So, it's been a while since I've done a haul, and we all know it's not because I haven't been shopping. It's because I've been shopping too much, so it's about time some of the stuff made it onto my blog. What awesome is that out of this stuff, I've actually found some absolutely amazing stuff that I'm really excited to review within the next few weeks.

Now, let's first establish that the amassing of these items occurred over at least 2 months!

We can't have a MAC-free haul can we? Especially when they've been running amok with new products! I'm semi-upset and semi-applauding the switch-up of their palettes. They now come with clear lids so that you can see what is contained in the interior without opening it up. 10,000 points for aiding and abetting laziness! Since my 2 palettes aren't complete, I can't justify purchasing a new 15 pan palette because I really shouldn't be buying more eyeshadow. But a 4 pan palette is definitely fair, don't you think?

[MAC's 4-Pan Palette (RM30)]

I filled it with 4 of my favourite shadows and this doubles as a perfect travel palette!


And lipsticks! I did state in a previous haul that I was appalled by how expensive MAC lipsticks had become (RM68!) and that there was no way in hell I would pay for them. And I didn't...well, not completely. The perks of being obsessed with 1Utama definitely shine through when you accumulate enough points to redeem them for products! 

[MAC's Lipsticks in Captive & Up The Amp]

At RM68 each, these would have run me RM136, so I redeemed RM100 in 1Utama points and shelled out the remaining RM36. Definitely worth it!

[MAC's Captive]

[MAC's Up The Amp]

Aren't these gorgeous! I'm so happy!

And then came my weakness: Brushes!

If I were asked how many brushes I own, I would be hard pressed to give you a ballpark figure because I really do have problems in this area. And yes, I've had to backtrack on stating that I wouldn't buy another MAC brush, but seriously, how could I not get this?

They've come up with hybrid brushes and since I own neither of the corresponding face brushes by MAC, the MAC 128 was irresistible! It's 2 brushes in 1 without the horrid dual-sided aspect. You can flip it over and use either side for its specific purpose, or use the fluffy bit on top as a brush on its own. So, technically, this is actually 3 brushes in 1!

[MAC 128]

[2 Brushes!]

[So soft!]

This brush is incredibly soft and makes me so happy! It retails at RM140, but I redeemed RM100 in 1Utama points and got it at RM40. So people, the moral of the story is that you should shop at 1Utama!

Recently, I've become enamoured with more natural skincare, and Aesop has caught my eye on that front. I'm a little sad it's no longer part of the Ken's Apothecary group because I can't get Ken's points for those purchases! Yes, I am a point fiend/hoarder!

However, I did a bit of research into their products, and their Parsley Seed range seemed extremely stellar so I dropped by to get a sample of the stuff. I tried it out and loved it, so I got the full size!

[Pretty Bag!]

[Aesop Haul]

[Aesop's Parsley Seed Masque (RM140)]

I'll have a full review on this up in due time, but it's really a wonderful cleansing/clarifying masque without being drying. Love!

I wouldn't be me if I didn't ask for samples, and they were incredibly accommodating. 

[Aesop's Samples]

Recently The Skintopic opened up in The Curve, and up until recently, New Zealand was only known to me for Lord of the Rings, but apparently they have amazing skincare too! I  got an email from the store regarding an offer whereby they would knock 50% off the price of a mask if you give them an empty skin care item. You know I couldn't resist, right?

[Linden Leaves' Clay Cleansing Masque]


I think I paid around RM50 or RM60 for it, but I don't quite recall. I'll review it once I've given it a proper go around.

Then there was Mivva. Since they've stop supplying beauty boxes, I had a bunch of points lying idle in my account and I figured I would try out something new. 

For a while now, I've been eyeing Yadah as a brand because their packaging is just so adorable. I used my points and ended up paying RM12 (it would have been RM2 if Mivva wasn't charging for shipping costs!) for shampoo.

[If only their beauty boxes were this well packaged!]

[Yadah's Natural Shampoo (RM45)]

I'm currently using this, and I'm very happy with it. I'll have a review up soon!

And I'm sure everyone knows that I've been to SaSa numerous times since I last hauled, but I've been going in and not buying everything in sight! However, SaSa in 1Utama is currently having a sale on The Balm products, and since I love their eyeshadows so much, I figured it might be time to give it a shot. I am definitely not disappointed in anything but the fact that I didn't pick these up earlier!

[The Balm's Cabana Boy Blush]

Just look at that packaging! I love it!!!

