[My Stash of Hair Oils]

I know. Another stash of just too much stuff! But on the bright side, it leads to a more comprehensive review!

For those of you just coming into contact with the hair oil industry, it's like a black hole. Everyone swears by everything, but most of them are wrong! Now, these are not the hair oils like coconut and almond oil, or even baby oil, that we use to deep condition and then wash out. These are post-wash, grooming oils to leave your hair frizz-free and shiny!

Let's kick things off with dedicated hair oils shall we?

[Moroccanoil's Moroccanoil Treatment]

Yes, this has to be the pinnacle of oils that's been touted as life changing, etc. etc. 

While it seems like a truly fabulous product at first glance, and it smells like the most amazing thing in the world, this is far from the best thing for your hair. Very high up on the ingredients' list, you will find silica, so you know that all this is doing is coating your hair, and making it LOOK shiny and healthy, as well as feel incredibly soft. It doesn't actually have any long-term benefits. For those of you who do use styling tools and products, though, this oil will help to protect against heat damage, so it's a good one for that purpose. 

Due to the fact that Moroccanoil is a Jewish company, the products aren't readily available here (Information courtesy of the Enabler), unless you want to pay absurd prices for the stuff. If you're looking for a high end, dedicated hair product which fits this description, this is definitely the route to take. 

As for the design of this product, it's amazing. The colour scheme is gorgeous and the brown apothecary-esque glass bottle is so weighty and lovely that it's worth just putting on display. Prior to a few months ago, this didn't come with a pump and you would have to pour the product out, which is absurd considering that it is a glass container and you will be handling oil, as well as the fact that you really need to moderate the amount you use to prevent your hair from becoming greasy.

[L'Oreal's Extraordinary Oil]

This review is definitely going to be highly weighted in sheer numbers towards L'Oreal, simply because they have different price ranges and lines to choose from. Their Extraordinary Oil is the pharmacy companion to their Mythic Oil, and is priced just under RM40, which is very decent for an oil you're only going to use 1 or 2 pumps of at a time. 

When you look at the ingredients' list on this, you will see dimethicone in it, which is basically a form of silicone. As with Morocconoil, this works well to give you wonderful shine and cut back of frizz, while also leaving your hair very soft to the touch. However, it doesn't actually have any benefits for your hair. Out of all of L'Oreal's hair products of this nature, this is actually my absolute favourite simply because it works so nicely. It smells absolutely divine, and leaves you hair quite soft. 

This too comes in a glass container with a pump that dispenses quite well. It looks and feels more pricey than it is, and it's really quite pretty. This does come in 2 different formulations, though I can't quite recall what the other is, but it has a maroon label on it. It's available in all major pharmacies, and it's frequently on sale!

[L'Oreal's Mythic Oil]

L'Oreal product number 2 is their famed Mythic Oil, and the thing that surprised me most about this was that it came in a plastic container. Considering the price tag of RM75, at double the price of their Extraordinary Oil, you would think that it would come in a glass container, but apparently they decided that they would go with functionality instead. It definitely makes sense that you would use a plastic container for an oil, but it's not as pleasing in the tactile sense. Nevertheless, the design of this bottle is absolutely gorgeous and it looks so very luxe that I can't help feeling like Princess Jasmine when I look at it on my dresser. 

As for the quality of the oil, it works extremely well in conjunction with the entire Mythic Oil range, but not so much on its own. The consistency of this oil is runnier than that of the Extraordinary Oil, and it doesn't fight frizz nearly as well. However, if you do use the shampoo, conditioner and this oil together, your hair will be shinier than you have ever seen it. It will feel lovely too. (A full review of the entire range will be up in due time) 

Needless to say, this smells heavenly, but it too contains dimethicone, which means that the softness and glow you get from it is purely cosmetic. It will do nothing for your hair in the long run. The Mythic Oil range is only available at select hair salons or dedicated hair care shops.

[Percy & Reed's No Oil Oil]

This was truly the biggest disappointment of the bunch. It retails for RM75, but I wouldn't even pay RM20 for it if I had read honest reviews (of which there are none). It does literally nothing for my hair. It doesn't smooth it out (yes, I remained a frizzy mess), not does it make it any softer. Perhaps your pursuit for shine would be met with this, but if that is all, you are better off with Mythic Oil or Moroccanoil because it isn't even that fantastic with this product.

It comes in a plastic container with a pump, and it upsets me that Percy & Reed and disappointed me so! 

[Matrix's Biolage Hair Serum]

Matrix is one of L'Oreal's other brands, and so their products are really of top notch quality. The best thing about them though is that in Malaysia they are always on sale. This retails for RM39, but it got it at 50% off! 

