It's a good thing you are a whiz with your powder and brush. Love your foundation reviews. I'm always amazed at how you are able to work with so many very varying shades of base and still come out looking great. Those BAs will never break you! *high fives Arpita* You show them, girl!

    1. ^5! Their attempts at making me feel like makeup is not for me will fail! Sometimes I wonder about them as well. The other day I was so traumatised at the Dior counter that I was bordering on violence. I swatched their holiday palette and when she asked if I wanted it, I told her the shadows were a bit powdery, to which she responded, "Yes, they are made of powder." What does one say to such things?! I'm getting so frustrated with BAs!

    2. That was a bit ' Duh' of the BA. So funny!
      I was at the Dior counter last week too and did the same thing but with no BA in sight and was spared the quip.
      I am going to have to agree with you on the Dior powders. Didn't live up to my expectation in terms of texture and intensity. I like their lippies though.

    3. Their lippies are truly amazing and yesterday I found out their Creme de Rose lip balm is being discontinued. It's one of those purchases I've been holding out on even though it's already burrowed its way into my soul, and now my soul is dying a little because I can't get it anywhere! Why are they doing this to me?!

  3. Great review babe ! I shall try this product out too... :D


    1. I hope you enjoy it! I've got an extra little sachet if you'd like it!

  4. How do you make the work for you?.. I think that i'm put off Foundations thanks to the Double Wear from EL ... no matter how hard I tried, i could never find a shade that matched me and when I did come home with a poor second stand it, it oxidised to make me look ashen.. not something i would wish on anyone who takes pictures with the flash on :(

    You on the other hand, bronzer and all have made it work... great job rocking it Arpita ... and may you have better luck with them BA's in the future.. :P

    1. I'm slowly learning to do just this. Get a sample and figure out the shade from there. It's just so frustrating! It would be nice if companies did a better job of such thing, which I think they can take a cue from Chanel on because their new range of Perfection Lumiere has hit the mark in terms of ensuring that different undertones are catered for as well.