A few weeks ago, Melvita contacted me  to ask if I'd like to review their BB Cream. Everyone knows my addiction to the stuff, so how could I refuse? 

Not only did I get a BB Cream, it was packaged for Christmas, which felt a bit like opening up a present! 

[Opening presents has to be the best feeling in the world!]

[Melvita's Nectar de Roses BB Cream]

The information contained on the packaging ticks all the boxes in my book for BB Creams which make me happy, so I had very high hopes for it. There's SPF 15 in this, which means that it negated the need for an additional layer of product. While this is far from the high levels of SPF found in other BB Creams, it means that it's gentle on the eye area. More importantly, the SPF is of a non-chemical nature, which helps if you are sensitive to things like zinc oxide. 

It's meant to provide the effect of a soft-focus lens which means that it diffuses your imperfections subtly, instead of cakey cover. For those who are addicted to YouTube, that's what Hourglass' Ambient Lighting Powders do as well. 

The ingredients here are very exciting as well as they contain everything I've been incorporating into my regime anyway: rose water, wild rose extract, rosehip oil, yogurt, etc. All of these help to hydrate and moisturise the skin, as well as soothe and repair. Rosehip oil in particular aids in cell renewal to ensure you're actually glowing, as opposed to oily! 

The packaging further suggests that if you do not have dry skin, you use this BB Cream without a moisturiser, and I did just that for the purpose of the testing process.

DAY 1:

[In the beginning...]

What surprised me most about the BB Cream was the colour. It only comes in 1 shade, and that usually spells trouble for me because it runs too light most of the time. This was not the case. The colour was perfect! Even though there is just one shade, the reviews I've read on it have shown that it adjusts to skin tones lighter and slighter darker than mine. I would think this would then work for light to medium skintones. I'm not entirely sure it would work for someone who was on the more tanned scale. It felt very light and comfortable on the skin, as well.

[BB Cream On]

It blended very smoothly, sank in flawlessly and evened out my skintone quite well. The coverage on this is definitely light to light medium, and if you need a bit of colour correcting, and sheer coverage, this is a good bet. The finish on it is definitely dewy (as the packaging states). I know there are some BB Creams which are fine without powdering if you have dry skin, but this has a slightly tacky texture to it and I would have to powder that away even if I wasn't a oily mess. 

[Concealed & Powdered]

For the purposes of Day 1, I used MAC's MSF to set the BB Cream.

[12:40 pm]

I was actually quite pleased by the fact that it held up as well as it did considering it is meant to have a dewy finish. It definitely does, but after 2 hours, I had a bit of shine on my T-Zone, primarily my nose, but nothing that left me reaching for the blotters. The last dewy finish BB Cream I tried had a be shiny all over in no time. 

[2:45 pm]

By the 4 hours mark, the situation was the same. My chin has begun to show through with some oil, but everything was still in tact and there wasn't a need to re-touch anything. 

[4:35 pm]

By 7 pm that day, my T-Zone was getting to the point of oil control necessity, so I blotted. My undereye area has some mild creasing (but that is always the case with me). My blush had also worn off a little.

[7:00 pm]

Yes, I pushed this to its limits, and by 5 am the next morning, the BB Cream was actually still rather in tact. My face was definitely oily and my undereye concealer and blush had worn off.

[5:00 am the following morning...The horror!]

DAY 2:

[When sleep is not your friend...]

The following day, I used less product, but got similar results in that the coverage was definitely light and good at tone correcting. 

[BB Cream to the rescue!]

I've switched my mattifying powder to Sephora's in-house brand, and I used that to set the BB Cream and concealer. The result was a pronounced toning down of the dewiness. 

[Concealer & Powder]

[9:40 am]

After 3 hours, there was some definite shine on my nose, but nothing really really worrisome. It's always the area that gets shiny first! Right in the middle of my face no less! 

After 4 hours, my T-Zone was getting oily as well, so I blotted only that area. 

[1:50 pm]

By 4 pm, I had a rather oilier T-Zone, and oil was breaking through in most areas though my makeup was still in tact. It's always the case (strangely) that mattifying products make me oilier than usual, but that is a tale for another time!

[4:10 pm]

At 8 pm I went to Chanel to get my eyebrows sorted out (and you can see the difference!) because Benefit messed them up rather terribly. There, the lovely Moon powdered my nose and forehead ahead post brow treatment, so it absorbed some of the oil on my T-Zone.

My day ended at 11 pm, and my T-Zone was definitely oily, but not terribly so. My blush was barely there and my undereye area was a little creased, but not terribly so.

[11:00 pm]

Overall, I'm extremely impressed by the longevity of the BB Cream and its colour matching abilities. I like the fact that it's dewy without looking greasy and it does a rather good job of evening out skin tone. Would I have purchased it if I had tried a sample of the stuff? Without a doubt! I really like the effect of it and it felt more like skin care than makeup, which I am very happy about. This is definitely something you should try if you have sensitive skin because it didn't irritate my skin at all, even though I did use it for 16 hours during the first day of use. 

Melvita's Nectar de Roses BB Cream retails at RM145 for 40 ml and is available in most major malls. They are an organic brand (as opposed to a natural brand like Caudalie and Nuxe). I've tried a couple of things from them so far and I'm becoming a convert slowly but surely. They've recently launched their online store and there are offers ongoing for purchases made on the site. The first 100 customers will receive a free eco tote bag and any purchase until the end of this month will be rewarded with a RM20 gift voucher. 

They've also got discounts of 10% off RM350 and above spent and 15% off RM500 and above spent. More importantly: Free shipping! 


  1. I actually like how this looked on you, Arpita. The colour match is good and brightened up your face without being off your natural skin tone. I've never really used anything by Melvita before...I know they are under the same umbrella as L'Occitane in this country so I expect they are of a similar or superior quality to the L'Occitane products. I'll add it to my wish list.

    1. I've been using their Extraordinary Water lately too and I absolutely love it. I avoided Melvita for a while because I hadn't read about them and the name didn't sound too inspiring. Now I'm regretting it! The best thing about this BB Cream is that it is truly like skin care. You should definitely try it!