I have been lured by the loveliness of Vanity Trove once again. I really do adore the fact that I get to pick my own samples because it offsets some of the disappointment I have suffered at the hands of some beauty boxes lately.

[My November Picks]

[TNS Flyer]

[November Picks]

There were two things which reeled me in hopelessly this month. The first was the promised choice of a full-sized eye cream, and the second was a deluxe sample of shampoo. I would have gladly shelled out the RM50 for just these two as well!

[Neogence's Hyaluronic Acid DNA Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream]

I am so enamoured by the fact that they provided a tiny spatula for sanitary purposes! 

While this eye cream ticks all the boxes in my obsessive search for the perfect eye cream, I have yet to try it out because I may have actually stumbled across my Holy Grail in this category! I'm so happy that my trial and error is truly yielding wonderful results! 

Next up, we have face masks. Not what I ordered, but not enough of a departure for me to throw a fit.

[KilaDoll's Black Pearl Masks]

I ordered the Job's Tear masks, but Valerie responded to my query as to the lack of accuracy very promptly and informed me that they had run out and this would be the next thing up on the site. She did offer to switch them up, but I'm good with trying these as well. I do appreciate the fact that when I have issues, Vanity Trove is always very quick in their response and extremely polite and helpful. It definitely wins them some points in my book! 

[Clarins' Double Serum (7 Sachets)]

This was featured on my blog not 2 weeks ago because I got the same thing from Bag of Love in November. I ordered another set to ensure that I have enough of these to last a decent amount of time to actually test the serum out properly. I'm happy to report that the trial started today, and the review should be up in a couple of weeks.

[TNS' Premium Natural Body Wash]

I'm currently an avid fan of TNS (mostly because they carry Antipodes), so I thought I would give this a shot. It really doesn't smell of much which would probably be good for those with sensitive skin. 

[Decleor's Aroma Cleanse]

I have one of these from The Lilac Box's Decleor concept box, but the quantity is nowhere near enough to actually test out the product, so this is more than anything else, a top off.

[Oriks' Twister Essence]

I'm actually not entirely sure what this does, but the full-sized packaging looked too cool to pass up. Yes, I'm someone who judges books by their cover, literally, and I have found very good books in that manner that no one would have found otherwise, so I'm assuming this may just carry over to skincare as well! 

And finally, the shampoo that was generously thrown in by Vanity Trove!

[Schwarzkopf's Bonacure Oil Miracle Shampoo]

Doesn't it look terribly exciting? I'm assuming this is L'Oreal's Mythic Oil's competitor, and if they function along the same lines, I'm pretty much sold! 

Vanity Trove offers Surprise Troves, Pick-Your-Own Sample Troves as well as brand-specific boxes. For more information, visit the following sites:


  1. A fantastic selection you have here...I haven't had the time to stalk Vanity Trove ...must get my rhythm back as soon as I hit KL again.

    1. I'm really excited with this bunch as well. I'll be awaiting your 2014 foray into more boxes!