So, I got my Bag of Love for the New Year, and I was so happy with December's bag that I could hardly wait to get this one in hand! As with all of lovely MiMi's bags, this one is of extremely fantastic quality, and something you would gladly reuse.

[Bag of Love - Jan 2014]

While the bags themselves are worth the price of the subscription, the products contained within are always an array of loveliness to make your heart flutter with joy! And this was no exception! 


[Product Description Sheet]

This bag contained 2 vouchers which were extremely welcome! 

[Mr. Lens Discount Voucher]

As I am quite the shortsighted character, this is something extremely useful! For those of us who don't fancy the coloured variety, they have an array of regular lenses (monthly, daily, etc.) to choose from as well! I've been seeing reviews of this brand floating around the internet for a while now, and I am all to happy to jump on that bandwagon!

[Strip Discount Voucher]

Yes, I am quite the evolutionary  throwback when it comes to hair problems, and this is a much appreciated addition! If you haven't been to Strip, you really should! While they charge a little more than their local counterparts, they do an absolutely amazing job in terms of speed and cleanliness. 

[Alqvimia's Body Oils]

I previously received a set of these in one of The Lilac Box(es), and I've grown quite fond of my thunder thighs and cellulite, so I've yet to test them out. I'm sure these will be loved by anyone else who has receive them, however!

[King of Masks' All-in-One Collagen Mask]

Oh sheet masks! These are a true blue Sunday ritual for me and trying different ones are always welcome!

It almost seems like there's collagen in everything these days, and it's always nice to have the opportunity to try something of this nature before picking up a whole stash of them.

[Wella Haircare]

Of late, Wella has been abuzz across the internet and it feels like quite a blast from the past. It's been at least a decade since I've tried anything from the brand, but their Enrich range seems to be all the rage which makes me all too happy! 

[Wella Professional's Enrich Moisturising Shampoo]

[Wella Professional's Enrich Moisturising Treatment]

I truly can't wait to try these out!

MiMi has done this in the past, with 2 kits in 1 bag, and here we got another full trial kit by Etude House.

[Etude House's Wonder Pore After Sun Special Set]

I have some serious issues with congestion and pore refinement, so this is something I can't pass up! I was actually looking at this range not a week ago in Etude House. This is evidence that MiMi and me are connected at the soul!

And finally, sharing is caring, which is why she has thrown in a little bonus for the boys in our lives! 

[Uber-Men's Whitening Hydra Gel Cleanser + Toner]

Should I be concerned that I am almost tempted to use this myself since it's a hydrating gel cleanser AND toner? Should I try it? I think I have enough cleansers in my possession to refrain from such insanity, so I shall give it to someone who needs it!

As always, MiMi doesn't disappoint with her vast array of treasure, and since this is the end of my 3-month subscription, I'll be resubscribing in anticipation of next month's Valentines' bag!

I am practically vibrating with excitement!

Bag of Love has Monthly (RM39.90), Quarterly (RM119.70) and Annual (RM478.80) subscriptions, and if you sign up for either of the latter, you are entitled to additional gifts as well. In all honesty, if you're looking for a regular beauty box subscription, it doesn't get ANY better than Bag of Love. Do it! Do it now!

If you're interested in Bag of Love, please visit the following sites:


  1. This is why I love Bag of Love, Mimi never disappoints us subscribers! ^_^

    1. Truly! She's always so thoughtful!

  2. Oh, I always go right ahead and use products designed for men because I'm a curious cat and I can't bear the idea of the boys catching up on our beauty thing. The harsher, muskier formulas probably kill my skin but I do it anyway. The regrets only come later but I never learn.

    1. I'm so glad to know that I'm not the only one with such inclinations! Perhaps I will give this a shot and see how it goes!

  3. I always use my bf's acne facial cleanser whenever I have breakouts. They clear off almost instantaneously in like a couple of days.

    1. Oooo I'm liking this consensus! Very good to know.

  4. Mimi does do a great job as far as our Malaysian Beauty Bag subs go.. glad that you're loving it all :)

    1. She truly does! You've stopped subscribing to BOL too?

  5. Hai Arpita, this Jan bag is totally awesome no doubt!!. Unfortunately I unable to make a blog review due to Virus problem, All my picture are gone. Need to re snap it again for the forth time as soon as possible.:(
    My little brother is totally happy to receive Uber-Men's Whitening Hydra Gel Cleanser + Toner from me.

    1. It is! That is truly such a shame! You can use my pics if you'd like hehe. The problem with technology huh? I've been accidentally erasing so many pictures lately. It's terrible!
      Yeah the guy I gave it too likes it as well! It's such a thoughtful addition to the bag. I'm sure your brother will be waiting for your bags to arrive too from now on hehe.