So, I received my Mivva box earlier this week, and this is their final edition. I've actually learned that not having high expectations works out best where most beauty boxes are concerned, and this is a testament to that fact.

Mivva usually sends out their boxes at the beginning of the month, but this time round it was sent over closer to Christmas so that it could double as their Christmas/going-out-with-a-bang box. And yes, they definitely knocked this one out of the park! It's been a long time since I've been this ecstatic about a Mivva box!

[Product Description Sheet]

[Goodies Galore!]

Seriously, this box was packed to the brim with some pretty fantastic stuff and lots of decently sized products! There was certainly something for everything!


[Posh's Foot & Body Lotion]

This smells lovely and has a very refreshing feel to it. In sinks in quite nicely and leaves your skin hydrated and happy.

[Secretleaf's Men Original Face Wash]

I didn't open this despite the fact that I'm bordering on growing testicles judging from how deep my voice is. I shall give it away instead! 

[Uriage's Gyn-Phy Feminine Wash]

This is one of those do-not-discuss areas, but everyone needs it so it's a nice inclusion!

[Shaire London's Silk Classic Collection Hair Perfume Dry Shampoo]

DRY SHAMPOO! I'm happy! I do hope this is good stuff because it would be nice to have a brand I can get hold off here!

[Neuzell's Facial Cleanser]

This is a tiny tube of the stuff, but enough for a trial I suppose. I've heard very good things about this cleanse so I'm definitely keen on trying it out.

[Miacare's Acne Patch]

I think Clean & Clear or Clearasil made patches like this back when I was a spotty teenager. They were meant to blend in with your skin, which was an absolute lie. Nothing says "Something is wrong with my face" than a mismatched shade of perfectly circular. This is definitely not right for my skin tone either, so this is not going to be put to use on my end. If anyone is interested, let me know and it's yours!

[Redflo's Hair Shampoo]

Sachets. Ugh. 

[Beautymate's Cherry Blossom 2-in-1 Baby Skin Ultra Moisture Barrier Mask & Natural Care Moisturizing Peeling Gel]

Quite a mouthful there. Everything on this packing isn't in English, which I'm really unhappy about. But the products themselves seem interesting, so I'll have to look up specific use instructions, or hire a translator for that purpose. 

And finally, an accessory!

The quality on this isn't fantastic, and it looks much better than it feels. It's absolutely gorgeous though and I'm all too pleased with it!

Overall, I'm really very happy with this box. It surpassed my expectations drastically and Mivva has definitely left the building in style!

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P.P.S. There will be a giveaway on New Year's Day! 


  1. Oh, I've been waiting for this review by you!
    For the price of the box it's definitely great value but the items and brands are still so eclectic. I think all notion of a theme has been thrown out the window with the finale box but it's still a good buy with lots of practical "hair, care and even down-there" items and the peacock necklace is really very pretty and is a nice touch. You've been such a loyal supporter of Mivva I think it's only fitting they give you a box you're happy with this time.

    1. I guess they really went all out on this. I'm just curious as to why they didn't do a better job of it earlier on. As always, their idea of a theme is questionable haha.

  2. at first i think , i want to buy it but i don't know why at the end i think i should wait for the Feb box.(next year). Luckily i don't bought it. To receive Secretleaf's Men Original Face Wash is not acceptable for me. The other products ermmm unpredictable. 1 thing that impress me is the necklace totally gorgeous :)

    1. Yeah the men's face wash threw me a little also. What an odd inclusion! I'm happiest with the necklace as well. Hopefully their Feb box is better!