I hadn't heard of Vagheggi until I received little sizes of their Equilibrium Cleansing Milk and Rebalancing Face Lotion in The Lilac Box's Cult Box. Vagheggi is an Italian brand that's exclusively found in spas and treatment centres, and the trend continues here in Malaysia. Tracking this stuff down is beyond a pain, as ShopGirl has attested to. In fact, it was on her urging that I picked these products out of my stash and started using them.

These little bottles run at 50ml each, and I used them both only in the mornings because I prefer gentle products during that time of the day for the simple fact that I deep cleanse at night. I also started using them in a fit of desperation because I had terrible skin at the time on account of the betrayal I suffered at the hands of expensive skin care. Lesson learned on that front!

The Cleansing Milk is interesting, because it is definitely a cleansing milk. You know, the kind you use to get your make up off. However, I wouldn't actually suggest it for that purpose as the instructions state that you should avoid your eyes and mucous membrane. I don't have a habit of cleaning out my nose with cleanser, but I do like the use of cleansers on my eyes so that was definitely something I wasn't too happy about. Nevertheless, when the product did accidentally hit my eye area and get into my eyes, it didn't cause any issues. But the specificity of the mucous membrane made me a little concerned. 

It's a cleanser which doesn't foam up at all which is excellent for a gentle cleanse, and it hasn't got much of a smell, other than "soothing". I know...it's not really a scent description, but in the same manner that the scent of Dove and Nivea are soothing, this is too. It's very pleasant to wake up to.

The toner is really quite fantastic. With the same instructions for use as the cleanser in terms of avoiding the eyes and the inside of your nose, you do need to be wary. It has no scent whatsoever (that I can detect), and it works extremely effectively in removing dirt. Even after I've washed my face and neck, if I use the toner, it will pick up any dirt I happened to have missed on the all too easy to miss sides of my neck. 

Overall, these are very effective cleansers, and certainly very gentle. They definitely calmed my skin down from  the disaster that it was, but it didn't work miracles. Even though the use of these, the tiny bumps under my skin, which are the bane of my existence, weren't smoothed out, which is probably the reason why I won't be purchasing these. It's brilliant for situations in which your skin is running amok, or if you have extremely sensitive and irritated skin, however, this doesn't appear to work on a deeper level. I managed to use these for over a month, but there was no change in the situation under my skin. However, I was quite surprised at how effective it was in actually balancing out my sebum production, and so it does live up to it being labelled "Equilibrium". I was less oily during the course of its use, which made me extremely happy! 

I do think this would also work fabulously for those with dry skin because it is so gentle and doesn't strip the skin, which is essentially why it controlled my sebum production as well. Definitely something worth looking into if you've tried everything and it has failed to deal with your problems, but personally, I have better products in my endless stash, and I am not totally sold on these. 


  1. So sorry these didn't so it for you but I truly love how this brand worked for me but I guess it's such a personal and varying situation between people that no one brand can ever suit everyone.
    It's one of my must-haves now but I rather dread how difficult it is to arrange to buy the products as they don't have any retail stores. My favourite is the cleansing milk as it just calms my skin so much. I have an oily T-zone with flakiness and dry patches.
    I did speak to the Vagheggi people about these products and they are meant as a primer step to their other lines. It's supposed to be a balancing product that helps prep the skin for the next level of treatment.
    Hope you find that HG Cleanser!

    1. I do like it too, and it did help when my skin was at its worst, but my skin is reasonably well-behaved at the moment (phew). I've just discovered a masque that actually got rid of all the little bumps under my skin, and using it regularly means that no matter what skincare I use, it works.
      I do love Vagheggi's whole philosophy though, especially the whole layering effect. It leaves me feeling justified about the 50 millions products I own.

  2. i used it for a few days... and now stop all skincare products until my skin get better from allergic -_- huhu

    1. You're allergic to it? OMG. Poor thing! I'd suggest using Avene's face spray only because it will help calm the allergy a little at least. So stressful! You can also try putting honey on your face for 30 mins to an hour. It's natural and has anti-bacterial properties so it will help. But if you're like and cannot deal with such things, try using Antipodes' Manuka Honey masque. It does wonders!

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