[[So pretty, so soft, so pigmented]

Honestly, if you haven't tried these out, you need to. They are amazing! You just know I'm going to be picking the rest of them up, don't you? I really don't understand why no one raves about these more!

Next up, we have TNS Skinlab. I'm a member there, and back in November, I figured that I would use my 25% discount during the month of my birthday to actually try out a brand which has been getting rave reviews across the board.

[Antipodes' Haul]

Antipodes is also a brand from New Zealand, and their skincare is so natural that everything needs to be used up within a 6 month time frame. What's even more exciting is that I've visited 3 different TNS stores (I just can't resist), and the people who work there really know their stuff. That was beyond shocking to me as I've dealt with my share of sales people who make me want to carry a taser around! 

[Antipodes' Aura Manuka Honey Mask (RM168)]

Honestly, this is the best mask I have ever used. I want to marry it! The only problem I have with it is its 6 month expiry period. But I suppose it would make me more diligent in terms of use! A full review of this is definitely coming up soon!

And then there was more eye cream!

[Antipodes' Kiwi Seed Oil Eye Cream]

Dare I say it? Best eye cream ever! I've never used an eye cream which I felt completely dedicated to, and since I sunk my fingers into this, I've cast all my other eye creams aside! I'm someone who gets bored of products easily, and this has proven to be absolutely fantastic!

I also adore the fact that it comes in a little glass jar. There is an obscene amount of product in there, and even with liberal use twice a day, I'm not entirely sure if I'll be able to use it up in 6 months. Nevertheless, it stands as the only eye cream to date that I would actually repurchase!

What would a haul be without a trip or ten to the pharmacy?

Of late, Guardian has been my haunt of choice, and they always have some fabulous deals!

[Garnier's BB Miracle Skin Perfector (RM14.90)]

Despite the rave reviews Garnier's BB Cream has gotten, I've held back because it's not made for those of us who are oily. This is their brand new oil-free version, so I'm really excited about trying it!

It only comes in one shade, but it seems to be a decent match.

[Garnier's BB Miracle Skin Perfector]

I've already mentioned my love affair with brushes, and I thought that after 4 years, it's only fair that I get new eye brushes to add to those which have served me really well. Years ago on YouTube, everyone was raving about Lowe-Cornell's paint brushes which served as dupes for MAC's shader brushes, and so I found a store (Craft Haven in 1Utama) that carried them and picked a few up. They weren't kidding! They are absolutely amazing and less than a quarter of the price of MAC's brushes!

[Lowe-Cornell's 1/2 and 3/8 Brushes]

I do believe these are natural hair brushes which is why they work so fantastically. More importantly, they retail at around RM15 per brush, which is a steal! Lowe-Cornell has other brushes as well, but if you're looking into them, make sure you get these specific brushes (Purple Handle + White Hair). The rest don't work as well.

And in the same vein, in another art supply store, I came across another brush which seemed like it was soft enough to use as a shader brush.

[Daler-Rowney's E52 Oval Mop]

This retails at around RM21, but it's not as good as the Lowe-Cornell brushes, so I would still stick with those! They are the sole reason I haven't invested in an expensive shader brush as yet.

Back to another trip to Guardian!

I know I'm late to the Revlon Balm Stain party, but I finally caved, and yes, I do regret not jumping on the bandwagon sooner. My caving had a lot to do with the fact that they've finally released the Matte Balms here and I couldn't contain my excitement!

[Revlon's Balm Stains]

[Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Balm in 001 Honey Douce]

Look how pretty that is! It truly does stay for hours and fades very beautifully! Now I want them all!

[Revlon's Matte Balm Stain in 225 Sultry] 

OMG look at that! No regrets! 

These retail at between RM29 and RM32 depending on where you get them and whether there's a sale on. Absolutely worth it and far better than the more expensive brands which carry these, such as Tarte.

In a similar vein, Maybelline has just released their Lip Polish. I believe these are known as Elixirs everywhere else in the world, but we are not special enough. 

[Maybelline's Lip Polish in Glam 6]

These are absolutely gorgeous! Not just the colour and packaging, but the product itself!

It has a doe foot applicator, and it applies beautifully. It's meant to be a 3-in-1 products (balm, lipstick and gloss), and it definitely lives up to it. I want them all! ALL!

If you've walked past a Chanel cosmetics counter or store, you would have seen the gorgeous pink-hued ad of their new SS2014 collection, and it's impossible to resist! I managed to refrain from going crazy there and contained myself to picking up 1 item which was a gift from someone.

[What a gorgeous sight!]