This plastic, squeezy-bottle contains a rather decent hair serum, but once again, it contains dimethicone, but it isn't as effective as L'Oreal's Extraordinary Oil or Mythic Oil. It definitely gets the job done in terms of softness and shine, but it doesn't do that spectacular a job of fighting frizz. The lack of a pump on this makes it a bit stressful to use because it's all too easy to squeeze too much out of the container. 

[Alterna's Kendi Oil Dry Oil Mist]

I got this travel size free from Sephora US, but it is available in Sephora here as well. However, I wouldn't bother with this. It did absolutely nothing for my hair. I've had terrible luck with Alterna's haircare so far. Their Dry Shampoo was terrible, and now this. It's really giving me second thoughts on trying out their Caviar Shampoo and Conditioner.  

Alterna is a more natural brand so this doesn't contain any sulphates, parabens, etc. It's made up primarily of natural ingredients such as bamboo extract, fennel seed extract. carrot root extract, wasabi root extract, etc. While it doesn't nothing for aesthetic purposes, I'm pretty sure this would actually be a good product to use for actually healing your hair. The product description states that it aids in protecting hair against further damage as well, so it might be something to look into if you need to prevent any form of damage from the abuse you are subjecting your hair to. 

[The Body Shop's Grapeseed Glossing Serum]

As the name states, this works purely to add shine to your hair. It has some very nice ingredients in there, but it didn't do anything for my hair other than add minimal shine. Disappointing at best. 

Now, let's talk about multipurpose oils. These are definitely my favourites because they can be used for your face and body, as well as your hair. This means that they are much more natural and far better for your hair than any of the abovementioned products. Needless to say, they also give you more bang for your buck!

[Caudalie's Divine Oil]

I have mentioned my love for Caudalie on numerous occasions here, but this is the product which sparked it off. Seriously. If you have never taken a sniff of this, head over to Ken's Apothecary or Sephora and smell it. It's deliciously addictive. 

Aside from the fact that it works wonders on your face and body, it does amazing things for your hair as well. If I use this religiously, my hair becomes softer and shinier over time, and I do feel a difference when I try other oils and omit this in my routine. It's a light consistency, so it's not easy to overwhelm your hair into being greasy (unless you drench your roots in the stuff), which makes it a lot easier. The spray nozzle also dispenses the product as a mist, which makes life a lot simpler for all involved. 

As with all Caudalie's products, the packaging on this is simple and elegant. It's a glass bottle with a very pretty wooden top. It comes with a little tag (which I have thrown away) attached to it to give you all the ingredients and requisite information.

[Nuxe's Huile Prodigieuse]

This is the most similar product to Caudalie's Divine Oil that I have found. It's packaged similarly as well, in a glass container with minimal information contained on the bottle itself. The consistency of this is thicker than Divine Oil, which makes it a tad bit better for the face and body than for the hair. I find that it's very easy to go overboard with this and my hair immediately looks and feels extremely greasy even if I've just washed it if I do use too much. 

However, this smells absolutely addictive as well and if you moderate your application, your locks will glisten and soften! 

As with Divine Oil, you can use this as an overnight treatment as well. You can saturate your hair in the stuff without it feeling like you're going to bed greasy and oily like you would with a traditional oil, and wake up in the morning having the softest, most beautiful hair in the world after a hair wash!

[The Body Shop's Moringa Beautifying Oil]

Moringa is my absolute favourite scent from The Body Shop, and unfortunately, it is definitely a scent. It makes me sad that you can smell how synthetic the fragrances The Body Shop uses are, because after the Earthy, natural scents of Caudalie and Nuxe, it is simply unacceptable. Nevertheless, this feels very nice on the skin, but for the hair, it is somewhat questionable. It's of a very light consistency, so it doesn't particularly nourish the hair enough I would think. It does, however, aid in smoothing out frizz and adding shine, and it does a decent job of softening hair. 

Overall, and I think it's abundantly clear, I would be more than happy to clear my hair oil cupboard of everything but Caudalie's Divine Oil and Nuxe's Huile Prodigieuse. The rest are either too fragranced or too cosmetic in nature. Huile Prodigieuse is quite a bit more expensive than Divine Oil, and they both range between RM100 to RM200, so if you are on a budget, The Body Shop's Beautifying Oils (which come in a range of scents) runs between RM50-RM60. If, however, you choose to go the route of dedicated hair oils, Moroccanoil is by far the best, followed by L'Oreal's Extraordinary Oil. 


  1. Your post is just what I need! *squeals* I just got myself the L'oreal Extraordinary Oil for colour treated hair, the one with maroon label.

    1. Yes! I knew it was something that I wasn't meant for me but I couldn't remember what! Let me know if you're enjoying it!