[Chanel's Cream Blush in Chamade (RM140)]

As with all Chanel products, the packaging is always so luxurious and lovely. Their compacts come in a little velvet pouch which is embossed with their logo.


This collection was released with 2 blushes which look very similar in pan but the other swatches with a bit more of a peach undertone. 

Needless to say, the pigmentation is insane. This was barely touched! It applies and lasts like a dream. Chanel's formula for their cream blushes is more cream to powder, making it more vivid and long-lasting. Gorgeous!

And finally, Guardian was having a sale in Paradigm Mall over the weekend, and I got very excited. Not shown in this picture are the obscene number of wet wipes I purchased. 

[Guardian Sale!]

Yes, more eyeliner. This was a last minute whim, and I completely regret it. Worst eyeliner ever. EVER!

[In2It's Hair Brush Eyeliner Pen (RM12)]

Just look at that! I had just opened it and it was already dried out. How disappointing!


The next product was one I was extremely excited to see on sale. I've been eyeing the eye gel by Bio-essence since I saw it a couple of months ago, but I've passed it up based on the price for a while. This was impossible to pass up because it was further discounted to RM70 for this kit!

[Bio-essence's Kit (RM70)]


[Bio-essence's Bird's Nest Nutri-Collagen & Whitening Cleanser]

I haven't really heard much about this cleanser, but it looks interesting. Definitely something I'm keen to try out!

[Bio-essence's 24K Bio-Gold Anti-Dark Circles Essence]

Yes, I know I've already found my holy grail eye cream, but it can't hurt to try this out! At least it isn't La Mer's RM600+ eye cream. Even I can't justify such a purchase...yet!

Right, that is all for now! I need to be locked away. I know this! 


  1. wow thats huge haul! i didnt know MAC empty palettes are available in malaysia..whenever i asked thed midvalley MAC counter for the 15 empty pan they told me its not available and price 240RM! i was shocked! do you know if 15 empty palettes are still available and their price? also whats the price of antipodes eye cream?

    1. Did they really? I hate it when the staff there know less than you do! So frustrating! But yes, it's definitely available and if I'm not wrong it's around RM60. The Antipodes eye cream is around RM170.

  2. The term 'collective' doesn't even come close to what this is. This is epic, mammoth, of gargantuan proportions! Are you sure this blog would not be better named Shopaholics Notorious? I get it, it's a tongue-in-cheek reference to those classic 12-Step programs. You're too much, girl. But I love you for it! Great haul. I got lost about half way and stuck around at the brushes. I like!

    1. I do believe it's a matter of time before my family takes my internet away to prevent such things. Sadly, this is only the beginning of the hauls. There 2 to go and you will love them because they involve brushes! I have found brand new loves and my life feels a little more complete at the moment. But seriously, pick these brushes up! You won't regret it!

    2. I forgot to mention that your haul post has been freezing up my computer LOL

    3. Haha oh dear! Shall I start adding a warning to my hauls?

  3. Haha I love love love reading your posts babe - so makes my day,lol!

    But omg that is such a huge haul! MAC lipsticks have become extremely expensive I agree but the shade 'Captive' looks gorgeous! Maybe it's just me but dark shades just look so classy haha XD

    1. Captive would look absolutely gorgeous on you! Even if I hadn't used a majority of points to purchase it, it would have been well worth it! You need it too! I agree that dark shades look very classy, it's so very reminiscent of a time when women became empowered enough to express themselves and bold lips were no longer just for streetwalkers! It's so much more than the pout!

  4. OMG .. that is all I can possibly say.. You are so rip-roaring crazy, when I grow up I want to be just like you :) Cant wait to read the umpteen posts you are going to come up with to do justice to each and every item that' you've shopped for .... I'm looking forward to living in your world.. if only to experience the lovely wonders you've got your hands on this time around

    1. I know, I have problems! It's quite horrifying really. Even I get horrified by my behaviour, but I have no self-control! You're more than welcome to come over and play with everything anytime!

  5. MAC's Captive is certainly captivating me to go and purchase it right now! Its such a gorgeous shade, OMG.
    Babe, this is an amazing haul and it certainly satisfies the shopaholic in me!! Do write more haul posts I cant get enough of it =)

    1. I think every girl needs Captive in their collection, which means you need to head out and get it right now! The reason I picked it up (finally) is because I would swatch it everytime I entered MAC without looking at what shade it was. It happened around 4 times before I finally caved! I even swatched it twice on 1 visit!
      More hauls are definitely upcoming!